96 Instagrammers Whose Photos Are So Far From Reality, They Got Shamed For It Online (New Pics)

The rise of selfie culture has changed the ways we perceive beauty beyond recognition. It has blurred the lines of what’s real and fake, of what’s natural and purely fictional. When heavy photo editing and filters came to social media, at first, everyone was just messing around.

Now, kids as young as ten are airbrushing their selfies with ready-made augmented-reality face filters that often sharpen, shrink, and enhance their faces and bodies. But the result is often anything but pretty. And now, many social media influencers are being busted for using these filters to alter their identities and create fake personalities.

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It’s no secret that some go as far as pushing this fakery to its very limits, and this is where the community r/InstagramReality steps in. “It’s unbelievable how some people get away with it while others don’t!” the subreddit writes on its page.

Let’s see some of the worst offenders below, and after you’re done scrolling, make sure to check our previous posts on Insta vs Reality here, here and here.

#1 You Can Barely See Her Nose

Image credits: Matthiaszzz

#2 This Model Makes Herself Look Easily 25 Years Younger And It’s Crazy

Image credits: HVACery

#3 Will Never Understand The Appeal Of Little Head Syndrome

Image credits: kjyeon

#4 She Can Touch The Sky With Those Legs

Image credits: GalacticKitty

#5 My Friend Met This Girl And She Looks Nothing Like This

Image credits: ConversationMotor536

#6 Body Positivity So Strong It Caused A Tsunami

Image credits: yummmmmmmmmm

#7 Tagged vs. Posted. She Actually Looks Really Good For 72 Y/O But Can’t Help Herself With The Photoshop

Image credits: Foolish_trickery

#8 Excuse Me?

Image credits: FrankieSaysRelax311

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#9 Makeup Is Truly Amazing. It’s The Nose For Me

Image credits: fatincomingvirus

#10 When Your Shadow Looks More Realistic Than You. Seriously, Bellies Don’t Need To Be Fixed

Image credits: auapld

#11 Iger Compares Editing Before And After

Image credits: NorthernMoose1

#12 It’s Like A Mask

Image credits: maxowl95

#13 What She Posts vs. A Screenshot I Took From A Video

Image credits: monsterzombie88

#14 Hi Humans

Image credits: ClinicalIllusionist

#15 Don’t Understand How Someone Can See This As Anything But Straight Up Scary

Image credits: faevic

#16 Intestines ? Never Heard Of Them

Image credits: ccupcakesrfun

#17 I Don’t Even Know Where To Start

Image credits: norse_noise

#18 Found One On A Dating App…

Image credits: randomitch

#19 What Am I Even Looking At

Image credits: smltwnwtch

#20 Spotted On Tinder

Image credits: callmemotha

#21 Saw This A While Back… Thought I’d Post It Here

Image credits: afroqt

#22 Came Across On Pinterest. It’s On A Clothing Website. When Your Arms Are Bigger Than Your Legs

Image credits: cryptographicbot

#23 Photoshop? Filters? Surgery? Yes

Image credits: ieattoomuchnutella

#24 I Don’t Think This One Needs Explaining

Image credits: carnageasada91

#25 Claims It’s All Makeup And Expensive Wigs

Image credits: imaginedrragon

#26 Those Grocery Shelves

Image credits: AquarianScientist

#27 He Has One Sky That Follows Him Around Everywhere He Goes. Amazing How Its So Consistent!

Image credits: BlurzIce

#28 Instagram vs. Press Pic

Image credits: hoolinet

#29 I Absolutely Love This Brand And Have Bought From Them Many Times, But How Dare You Have Fingers That Bend? Feeling Like I Don’t Fit In With All My Joints

Image credits: Forzara

#30 She’s My Current Favourite From The Show She’s In But The Ig vs. Reality Isn’t Adding Up

Image credits: katemush

#31 Instagram Picture vs. Livestream

Image credits: some_kind_of_onion

#32 Gray Halo All Aroun’! Or Floating Buttocks’?

Image credits: zestosterone

#33 Hard To Believe It’s The Same Girl

Image credits: Nanimc

#34 Can’t Imagine Why The Comments Were Limited

Image credits: These-Estimate

#35 This Side Profile Is…

Image credits: JanuaryRRose

#36 Does Anybody Else See The Purple-Ish Rectangle Around Her Head In Both Pictures? Also, The Proportions Just Seem Off

Image credits: AppleCider421

#37 Her Eye Edits Make Me Uncomfortable

Image credits: ahendrix

#38 Loves Those Curves On The Door

Image credits: noobidy_mysterica

#39 Sooo I Was Shopping For Shorts

Image credits: egofuckr

#40 Aight

Image credits: Laena_V

#41 He Has An Onlyfans Where I Can Only Assume He’s Photoshopped A Giant Dong As Well

Image credits: rolandonievesmedia

#42 What She Posted vs. Photos From The Event

Image credits: Studiousderelict

#43 I’m Just Tripping On The Arms In Each Picture. There’s A Lot More Going On But Just Can’t Get Over This. The First Picture Had Over 2k Likes

Image credits: ProofsInThePuddingYo

#44 Thumbnail vs. The Actual Video

Image credits: GodlyPumpkin

#45 Dislocated Hips And Cartoon Faces Are Trendy On Insta Now!

Image credits: sarahsgrove

#46 Instagram vs. Youtube, Ma’am, You’re Lying To Yourself

Image credits: marcelkai

#47 I Don’t Even Know What To Say, This Is Absolutely Hilarious

Image credits: 16460013

#48 Instagram vs. Paparazzi

Image credits: sausagemuffincake

#49 Her Beauty Is Otherworldly, Literally

Image credits: Nosferatatouille

#50 Infamous “Fitness Model”

Image credits: reddituser9297

#51 Finally Spotted One In The Wild On Tinder

Image credits: B4dBr4ins

#52 This Is Honestly Terrifying

Image credits: abigailthefail

#53 Because God-Forbid Our Lips Have Texture

Image credits: HoeForCookieDough

#54 Poor Guy Donated His Calves For Her Quads

Image credits: fenrirhunts

#55 It Almost Doesn’t Look Like The Same Person

Image credits: TurboHung

#56 Wow

Image credits: Sweep1234

#57 Edward Scissorhands

Image credits: dothemaumau

#58 There Is A Lot Going On Here

Image credits: Justforfun218

#59 Not A Line In Sight

Image credits: julyrmstrng

#60 I Love When People Show The Difference Of Good Lighting And Angles – Reminds Me Not To Be Hard On Myself

Image credits: sportfueledblonde

#61 Proportions? Never Heard Of Her

Image credits: fleurdelacour29

#62 Tagged Photo vs. Edited Instagram Photo

Image credits: violethaze04

#63 Fitness Model Transformation

Image credits: DoctorStoppage

#64 Those Damn Mirrors And Glasses On A Shop’s Ig Page. Don’t Ever Buy From Brands That Endorse This Type Of Thing

Image credits: SkyWanderluster

#65 Do Nails Count? Because These Are Awful

Image credits: noclassbrat

#66 Homegirl Looks Like An Imvu Character

Image credits: nerdb1rd

#67 Taken A Few Days Apart – Insta vs. Press

Image credits: sportfueledblonde

#68 I Know This Family Is Low Hanging Fruit But..

Image credits: 7barbieringz

#69 Not Instagram, Still Entertaining

Image credits: mmmwaffle

#70 Posted vs. Tagged

Image credits: sausagemuffincake

#71 Female Body Builder Meets An Nba Player At The Gym And Thinks That No One Will Notice The Extreme Leg Photoshop

Image credits: SherbertRemarkable50

#72 Been Trying To Convince My Cousin That She’s Just Using Filters On Her Photos And Videos. Cousin Finally Found A Video Of Her Unfiltered Posted By A Guy She Did A Collab With

Image credits: jojita00017

#73 That’s Just Weird

Image credits: Justforfun218

#74 Model And Brand Owner’s Most Recent Ig Post vs. Red Carpet

Image credits: varyrose

#75 Her Poor Friend…

Image credits: HitlerBinLaden

#76 When Your Diet Makes Your Waist Disappear

Image credits: barcased

#77 What Her Hairdresser Posted / What She Posted

Image credits: cherrybaby__

#78 The Sea Is Very Wavy…

Image credits: PawPaw06

#79 “Oh, Grandmother, What Big Eyes You Have!”

Image credits: bathemyskin

#80 Not As Dramatic As Some Posts On Here… But Still

Image credits: beef___supreme__

#81 At First I Thought I Clicked The Wrong Video

Image credits: soos08

#82 When You Forget To Send Him The Edited Pic…

Image credits: Recent-Sorbet

#83 Checks Out

Image credits: LikeAnElectricFeel

#84 What Makeup Can Turn A Person Into…

Image credits: Hanya_124

#85 Another One In The Wild On The Travelblogger Hashtag. Her Facial Expression Looks As Pained As I Feel By This Image!!!

Image credits: Ef8858

#86 She Claims That She Timed The Plane To Fly Over

Image credits: Garrett_Eats_Planes

#87 What The Singer On The Right Posted On Her Insta vs. The Same Picture In The Club’s Page

Image credits: AdmirableFlow

#88 She Commented “Has Nobody Seen A Thin Waist And Large Pelvic Bone?”

Image credits: pearlcowice

#89 Screenshot From Video vs. Post On Instagram…

Image credits: i-am-a-crab

#90 Bendy Wallpaper Is Straight In Front And In Mirrors Behind… Bendy Around Body

Image credits: zxepxv

#91 Most Recent Ig vs. Most Recent Youtube Video

Image credits: ZajacingOfff

#92 Pretty Sure Even This Has Some Filter On, But I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Seen An Ounce Of This Person’s Skin Texture Before

Image credits: kkicsi

#93 Paparazzi Pic vs. Insta Pic

Image credits: AndweleHarris

#94 Guys Triceps Are So Large That Light Itself Bends Around Them

Image credits: RippinCheeks

#95 Instagram vs. Relaxed Stomach

Image credits: throwabigaill

Source: boredpanda.com

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