96 Relatable Memes In This Socially Anxious Group Of People Who Are Laughing Through Their Pain

Social anxiety is one of the most widespread fears that usually starts during teenage years. And while many occasionally worry about social situations, someone with social anxiety feels overly worried before, during and after them. It affects their everyday activities, self-confidence, relationships and work or school life, so you can imagine what a heavy burden it may be.

But whoever is looking for a support group online, the ‘Social Anxiety’ corner of Reddit is a safe space to talk about hard things. With 309k members and counting, the subreddit has people sharing painfully funny memes on how it feels to live with this anxiety.

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“Whether it’s approaching someone you’re attracted to or if it’s giving a presentation in class, everyone gets a little nervous at times. You may have social anxiety, however, if you feel like throughout your day you’re bombarded by anxious thoughts/feelings during social situations that otherwise seem so effortless for most people,” states the subreddit’s description.

“Welcome to the club,” it adds, showing that you won’t feel left out and a bunch of people here do know how you feel. So why don’t you all just laugh at it?

#1 I Genuinely Love This Subreddit

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#2 “Social Anxiety”

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#3 Every Time

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It’s important to understand that social anxiety is more than being shy. Although many people occasionally feel anxious in social situations, those with social anxiety have the fear interfering in their daily lives.

NHS.uk states that you may have social anxiety if you have any of these symptoms: worry about everyday activities, such as meeting strangers, starting conversations, speaking on the phone, working or shopping; avoid or worry a lot about social activities, such as group conversations, eating with company and parties; always worry about doing something you think is embarrassing, such as blushing, sweating or appearing incompetent; find it difficult to do things when others are watching—you may feel like you’re being watched and judged all the time; fear being criticized, avoid eye contact or have low self-esteem; often have symptoms like feeling sick, sweating, trembling or a pounding heartbeat (palpitations); have panic attacks, where you have an overwhelming sense of fear and anxiety, usually only for a few minutes.

#4 “Don’t Dwell On Things” They Tell Me… Meanwhile

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#5 Too Sensitive?

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#6 Aye, Contact Sucks

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Social anxiety may be especially daunting when things go against the plan and this, as we all know, happens much more often than we’d like. It’s really hard to keep yourself in control for those who don’t have it, but for people with social anxiety it may seem like mission impossible.

The good news is that there are some cognitive emotional skills that anyone can learn to get through those stressful situations better. Improving such skills has to be made a priority by those with social anxiety, and many other mental health issues like depression, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, etc.

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#7 *checks Excuse Book*

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#8 Thank You!!!

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#9 Here’s Some Abuse

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Bored Panda reached out to Alice Boyes, a former clinical psychologist turned writer and the author of “The Healthy Mind Toolkit” and “The Anxiety Toolkit” to find out more about controlling our frustration when things go against the plan. Alice said that in practical terms, “the more buffer you have in your life, the easier it is to handle stress. Therefore practical solutions like creating an emergency fund can help.”

#10 True

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#11 It’s Me Every Freakin Day Lmao

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#12 My Life

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Having said that, she suggests that if your life isn’t overscheduled and you have more flexibility, then it’s best “to give yourself time and nurturing to recover from knocks. ”Psychologically, it’s always best to remind yourself to take stressful situations one step at a time. “Like, if your car breaks down on the highway, all you need to do first is get out of traffic. Don’t get ahead of yourself mentally,” Alice explained.

#13 It’s A Vicious Cycle

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#14 Getting A Call From A Unknown Caller

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#15 Me Attending Online Classes

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Another way to handle stress is giving yourself some sources of pleasure, like exercise, or podcasts you like. “Things you look forward to, that you can still do even when you’re experiencing stress,” the former psychologist explained. In the end, it’s always helpful to remind yourself that stressful events happen to everyone. “They’re part of life, but we don’t necessarily know what’s going on behind the scenes for other people,” Alice concluded.

#16 It’s Like I Forget I Have Sa For A Second

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#17 Yeah

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#19 Never Were Truer Words Spoken.

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#20 I Know This Feeling Too Well

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#21 Lol

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#22 Anyone Else?

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#23 I’ve Been There

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#24 I’ve Never Related To Anything More

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#25 I Feel That

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#26 Either Too Shy Or Annoying

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#27 This

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#28 I Have Stitched No Truer Words

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#29 Always

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#30 Now Time To Hibernate

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#31 Thanks Brain, Very Cool

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#32 Yes

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#33 This Hits Real Close To Home

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#34 I Hate When This Happens

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#35 Never Related To Something More

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#36 Hope It Works…

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#37 I Feel Attacked

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#38 A Little Hyperbole To Remind You You’re Not Alone

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#39 Social Anxiety – The Beginning

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#40 Me Too Man, Me Too

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#41 Show Me A Better Duo, I’ll Wait!

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#42 Am So Lonely!

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#43 Here We Go Again

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#44 Teachers : *surprised Pikachu*

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#45 So Accurate

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#46 Can Anyone Else Relate?

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#47 College Parties

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#48 Always The Outcast Of Every Group

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#49 You Are Not Supposed To Call!

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#50 Like Pls Talk To Me, But Please Don’t Talk To Me

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#51 Fair

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#52 Ah

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#53 Yes

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#54 Me Today

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#55 Make That 6 Weeks

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#56 Everytime

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#57 Always Embarrassing Myself

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#58 Aye

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#59 Anybody Else?

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#61 This One Hit Me Hard

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#62 Anyone Else?

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#63 That Be Me

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#64 Can’t I Just Take A Magic Healing Pill

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#65 Every Single Time.

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#66 Heck

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#67 Me

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#68 Thats Me

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#69 I Wouldn’t Want To Bother Anyone

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#70 I’m Mostly Txt, But…

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#71 This Is Too Real

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#72 * Proceeds To Type Out A Post For 45 Minutes And Then Deletes It Right Before Posting *

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#73 I Don’t Know If This Has Been Posted Here Before But I Laughed

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#74 Me Irl Whenever I See Anyone

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#75 I Should’ve Stayed Home

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#76 Me Coming Home After Socializing, Thinking About How Awkward And Cringy I Was

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#77 Yes

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#78 Didn’t See That Coming As A Kid

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#79 So True

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#80 We Can’t Be Like This

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#81 Big Facts

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#82 Accurate

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#83 Oh… I..

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#85 Haha Relatable, Now Cry

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#86 Tbh

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#87 Can We Text Instead

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#88 Ah Yes Self Sabotage

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#89 Why Am I Like This

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#90 I Saw This Earlier And It Couldn’t Be More True

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#91 Yes.

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#92 What’s It Gonna Be Today Folks

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#93 I Live In A Dorm There’s Literally 20 Rooms In A Single Straight Hallway

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#94 Dammit, Scroll Of Truth

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#96 That Shit Hurted

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