96 Stunning Before & After Photos Of People Who Quit Hard Drugs Like Heroin

Drug addiction is a very serious problem that afflicts many people around the world. Whatever the reasons for using drugs in the first place, it’s important to stop. Your health, your life and the happiness of your loved ones depend on it.

To serve as a fount of inspiration that absolutely anything (and everything) is possible in life, Bored Panda has compiled this list of the most spectacular, majestic and amazing transformations of people who quit doing heroin, meth, and other drugs. Take a long look at these before & after photos, share them with your friends, and let us know which transformations you feel are the most drastic. Make sure to scroll down and read our interview about drug addiction with a representative from ‘Transform‘. After you’re done browsing this post, have a look at our previous lists of other stunning before & after transformations of people who quit drugs, as well as what happens to people when they stop drinking alcohol.

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#1 12 Years Free From Active Addiction

The picture on the left is me at 22 years old, already in my first methadone clinic. While on a cocktail of that, pills, and whiskey, discovered a windshield with my face. 15 years of alcohol and drugs. In the end, I was homeless, a thief, derelict, degrading myself, not bathing or taking care of simple hygiene. I felt hopeless and would pray to God to die in my sleep every night.

To avoid prison, I went to yet another rehab. This time I was so tired I listened. This time I tried the suggestions. I didn’t believe any of it would work for me, but I didn’t want to use anymore. I found a spark of hope, and eventually recovery. This isn’t about willpower, weakness, or bad judgment. This is the disease of addiction.

The picture on the right is me today at 45 years old. I own a home, a car, have a family, friends, a great job, and most importantly – peace. I’m proud of the person I am today, and I never thought I’d say that. I didn’t think I’d live to see 30.

I post this to hopefully give hope to any of my fellow imgurians that struggle with addiction. There IS life on the other side. There IS hope. If a junkie like me can do it, anyone can. I don’t do this alone. Support is imperative, and not using dope no matter what happens

Image credits: Nikilynn0125

#2 I’m A Living Example That Even Though I Went To Hell And Back, There Is Still Hope

I’m 30-years-old. I have been battling addiction since I started steroids when I was 19-years-old. I was in prison for 14 months in the state of Ceara in Brazil. I was raised by a fantastic family and there were no signs of this upcoming battle while growing up. I developed an addiction while competing in bodybuilding. Steriods, amphetamine, and cocaine. Last year I was smoking crack on a daily basis. I was the arrogant know-it-all type and I was quite angry, for what reason, I still don’t know. But, the emptiness inside was always there until I went to rehab on 5/27/19. Today, I am 78 days sober. I’m humble, because I set my pride aside and asked for help. It saved my life

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#3 12 Months Clean Today (27 August)

A prolific thief has turned her life around with the help of a neighbourhood officer after being told she had just 12 months to live.

Caroline Best was a heroin and crack cocaine addict and has spent the last 15 years in and out of prison, due to shoplifting to fund her addiction.

Only 12 months ago, the 36-year-old was told she had just a year to live. Her addiction had caused her heart to start failing and she was told they would be unable to operate on her until she came off the drugs.

PC Stuart Toogood from Erdington neighbourhood police team reached out to Caroline last year to try and turn her life around and ultimately save her life.

With PC Toogood’s help, Caroline attended a rehab facility last August and following an intensive programme, she is now living in a dry house and has been clean ever since – celebrating 12 months clean today (27 August).

More importantly, Caroline was told she no longer needed a heart operation as her faulty valve had mended itself due to her drastically improved lifestyle.

Image credits: West Midlands Police

It’s hard to believe that some of these transformations are real because the changes that giving up drugs have wrought are major. It just goes to show that even drastic changes are possible with the right support, a good dose of willpower and an airtight plan of action.

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#4 I Am 4 Years Clean From Drugs

As Of Today, I Am 4 Years Clean From Drugs. I Have A Career, A House, A Dog, And A Fiancé. It Was A Struggle But It Is Definitely Worth It. Stay Strong!

Image credits: GrizzMcFzz

#5 Kimberly “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” Wilkins Overcame Her Drug Addiction

Image credits: corduroying

#6 7 Months Alcohol And Heroin Free

Image credits: Israel_Anthem

Help Guide explains that recovering drug addicts have several ways to deal with their problems, such as going through detoxification to “purge your body of drugs and manage withdrawal symptoms.”

#7 Happy 13 Years Sober To Me

19 years old. I thought I was the most amazing person. I weighed about 100 pounds. I was a dick. I stole from my friends for drugs. I stole from my family for drugs. I lied. Cheated. Hurt very good people. I had no one left besides my step dad when I quit. No one believed me anymore. It was a very hard time. It’s been ten years and I am ready to leave the past, in the past. I am not an ex-addict. I am not in recovery. This fall I will walk up on stage and collect my BS in accountancy. I have accomplished so much from that person I was 13 years ago. I am a whole, strong, and amazing person and I am damn proud of myself

Image credits: LostWingnut

#8 8 Months Ago I Overdosed And Almost Lost My Life. The Doctor Said He Didn’t Know How I Survived

I was in the ICU for 10 days and my face was partially paralyzed. I got out of the hospital and immediately started using again. Broken and beaten I eventually sought professional help, and after that I moved into a sober living. Today, I am 84 days sober. My face healed and my life has changed in so many ways. The journey hasn’t been perfect, but it definitely has been worth it. Show this picture to your family and friends. This is the end result of drugs. I am one of the lucky ones.

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#9 My Husband And I Spent The First 15 Years Of Our Marriage In Chaos And Addiction

We went our separate paths of recovery and reunited as one force once we became healthy again. We are now 3 1/2 years clean and living life to the fullest! I thank God everyday not only for my recovery but that we were able to beat all odds and do it together

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

Behavioral counseling is also important because it helps addicts understand why they use, and how they can cope with stress and their problems in a less destructive manner. In some cases, medication is a must to help manage withdrawal symptoms, while long-term follow-up prevents people from relapsing, and helps them stay sober.

#10 Today I’m 6 Months Clean And I Couldn’t Be More Grateful

Last November I woke up in the hospital after finding out I had endocarditis from using heroin and meth. The Doctors couldn’t believe I was still holding on. I wasn’t supposed to make it. By the grace of God I was given a second chance. After two months of being in the hospital I got to leave healthy with a new outlook on life. 

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#11 Sober 20 Years Next Month

This is me in dec 1995. This is me in dec 2017. I overcame addiction, homelessness, and a history of incarceration.

Image credits: traceyh415

#12 Two Years Sober

My Mugshot From Two Years Ago Following A Massive Pcp/Benzo Overdose And Before Homelessness And A Trip To Prison. I’m Now Two Years Sober, Living A Wonderful Life And Happier Than I Ever Thought I’d Be!

Image credits: outforchow

Resources to Recover argues that there are 5 major mental health benefits to giving up drugs and alcohol. These benefits are enhanced mental clarity, reduced risk of mental health issues, increased self-esteem, improved memory and better relationships with family and friends.

#13 2 Years And 6 Months Sober Off Meth And Pills

For most of my life I struggled with addiction. Today, I am 2 years and 6 months sober off meth and pills. In recovery I got my driver’s license back after 18 years. I am working full time, and next week I start college to become a drug counselor. Recovery is possible

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#14 At The Age Of 18, I Started Injecting Heroin And Meth Into My Body

“Two years later, I was diagnosed with HIV because of my drug use. 

That caused me to go further down the rabbit hole. 

At age 25, on December 12th, I was left in an ally to overdose and die! …. BUT by the grace of God a woman found me and happened to have Narcan. 

On December 17th, I decided to get clean. 

I’ve now been sober for 17 months and 15 days. 

I am living proof that Narcan is not enabling or a waste of money. 

I am living proof that we do recover.“ 

Image credits: transformmylifestyle

#15 I’ve Been Clean For 2 Years And 8 Months

It started with pills, mainly percocet when I was 21. I was really sick one day and a friend gave me heroin. I started shooting it at 24. I tried meth for the first time at 25. I was shooting them both in no time. Over the next 3 years I overdosed 8 times. If I wasn’t homeless, I was living at a trap house with no electricity or running water with a 61-year-old man who was on disability and sold meth. In and out of jail constantly for possession, identity theft etc. I used needles I found in the bottom of a shopping cart full of trash. I didn’t care. I was 100 lbs. I hated myself and I truly wanted to die. I went to prison. I did 15 1/2 months on 18. I got clean. I’m 30-years-old now, I’ve been clean for 2 years and 8 months, and I have a 6,5-month-old baby girl, and a great fiance. Finally, as I lay here breastfeeding my beautiful baby I can say I love myself and I enjoy life now without heroin or meth

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

Meanwhile, Guy Counseling writes that stopping using drugs and alcohol leads to having more energy, being able to focus more, improving self-image, as well as the quality of your sleep. In fact, it’s obvious that the benefits of quitting heavily outweigh the cons. It’s enough to take a look at the faces of those who stopped using drugs just to see how big a difference sobriety really makes.

#16 6 Years Clean

Image credits: abolishreligion

#17 What 5 Years Clean From Heroin Looks Like

Image credits: eimcee

#18 By The Grace Of God… I’ve Made It 4 Years

My past made me who I am but I’m never looking back. This mugshot was a painful reminder of despair. Anyone struggling, please know it only gets better! Life is a gift don’t waste it!

Image credits: skab_365

Ben Campbell from the ‘Transform’ drug policy foundation based in the United Kingdom told Bored Panda about their take on drug addiction.

When asked what the main reasons that people turn to drugs, Campbell had this to say: “Reasons for people using drugs are vast and complex, however it could be boiled down to people wanting to feel ‘good’ or to feel ‘less bad’. Regardless of why people use drugs, the current system of prohibition makes the risks and harms of using drugs much worse.”

#19 The Big One Year

I was one of those addicts that nobody believed would get clean. It’s beyond me that I am sitting here today, laying out at a pool mind you, with a YEAR! A year without a sip, a hit, a pill, a puff, nothing. Absolutely nothing. To be honest, I didn’t think I could do it, the amount of times I’ve been done or scared out of my mind… but I’ve stayed clean knowing nothing will get better if I picked up. Through the support of so many, my program, and my spiritual practice I am here. The photos show a glimpse of the journey. Of the pain, to the joy I get to experience today. 

Image credits: elle_avated

#20 5 Years Clean From Drugs

My wife and I when we were in active addiction, vs. Us in april 2017. We now both have over five years clean from drugs and alcohol and we have a 3 year old girl. Life has been challenging but compared to our old lives, we are quite literally living a dream

Image credits: skee_bott

#21 In May Of 2018 I Have Become Clean And Sober

Hello, my name is Cory. I struggled with my addiction to crystal meth for almost 15 years. In 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 2 rectal cancer. I survived that and then jumped back into the addiction that caused me to lose my wife, my stepdaughter, my son, my job, my self-respect and my dignity. During this time I fell deep into my addiction and started a life of crime. It all eventually caught up with me, but the court system decided to give me a second chance and placed me in drug court. This program completely changed my life. Since I started the program in May of 2018 I have become clean and sober. I was encouraged to go back to school, and am now 2 semesters away from receiving my Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts. I am a full-time cook today. I have full custody of my son now. I have completed drug court. This program saved my life and my son’s life. I owe everything to the program that held me accountable when I couldn’t. A lot can happen in a year when your clean and living right!

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

“Our current laws have failed to reduce drug use, and have actually led to record number of drug-related deaths, and leaves many more at risk of great harm. The best way to reduce the potential harm from drug use is to legalize and regulate drugs,” Campbell gave ‘Transform’s’ opinion on the matter. “Legal regulation means controlled, not increased, availability, with tight controls on what can be sold, where it can be sold, and to whom. This also vastly reduces drug-related harms. Under prohibition, there are no such controls.”

#22 Inspiring Maddi. Well Done

During addiction vs being sober.

1 year 2 months and 25 days clean!

Image credits: transformmylifestyle

#23 The Picture On The Left Is When I Overdosed From Shooting Fentanyl. I Had A Heart Attack In An Applebee’s Bathroom

I spent six weeks in the hospital after that. Two weeks in a coma, two weeks learning how to walk again, and two weeks in the psych ward because of how suicidal I was. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I still used again after that. One day I just couldn’t take it anymore. I called a friend who I knew was sober and told him I was willing to do ANYTHING. My friend took me through the 12 steps and I changed my life. For anyone out there who is hopeless, look at me. On August 9th I celebrated one year clean

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#24 Been A Long Road To Recovery, In More Ways Than One. But! 4 Years Clean From Meth

Image credits: GeneratedUser

“Other countries such as Portugal have had enormous success at reducing drug-related harms by treating it as a health issue by decriminalizing people who use drugs,” he added. “The UK desperately needs to decriminalize people who use drugs and regulation of the drug market if we want to reverse record levels of drug-related deaths and drug-related harms.”

#25 22 Months Clean From Meth And Xanax And All Other Drugs I Was Prisoner To

Image credits: wiccanprincess30

#26 Also Clean Off Heroin, 18 Months

The most important things to me are having sober people around me as support, the 12 step program and a higher power. Those 3 things have been my key to success.

Image credits: benjaminz100

#27 We Do Recover

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#28 The Mug Shot Was My Lowest Point; Living On The Streets Using Heroin And Meth Daily

It was on May 3, 2018 that I was arrested and pulled out of my addiction. Recovery not only feels good, but looks good

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#29 Heroin And Meth

My Main Drugs Were Heroin And Meth. I Got Arrested One Night In September 2012 And That Night My World Came Crashing Down While At The Same Time Opening Up. I Fell To My Knees That Night Alone And Broken And In That Time A Peace And Truth Rushed Into My Life That Gave Me A Path To Find Sobriety For Good A Few Months Later.

Image credits: skab_365

#30 I Have Been In Recovery For A Year And A Half

This was what I looked like, daily, for years. This is what my husband dealt with. This is what my little girls walked in on. This is what my family and friends saw, on the rare occasions I left the house. I was SICK. I was DYING. I was so far gone I thought I could NEVER recover. I was so lost I couldn’t imagine a life without using. I just wanted to die. I didn’t realize I was hardly alive

Image credits: Melissa Lee Matos

#31 I Got Clean On May 10th, 2018

I spent 22 years abusing drugs, alcohol & most of all myself. I overdosed on heroin and on crack several times. I finally had enough of chasing a high that never got me high enough or lasted long enough. I realize now I was running from myself and my emotions all along. I got clean on may 10th, 2018. Because of my higher power and na I am alive, healthy and full of gratitude and hope today

Image credits: earth.angel.333

#32 4 Months Ago All I Wanted To Do Was Kill My Self And Not Do Anything

I sat in my room and isolated. I did drugs for 9 years. Now I have a full time job, I bought myself a car and people actually count on me for things. There’s hope for everyone. If I can do it then so can you

Image credits: stillxgodliest

#33 Today, I Have 61 Days Free From All Mood And Mind Altering Substances

I’m 28 years old and I have struggled with my addiction from a pretty early age. I seemed to enjoy the effects produced by adderall at the age of 8-years-old, which would only progress to a very dark meth and heroin addiction in my later years. I’ve been hospitalized countless times, been to jail, and lived in hell – literally. I COULD NOT STOP chasing dope for one hour, let alone entertain the thought of going to a detox program. I dragged my family and everyone I loved down with me. Today, I have 61 days free from all mood and mind altering substances. I can finally see a light at the end of my madness with the help of a sponsor and meetings. My record is in the process of being expunged and I’ve started Hep C treatment as a result of that way of life. I’m so grateful and hope this will help anyone still struggling

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#34 Things Could Have Worked Out Differently For Me

At the age of 28 I was arrested for 15 felonies and faced 5 years in prison. This mug shot is a reminder of how quickly my life could spiral out of control if I decide to pick up drugs again. My sobriety date is November 19, 2013 and it’s the most important date in the world to me. In recovery I learned how to love myself and how to love other people. Today I work as a substance abuse counselor and it’s the most rewarding job in the world. I am forever grateful for another chance at life. The picture on the right is who I am today. A person who worked very hard to get where they are. I am worth it. We are all worth it

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#35 18 Months

Image credits: skab_365

#36 1000 Days Free From Heroin

Image credits: DisregardThisOrDont

#37 Today I Have 1 Year Clean And Sober

Image credits: mytwolffamily

#38 He Was Drug Addicted And Found Sobriety In 2011. Now He’s Has Founded This Nonprofit Which Seeks To Help People That Are Just Like He Was

Image credits: chadlogan3

#39 An Update On My Recovery From Meth. 5 Years Today!

Image credits: Ashtrashbdash

#40 Addiction Recovery

Left side is me about 12 years ago in active cocaine and alcohol addiction. On the right side it’s me today, in recovery and helping others to recover through my work as a counselor

Image credits: alessandro_counseling

#41 One Year Sober!

Ugh. Started with Cocaine, then Oxys, then I got put on Suboxone, and stayed on it for 8 years. Before I went to treatment I was on 16mg of Suboxone, 4mg of Xanax, 60mg IR Adderall, and 20mg of Ambien. I was also doing as much cocaine as I could, along with the occasional MDMA and LSD.

Image credits: TheDude0007

#42 Today I Woke Up With 3 Years Clean!

I can still remember how hollow I felt on the left not even being able to function without a substance in my body. I had no idea how I was going to get clean or what that would look like and then I found Narcotics Anonymous and it saved my life and shortly afterwards I found Celebrate Recovery where I felt at home all this to say if your struggling its ok to not be ok. But ask for help you don’t have to fight alone. Thank you God for one more day.

Image credits: californialove87

#43 I Refused To Let My Mom Show Me The Picture On The Left For A Long Time Out Of Shame

The photo on the left was taken after I’d l relapsed yet again back in 2017. I threw all my hope, all my inhibition and my self worth right out the window for heroin. I was doing every drug available and a regular at the ER and jail, and it only took me fighting to get sober before I realized how badly I was hurting not only myself, but all my loved ones, too. In 2017, I still hadn’t reached my rock bottom yet. I put my body through so much pain, so many overdoses, car wrecks, numbing myself carelessly so I didn’t have to feel the pain that I brought with me no matter where I tried running away from it to. I recently hit my 200-day mark and I’m now happier than ever. Do I miss it? Some days I still do. But what’s changed the last six months is that I still won’t go back. There are still tough days, which I wouldn’t be able to get trough without my fiancée letters and daydreaming about our future, or my mom who spreads positivity everywhere she goes, the newer friends who always answer when I need them. I never thought I would live long enough to celebrate my 20th birthday, let alone the 24th birthday I celebrate this year. But no one can do this on their own, I tried over an over. Reach out. You can do it. If there’s even a glimmer of hope, hold on to it

Image credits: judith.sara

#44 One Year Clean From Meth, My Life And Health Is Tremendously Better

Image credits: youwouldntknow405

#45 Finally Free

For the better part of my life I spent Sunday mornings coming down from massive amounts of intravenous cocaine abuse. Mornings like this were spent with my ear on the cold tile floor of sleazy motel rooms as I stared underneath the doorway stuck in a prison of paranoia. My forearms littered with injection sites forming track marks that could trace the low self-esteem of this addict all the way back to his childhood. When I was finally out of money or my ATM card would shut me off I would slam a bundle of heroin to tranquilize my appetite for more cocaine. Housekeeping would always knock at the door on mornings like this. They’ve been trying to get into my room since I checked in on Thursday with that first 20 bag of cocaine. Since then I’ve only opened the door to fetch more narcotics. As they’d knock I’d close my eyes knowing that the door latch protected this junkie from anyone seeing me in my current state. I would spend the next 8 hours nodding out only to be woken up intermittently by my cigarette burning through the comforter. Outside that motel room people were living. They were running errands, they were going to church, they were hanging with friends, and they were getting together for their Sunday dinners. Inside that motel room I was dying. This Sunday morning I am free. For years I would go in and out of recovery forgetting how bad it was out there for me. I don’t allow myself to forget today

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#46 I Was Addicted To Heroin And Meth On And Off From The Age Of 15 To 29

I am very proud to say that I now have 2 years clean. Some of you are probably wondering why would I ever post a picture like this of myself? Well, if my story helps even just one person to realize that they too can get clean, then it was all worth it.

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#47 My Name Is Wendy

Hi, My Name Is Wendy And I’m An Addict. This Is What Recovery Has Done For Me In My Life In Just 9 Months

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#48 I’m Just 2 Weeks Shy Of Being A Year Completely Sober. I Just Want People Who Are Struggling To Know That This Is Possible

I started doing heroin when I was 21 while working in a brewery. I went into my first treatment facility at 22 not thinking I had a serious problem. I told myself “I can control it this time, just take it easy!” That night I got out I started smoking and drinking again and within 3 days I started doing heroin again. Within the next 4 years I lost everything. 5 jobs, the girl I thought I was going to marry, trust and relationships between friends and family, you name it. Overdosed a few times, numerous nights of crippling withdrawal laying completely naked in bed tossing and turning and throwing up bile out of my bedroom window at 5 in the morning. My life was out of control yet I had no urge to stop. Until one day after being caught in a lie by my mother I just had this thought race through my mind that said “what the hell are you doing?! This isn’t you!” That’s when I decided something needed to change. I moved from central NY to Northeastern PA and was put into a 5 day detox then a 28 day program. I knew that wasn’t going to be enough for me so I decided to go to a 3 month extended care program as well. Within those 4 months I really took a good look at myself. I had to completely change the way I was thinking. I’m finally able to enjoy life the way its supposed to! I have a great paying job now, an apartment with a friend, a car and a newly found positive outlook on life.! I’ve started caring for not only my mental health but my physical health as well!

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#49 8 Years Clean. I Feel So Brand New, I Haven’t Touched A Rock Since God Showed Me How To Stop

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#50 Here’s My Before And After. Next Month Will Be My 3 Years Clean From Crystal Meth

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#51 My Friend Joey Is Coming Up On 6 Years Clean. What A Transformation

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#52 She Is 46-Years-Old And Has 10 Months Clean

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#53 This Picture Is Hard To Look At But I Feel I Need To Keep It As A Reminder Of Not Only Where I Was But More Importantly Where I Never Want To Be Again

I weighed 89 pounds. My skin was grey. I had chemical burns on my mouth from smoking dope. I ate maybe once in a two week period. My reality was so distorted that I didn’t even recognize the house I lived in for 3 years. My morals had deteriorated to the point I was ready to hurt someone over the 40 dollars they owed me. I was dead mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and almost physically. There were days when I had to ask myself, “When is the last time I fed my kids?” THAT is a hard pill to swallow as a mother! I got my kids taken December 6th, 2017. I got arrested on a couple felonies January 2nd, 2018. I spent time in jail, went to treatment, and busted my butt to get my babies back. December 26th, 2018, I had one day clean. I got my kids back that day. These things aren’t easy to admit to but it’s the first step to making a change. I pray for the addict that is still using today. My name is Jackie and I am a recovering addict.

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#54 These Pics Are A Clear Reminder Of Why I Don’t Want To Go Back To Where I Once Was

My name is Nicole and I am a grateful recovering addict. I am currently a little over 10 months clean from IV crystal meth! I was 90 lbs, lived on the streets, lived in a storage unit, manipulated anyone I could. I almost died from sepsis and even still continued to get high after. I could not get clean for my kids even after my son was put into foster care. I tried multiple times and failed. Getting high was no longer fun. It was more than a full-time job and it was exhausting. The insanity of my life was very clear. I did not want to die and decided to give rehab another shot. I left in September and I did not look back. I now weigh 160 lbs. I feel and look the best I ever have! I have the mental clarity that I had been longing for. My children have their mommy back. My parents have their daughter back! I may not be where I want to be, but I am one day closer to getting there

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#55 One Year Today Since I Almost Lost My Life

I Cannot Believe It’s Been One Year Today Since I Almost Lost My Life. It Was Without A Doubt The Most Challenging Yet Rewarding Year

Image credits: skab_365

#56 11 Years Of Sobriety

Image credits: skab_365

#57 13 Months Clean From Heroin As Of Today!

Image credits: emmaliejay

#58 I Was A Drug Addict For Years… I’m Not Anymore!

Image credits: Kristism

#59 F/27/5’5″ (100% Life Change Gained) Difference Between Addiction & Recovery

Image credits: bLu3eYeDg1rLy

#60 So Excited, I Had To Share! 1,000 Days Clean

My story isn’t so different from how many others started. I started using with my ex-husband. Just partying, then more partying, you know the drill. Then the divorce because we were young, stupid, in love and on drugs. Cue the dark times- losing friends, jobs, totaling cars, myself esteem, the list goes on. – AKA active addiction.

My family tried everything to help, but I thought I knew better. Who was I hurting besides myself anyway?

You know what they say, hindsight is 20/20. Being an addict was the hardest thing I have ever done. I cannot be more clear when I say I wish I had gotten -scratch that – accepted help sooner.

The last time I got high was the same day I was called out on my BS; by someone close to me. I was honestly more relieved than anything…I was just given an opening to finally confess.

Recovery is not happily ever after, but it’s pretty close. Even when I have a bad day these days, 10/10 would recommend.

Please, accept help if you are an addict. Alternately, please do not give up on a loved one if they are in active addiction. Accepting help or reaching out is the first step of recovery, and it’s okay if you/they have to take the first step more than once.

Image credits: bageldork

#61 3 Years Clean From Opiates!

First picture was when I was using, second picture was the day after I was admitted to the hospital, third was when I was ~3 mos clean (still in a nursing center) & last pictures are pictures of me and my fiance a month or so ago.

For a long few years I spent addicted to opiates, presciption and otherwise that at the time seemed hopeless and it felt impossible to be able to start a new life. Unfortunately I was injured on top of having chronIc pain, CP & syringomyelia, and after years being put on and off of string narcotics (think fentanyl +oxycodone), I ended up getting into using heroin. I tried over and over to get clean, when suddendly, 3 years ago I wound up in the hospital, going into septic shock from MRSA. I was close to dying that first night but luckily I pulled through and was hospitalized for the better part of a year. I went from bed rest and oxygen, to learning to walk again with and without oxygen, months of routine IV antibiotics, and countless hours in physical therapy, weened off of fentanyl and oxycodone with the help of gabapentin, and eventually was able to leave the facility.

Fast forward about a year when I meet my fiance. He helped me through months of weening off of the extremely high dose of gabapentin I had been on, dealing with many painful muscle spasms that kept me from sleeping well at all. It was almost as difficult, because at this point I was working almost full time. A few months ago I got a procedure where they injected botox into my leg muscles to help with pain and now I’m walking more normally and am the closest to being pain free and drug free as I have ever been in my life. Now I only take muscle relaxers, that I’m starting to ween off as well. With hard work, strong will & the support of my loved ones, I feel as if I’ve overcome something that years ago seemed impossible.

Back then I felt like my life would never have a purpose, but now I realize my purpose of struggling through all of those years was so that I could give hope to others struggling with addiction. It’s never too late for a change. If I could make it this far, everyone else can. Just stay strong and believe in yourself!

Image credits: kerichan7

#62 Recovering From Heroin

“‘Calm down, it’s not like you’re gonna see the guy you robbed.’ Well guess what. I walked up to the church, and guess whose face I saw? The man I had just robbed. He was the greeter. I couldn’t get out. I was terrified. I walked up to him with tears in my eyes, and he gave me a hug. ‘You are in the right place,’ he told me. ‘When I was your age, I was doing the same thing.’ I had no idea he was in recovery. That I was the first time I believed there was hope for me.” 

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#63 Before I Quit Using Drugs vs. 4 Years Clean!

Any type of upper, whether it be coke, MDMA, or methamphetamine. I’m ashamed to admit it, but it is what it is.

My entire life changed! I spent 14 months in an in-patient rehab. After completing the program I became employed and was rapidly promoted. Prior to getting clean, I wouldn’t even stay at a job foe more than a few months. My work ethic is top notch, I have an amazing relationship with my family, I actually have money, I’m able to make payments for my vehicle and rent, and most importantly I learned a lot about myself and grew exponentially as a person. These are all things I couldn’t grasp and take hold of before. I also must add that I have learned to love myself. I’m proud of who I am, and for the first time in my life I’m okay with who I am. That’s the biggest thing that changed.

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#64 I Spent The Last 4 Years In And Out Of Rehabs, Detox Centers, Halfway Houses, And Jail

My Name is Alana. My clean date is 04/05/18. I spent over 10 years in active addiction. I spent the last 4 years in and out of rehabs, detox centers, halfway houses, and jail. I lost two marriages due to my addiction. I ruined all of my relationships. I ended up losing my children. I lost my home and all my material possessions. Everything I loved or valued meant nothing when it was a choice between them or the drugs. I ended up homeless with a needle in my arm and not a penny to my name – doing whatever it took to get one more. I was looking at time in prison and still couldn’t stop using heroin and meth. I got sepsis and almost died, then got high the next day. I was hopeless and just wished I would die. 16 months ago, I checked myself into rehab for the forth time. I was tired, hungry, and had no place to go. Nobody wanted me around. I reached out for help. Life can be so beautiful. Today I am a mother. I have a job that can count on me to show up. I am sober and I am never looking back

Image credits: theaddictsdiary

#65 I Don’t Share About Hardships, And The Times I Fell On My Face (Hard), And All The Really Horrible Dark Years Of My Life- Often- If Ever

Image credits: skab_365

#66 1.5 Years Sober

I Am 1.5 Years Sober From Meth And Have Never Felt More Fulfilled And Happier In Life. I Found Myself After Having Lost Myself For So Long

Image credits: skab_365

#67 On The Left Is Me On The First Day Of My Last Rehab, String Out On Heroin, Hopeless, Thinking I Would Die With A Needle In My Arm

Image credits: skab_365

#68 I Have Struggled With Drugs And Alcohol Since I Was 15 Years Old, Cocaine And Alcohol Being My Drugs Of Choice

Image credits: skab_365

#69 The Difference 4 Years Off Drugs Makes

Image credits: Mpiro13

#70 Recovering Addict/Alcoholic. 9 Months Clean And Sober. Happy I Look Like Myself, Happier I Got My Life Back

Image credits: deaner92

#71 2 Years Ago I Was Addicted To Meth And Was Knocking On Deaths Door

Today I have been sober for 2 years, have gained my family back and have an amazing job working as a peer support specialist.

Image credits: Allstr53190

#72 Keith Struggled With Drug Addiction For 22 Years Before Becoming Sober

During 22 years of drug and alcohol addiction Keith spent his life trapped between sleeping rough on the streets and prison. Hit by a family breakdown and the death of his daughter, his road to recovery was tough. But with the help of local homeless and addiction recovery charities, today Keith is four years clean and in full time employment and working as a relief worker at Julian House in his spare time. He now uses his own experiences daily to help those around him.⁠

Image credits: julianhouseuk

#73 What One Year Clean And Sober Off Of Oxy Codone Looks Like!

Image credits: easydoesit1987

#74 2 Years Clean

First picture is right before I checked myself into rehab for drug addiction in july 2017. As part of my recovery, I’ve started taking care of my body.

Image credits: yung_cancerous

#75 Let’s Hear It For Michelle Who Is Approaching 2 Years Of Sobriety!

Image credits: skab_365

#76 Still Going Strong

We Got 3 Years Clean On January 18!!

Image credits: skab_365

#77 Over 6 Years Of Total Abstinence

I spent over 25 years filling my body, spirit and mind with some kind of substance. I lost everything that meant anything to me, including my children. On January 16, 2013 I changed my life. I was able to hold on a tiny bit of hope and ran with. Once I was able to stop drinking and using, I was able to grow. My life had changed tremendously! 

Image credits: k_colli24

#78 Mariah Celebrated A Year Sober

“I waited daily for the phone call that would tell me my daughter was dead. I planned her funeral. I did not sleep the entire night for years – always waiting for the ring of the doorbell. 18 months ago, she was living in the dumpster area of Taco Bell. She had sold her car for drugs. She weighed less than 100 lbs. Mariah celebrated a year sober yesterday. I am one of the lucky mothers. I did not have to bury my child. I have my daughter back. Do I trust her? Not fully. But she is sober. She is productive. She is happy. For today.” Mom of an addict says ‘heroin is not picky,’ she still ‘breaks down sobbing’

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#79 Meth Addiction From 15 Till 22 vs. 4 Years Clean

Image credits: Smashtkrab

#80 1 Year Sober From Pills And Alcohol!

Image credits: theheartofthesea

#81 Recovery Works. It’s Nice Not To Be Falling Face First In The Street,fighting, Overdosing, Lying, And Hurting Myself And The People In My Lives I Love The Most

Pic to the left is first day of my second time in treatment almost 5 years ago. You can live happily without drugs or alcohol. There is hope. I am proof.

Image credits: fieldskevin

#82 5 Years Ago I Came Clean To My Mom About My Addiction. My Wonderful Boyfriend Helped Put Me Through Detox

Image credits: mamabear2k15

#83 In October 2016, I Had Dropped Down To 158 Lbs Due To Drug And Alcohol Addiction. 4 Months Later I Entered A Rehab Facility And Gained Roughly 30 Lbs Within 1-2 Months

Image credits: fleckstin

#84 I Just Celebrated 4 Years Of Recovery In July! Recovering Opiate Addict

#85 One Year Ago Today I Woke Up In An Uncomfortable Detox Unit Bed In A Drug Rehab Facility

Image credits: skab_365

#86 My Addiction Of Meth And Heroin Took Me To Many Bottoms And In December Of 2014 I Was Airlifted To The Hospital And Had To Have Open Heart Surgery. I Was 29 Years Old

Image credits: skab_365

#87 I Got Sober From Meth After 7 Years Of Using. I Had Lost My Kids And My Family. I Have Been Able To Get 7 Years Of Sobriety

Image credits: skab_365

#88 The Picture On The Left Is Extremely Scary And Gut-Wrenching To Look At. I Was In The Depths Of My Addiction. Lost, Broken, And Believed There Was No Hope Left

Image credits: skab_365

#89 This Is A Before And After Picture Of My Brother! He Now Has 2 1/2 Years Sober!

Image credits: skab_365

#90 I’m Coming Up On 8 Months Clean! I’ve Battled With Addiction For 7 Years

Image credits: skab_365

#91 I Was Addicted To Meth For Over 7 Years. I Was Adopted As A Child So I Never Felt Like I Belong. I Found That In Drugs

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#92 Recovering From Meth Addiction

12 years of meth addiction. Last 18 months of hardcore daily iv using. No rehab. No praying to anyone. No meetings. No therapy. No other faith than in myself… One month of sobriety.

All you really need is really, truly want to recover. You must believe it’s possible. You can achieve anything you dream of.

Stay strong.

You’ll make it. 

Image credits: storiesofaddictionrecovery

#93 By The Grace Of God Today I Have 3 Years Clean!!! I Was A Bottom Of The Barrel Heroin & Crack Addict

Image credits: skab_365

#94 Clean Since May 4 Last Year! Clean From All Drugs! Our Main Drugs Where Heroin And Meth

Image credits: skab_365

#95 I Was An Iv Heroin And Cocaine Addict As Well As Alcoholic For Around 5 Years

Image credits: skab_365

#96 April 17 Of This Year Made 6 Years Alcohol And Drug Free

Image credits: skab_365

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