97 Interesting Charts People Shared On This Group That Might Change Your Perspective On Things (New Pics)

The subreddit r/dataisbeautiful truly lives up to its name. From global or internet trends to societal issues, this community covers it all in easy-to-understand visualizations that effectively convey otherwise complex information. Each graph, chart, or map has the potential to uncover patterns, expose correlations, or shed light on various topics. No wonder why as of today, over 19M people appreciate this subreddit.

So if you feel that sometimes life is just too difficult to comprehend, hopefully, this list will make you feel at least somewhat at ease knowing that even the most complex things can be summed up in a beautiful visualization.

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#1 São Paulo Cut Its Homicide Rate By 90% And Is Now About As Safe As Boston. Mexico City Is Currently Safer Than Dallas And Denver

Image credits: latinometrics

#2 Rotten Tomatoes Score Of Movies By Marvel Studios

Image credits: keshava7

#3 Bad Bunny Is The World’s Highest-Grossing Touring Artist This Year

Image credits: latinometrics

#4 The Most Streamed Programs

Image credits: Dremarious

#5 The Bedrock Geology Of North America

Image credits: eon_james

#6 Top Googled Games In Europe, December 2022

Image credits: desfirsit

#7 The Share Of Latin American Women Going To College And Beyond Has Grown 14x In The Past 50 Years. Men’s Share Is Roughly Ten Years Behind Women’s

Image credits: latinometrics

#8 If There Were Only 10 People On Earth, This Is How Wealth Would Be Distributed

Image credits: rubenbmathisen

#9 Global Wealth Inequality In 2021 Visualized By Comparing The Bottom 80% With Increasingly Smaller Groups At The Top Of The Distribution

Image credits: rubenbmathisen

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#10 Relative Google Search Interest Of Popular TV Series After Last Episode Air Date

Image credits: veleros

#11 Number Of “Birthday” Posts On My Facebook Wall Per Year

Image credits: josigold

#12 A Detailed Shaded Relief Map Of Manhattan New York Rendered From Lidar Data

Image credits: visualgeomatics

#13 Household Ownership Of Consumer Goods In India

Image credits: pratapvardhan

#14 Norway’s Oil Fund vs. Top 10 Billionaires

Image credits: rubenbmathisen

#15 Dating In The Internet Age: 1995 vs. 2017

Image credits: CognitiveFeedback

#16 The Rise And Fall (And Rise) Of “Alexa”

Image credits: CheeryOaf

#17 The Cost Of Cable vs. Top Streaming Subscriptions

Image credits: Dremarious

#18 Size Niches Of Life On Earth

Image credits: blairfix

#19 The Probability Of Winning A Battle As An Attacker In The Board Game Risk

Image credits: joweich

#20 Finland Joins NATO, More Than Doubling The Alliance’s Border With Russia

Image credits: giteam

#21 The Cost Of The 2022 FIFA World Cup In Qatar Is Astronomical, Even When Comparing To The Gdp Of The Host Country In The Host Year

Image credits: Savoy_Cabbage

#22 Worst Celebrity Private Jet Co2 Emissions Offenders (2022)

Image credits: Spirited-Focus-7312

#23 A Comparison Of Nato And Russia’s Military Strength

Image credits: arshadejaz

#24 How Long Did You Wait Before

Image credits: theimpossiblesalad

#25 How To Mathematically Win At Rock, Paper, Scissors

Image credits: waynehihihi

#26 Highest Paid Actors For A Single Production

Image credits: giteam

#27 Population Density Of Egypt

Image credits: symmy546

#28 Convenience Store Chain With The Most Locations In Each State

Image credits: Dremarious

#29 Amazon Has 40% Of All E-Commerce Sales In The Us

Image credits: coredev1

#30 Twitter Sentiment On Will Smith Before And After Slap

Image credits: theiraz

#31 Layoffs In The Tech Industry Over The Last Month For Selected Companies

Image credits: Savoy_Cabbage

#32 Map Showing The Latest Situation In Ukraine Today With Territory Gained By Russia

Image credits: sdbernard

#33 My 2-Month Long Job Search As A Software Engineer With 4 Yeo

Image credits: a__side_of_fries

#34 Updated Size Of Bank Failures Since 2000

Image credits: pranshum

#35 I Asked 1000 People To Take Their Pic For Free On The Street

Image credits: gonzalocdlp

#36 Does Healthcare Spending Correlate With Life Expectancy?

Image credits: latinometrics

#37 USA: Who Do We Spend Time With Across Our Lifetimes?

Image credits: rosetechnology

#38 Netflix’s 2021 Fiscal Year, Visualized

Image credits: chartr

#39 Fall And Rise Of The New York Times

Image credits: jtsg_

#40 Bolivia’s Infant Mortality Has Dropped Below The World’s Average

Image credits: latinometrics

#41 Do You Belief In Ghosts?

Image credits: GradientMetrics

#42 The Absolute Quality Of Better Call Saul

Image credits: SansAtionel

#43 Obituaries Saying Someone “Died Suddenly” Closely Track Opioid Deaths

Image credits: TrueBirch

#44 Estimated Civilian Owned Firearms By Country

Image credits: Dk1902

#45 The Popularity Of The Name “Mabel” In The United States Skyrocketed After Gravity Falls Came Out

Image credits: Aloiciousss

#46 Percentage Of Popualtion Who Believe In God

Image credits: BLAZENIOSZ

#47 Boys vs. Girl Pixar Movies?

Image credits: Onhech

#48 Which Media Organizations Are Trusted More By Democrats And By Republicans

Image credits: YouGov_Official

#49 Update – 2.5 Years Of My GF And I Tracking The Sleep Quality Impact Of Various Choices/Behaviours. These Were The 9 Most Significant Effects. Note – White Dash Indicates The % Effect 5 Months Ago

Image credits: HeroJournal

#50 My Daughter’s Complete First Year Of Sleep

Image credits: Ssmallfry

#51 Surge In Egg Prices In The U.S

Image credits: Metalytiq

#52 Us Government Revenue, Spending, And Deficit In 2021

Image credits: giteam

#53 Covid-19 Accounted For More Line-Of-Duty Police Deaths Last Year Than All Other Causes Combined

Image credits: TrueBirch

#54 Most Spoken Languages In The World

Image credits: neilrkaye

#55 Richest Billionaire In Each State

Image credits: Dremarious

#56 Titanic Survival By Gender And Class. Learning R For The First Time And The Power Of Ggplot

Image credits: Junior-Obligation-27

#57 The Longest-Running TV Shows Of All-Time

Image credits: Dremarious

#58 Wes Anderson Films And Their Actors

Image credits: BoMcCready

#59 Obesity Rate (%) By Country Over Time

Image credits: YakEvery4395

#60 iPhone Is Only 14% Of Global Smartphone Volume Share (Left) And 42% Of Revenue Share (Mid), But It’s 80% Of Profit Share (Right)

Image credits: giteam

#61 The Leading Causes Of Death Among Children In The Us, Ages 5–14

Image credits: born_in_cyberspace

#62 Us States Sorted By Life Expectancy, Colored By Biden’s Share Of The 2020 Presidential Election

Image credits: DouweOsinga

#63 Message Frequency By Daytime For Some Of My Chats

Image credits: joweich

#64 Everyone Thinks They Are Middle Class

Image credits: theimpossiblesalad

#65 Most Streamed Artists On Spotify (All Time)

Image credits: rayjaywolf

#66 U.S. Counties With More People Than The State Of Wyoming

Image credits: academiaadvice

#67 Much Of Latin America Has Caught Up To The 90%+ Literacy Rate The Us Has Had Since 1900

Image credits: latinometrics

#68 Covid Is The #1 Cop Killer In The United States

Image credits: JPAnalyst

#69 Top Human-Caused Threats To Birds In The Us

Image credits: USAFacts_Official

#70 My Steam Account For The Last Year Has Had Numerous Hacking Attempts. I Decided To Graph The Origins Of Each Attempt On A Map

Image credits: McGrohly

#71 Herschel Walker Makes Everything Worse

Image credits: JPAnalyst

#72 How Americans View Flags In 2022

Image credits: YouGov_Official

#73 50 Biggest Fast Food Chains By 2021 Number Of Stores In Us

Image credits: giteam

#74 The Most Watched Netflix Shows

Image credits: Dremarious

#75 How Long Ago Were The Hottest And Coldest Years On Record Around The World

Image credits: neilrkaye

#76 One-In-Five Teens Are Almost Constantly On Youtube

Image credits: plotset

#77 Japan’s Work To Reduce Homelessness

Image credits: Xsythe

#78 The Percent Of Americans Who Believe Abortion Should Be Illegal (1975-2020)

Image credits: thedataracer

#79 Actors/Actresses With The Most Oscar Wins

Image credits: giteam

#80 A Simple Chart About The Kinds Of Dms This Username (Pm-Ur-Small-Tits) Has Gotten Me Over The Past Three Weeks

Image credits: PM-Ur-Small-Tits

#81 No-One Wants Me To Stay Safe Anymore: The Rise And Fall Of The Pandemic Email Signoff

Image credits: spicer2

#82 How Probable Is ……?

Image credits: GradientMetrics

#83 Price Of Full Tank Of Gasoline (60 L) As A Percentage Of Average Monthly Net Salary Across The World

Image credits: kiwi2703

#84 Japan’s Population Problem, Visualized

Image credits: chartr

#85 The U.S. House Of Representatives Voted Tuesday To Statutorily Codify Gay Marriage Into Law. The Vote Was 267 Yes, 157 No. Here’s How Every Member Voted

Image credits: RainbowCrown71

#86 Costco Hot Dog Combo vs. Inflation

Image credits: nick_ecoinometrics

#87 Distribution Of Tweets From The Mexican President By Hour Of The Day

Image credits: -Montse-

#88 For The First Time, Fewer Than Half Of Americans Say They “Know God Really Exists” And Have “No Doubts About It”

Image credits: cingraham

#89 The Slow Decline Of Key Changes In Popular Music

Image credits: cdr4321

#90 My Job Search As A Newly Qualified Paramedic In The UK

Image credits: VenflonBandit

#91 I Recorded The Race Of All 433 Actors In The 2022 Super Bowl Commercials. Here’s How They Compare To The Actual Us Population

Image credits: TheBigBo-Peep

#92 Comparing The Gdp Of Us States With That Of Countries

Image credits: JoeFalchetto

#93 Costco’s 2022 Income Statement Visualized With A Sankey Diagram

Image credits: Square_Tea4916

#94 The Highs And Lows Of Popular Comedy Shows

Image credits: gammafission00

#95 Costco Hotdog & Soda Combo Price 1985 vs. 2022

Image credits: giteam

#96 India Overtakes China To Become The World’s Most Populous Nation

Image credits: pratapvardhan

#97 The Structural Advantage Held By The Republican Party In The Us Senate

Image credits: JPAnalyst

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