97 Oddly Satisfying Things For Your Inner Perfectionist (New Pics)

We people are a strange bunch. Cut us off in traffic and we’ll lose it. Pour too much milk in our coffee and we’ll tell your manager about it. But show us a picture of a neatly mowed lawn and we’ll drool all over it. I don’t know if we’re hard or easy to please. But the subreddit r/OddlySatisfying can do it effortlessly. It’s like therapy for your eyes. But it also soothes the mind.

Created back in May 2013, it has grown into a 6.5-million-member community with thousands online at any given moment, sharing all the little enjoyable things they stumble upon. Like two little kittens sleeping in their bowls. Or stacked slabs of snow that look like a contemporary monumental sculpture.

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We at Bored Panda have already covered r/OddlySatisfying, but there’s been plenty of awesome content since our last publication, so we decided to put together a new one. Continue scrolling and check out some of the most popular posts it has blessed us with recently.

#1 The Way The Frost Highlights The Sculpture

Image credits: shawneffel

#2 Yogurt Arrangement At This Market

Image credits: Palifaith

#3 Cubic Window During Different Times Of Day

Image credits: solateor

#4 Orca Whale Captured At The Perfect Moment

Image credits: d3333p7

#5 First Prize Winning Dahlia, Grown By My Dad

Image credits: felix_rae

#6 These Two Cats Sleeping

Image credits: UnsizedVajra33

#7 Stained Glass Living Room

Image credits: Boojibs

#8 Us Postal Service Floor Tiles

Image credits: Haelfyr_Snoball

#9 A Perfectly Times Pic Of Moon From Mie Prefecture, Japan

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Image credits: Narendra_17

#10 A Dandelion Bouquet

Image credits: Boojibs

#11 Wooden Table With Double Helix Legs

Image credits: d3333p7

#12 The Dog I’m Dogsitting Looks Exactly Like Her Food

Image credits: Captainsboot

#13 Beautiful Cable Management..

Image credits: Cyb3rw0rM1

#14 This Piece Of Art Created Only Folding And Creasing Of Paper

Image credits: d3333p7

#15 This Cabin In The Heart Of Winter And Edge Of Night.

Image credits: asolitarycandle

#16 This Pattern Out Of Snow On A Patio Table

Image credits: HyperDude1905

#17 Who Wants Some Beautiful Eggs

Image credits: freewill-lastwish

#18 Cat Looking Out A Window Becomes A Mythical Tree Creature

Image credits: deathakissaway

#19 This Photo Of Thousands Of Crows Atop Of Snow Covered Trees, Illuminated By Street Lights Underneath.

Image credits: Fluid-Daydreamer

#20 This Beautiful Piece Of Pie

Image credits: gourdhorder

#21 Pattern Formed By Beautifully Aligned Leaves! Almost Looks Like An Illusion!

Image credits: dipdaabyss

#22 This Fluffy Rainbow Color Cake

Image credits: earthmoonsun

#23 14 Wind Turbines Aligned In A Row In Nevada

Image credits: blazecapt24

#24 A Cornucopia Of Mushrooms

Image credits: Boojibs

#25 This Sashimi Roll!

Image credits: AgeanAir

#26 This House On A Lake

Image credits: RampChurch

#27 Stacked Slabs Of Snow

Image credits: dittidot

#28 This Lawn Is Every Suburban Dad’s Dream

Image credits: Celt9782

#29 River Of Flowers, Netherlands

Image credits: MTPokitz

#30 Countless Hours Of Wind Moved The Chains To Get This Piece Of Art.

Image credits: Richicash

#31 Mother Nature Slowly Reclaiming The Land, Disappearing Train Tracks.

Image credits: Fluid-Daydreamer

#32 I See Your Cold Front From The Air, I Raise You A View Of A Cold Front From The Road!

Image credits: Adiaz11

#33 The Way Mom’s Key Lime Pie Came Out The Oven

Image credits: jessiquita1216

#34 This Is How You Handle A Broken Vase That Meant The World To You.

Image credits: Ellekm730

#35 When Constant Winds And Ice Meet A Fence.

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#36 The Colors And Lines

Image credits: tobago_88

#37 Got My Moderna Vaccine. When I Got Home I Noticed The Perfect Placement By The Pharmacist. Got Us Both With One Shot

Image credits: apey1010

#38 My Reorganized Bookcases! Took About 4 Hours But I Think It Was Worth It!

Image credits: JenellesNextHusband

#39 Old Trunks And Suitcases On Custom Shelves Are A Cool Storage Solution

Image credits: sayknow

#40 So Beautiful! Cool And Warm Colors In Harmony

Image credits: yoyome85

#41 A Little Slice Of The Sea – Drawn In Pencil

Image credits: AKinderSea

#42 Making A Mosaic With Autumn Leaves

Image credits: PorkyPain

#43 This Welding Job

Image credits: d3333p7

#44 Focaccia Bread Out Of The Oven, Per Request

Image credits: havkson

#45 I’m Finally Done Clearing Out My Depression Nest Of A Garage After Weeks Of Hard Work. I Donated 55 Trash Bags Full Of Stuff And Threw Away 12 Cubic Feet Of Garbage. I Can Park My Car In There For The First Time In A Year.

Image credits: Rosebudsi

#46 I Snapped This Pic Of A Subway Station In Toronto.

Image credits: nick_wons

#47 The Way These Wires Flow

Image credits: rosseepoo

#48 A Few People Said You Might Like My Pizza Dough

Image credits: jimblenikrap

#49 My Community Just Applied A New Seal Coat On The Pavement

Image credits: PM_ME_ASSES

#50 Victorian Townhouses In Boston, Massachusetts

Image credits: unloadedquake

#51 The Way The Snow Rolled Down On My Windshield

Image credits: sigmar_ernir

#52 Camouflage Master

Image credits: GraveBreath

#53 Street Art By Artist David Zinn

Image credits: Raymands

#54 Unusable Pool Transformed Into Looking Like New

Image credits: mrwhitedynamite

#55 Seems Like A Good Time To Finally Show Off The Spice Rack I Built

Image credits: StickyMustache

#56 Black On Black Vw Bus

Image credits: d3333p7

#57 Perfect Watertight Seal

Image credits: aloofloofah

#58 The Way This Arch Resembles A Light Bulb

Image credits: Palifaith

#59 Sharing This Coffee I Made This Morning 🙂

Image credits: bad-assed

#60 Wintry Layers Of The Sea Of Japan Shoreline

Image credits: beersjob

#61 Beach Candy (Sea Rocks)

Image credits: feelingood41

#62 Stunning And Absolutely Symmetrical Henna Wedding Design.

Image credits: Fluid-Daydreamer

#63 Shades Of Blue Highlight This San Francisco Victorian Home

Image credits: d3333p7

#64 Was Able To Flip These Brownies Out Flawlessly

Image credits: BrittBratBrute

#65 This Hydrangea Bush

Image credits: lukasshannon

#66 This Plant I Saw

Image credits: hobnobbered

#67 Hardwood Spiral Staircase

Image credits: d3333p7

#68 Saw This Flower On My Run This Morning! Had To Share

Image credits: Sparklesthehost

#69 PC With A Stained Glass Window

Image credits: d3333p7

#70 GF’s Aunt’s Dog Has A Perfect Circle In His Fur

Image credits: dog-chicken

#71 I Painted A City

Image credits: JoshByer

#72 Quite Possibly The Most Beautiful Loaf Of Bread I’ve Ever Made.

Image credits: Fuquois

#73 Huge Chunk Of Aloe Vera …

Image credits: GroundbreakingSet187

#74 Just Finished Giving My Lawn A Haircut

Image credits: helloitsmebish

#75 I Hear You People Like Cabinets

Image credits: devcmacd

#76 This Perfect Flan

Image credits: tobago_88

#77 Perfectly Cut Logs To Make A Sphere.

Image credits: JuiceyLife

#78 The Way Acoustic Bass Trap Foam Is Packaged

Image credits: Draculus

#79 The Arrangement Of These Bubbles Looks Like Europe And Asia

Image credits: Stockilytake

#80 Satistfying Alignment..

Image credits: amy2kim22

#81 Matsumoto Castle On A Winter Night, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

Image credits: unloadedquake

#82 Before And After Cleaning An Old Oven. Pretty Sure The Previous Renters Never Cleaned It.

Image credits: kinoko_noyama

#83 I Was Asked To Remove The Ex Wife As This Was The Only Nice Photo They Had With Their Grandparents

Image credits: bloody_good_photos

#84 My Polymerclay Cherry

Image credits: Madlenart

#85 With The Help Of Reddit I Got Alaska!

Image credits: RedMirricat

#86 This Rug, Based On A Scene From The Classic Cartoon Tom And Jerry

Image credits: TDRichie

#87 “Nobody Can Sees Me”

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#88 When Your Daughter Accidentally Breaks A Mug… Symmetrically.

Image credits: TheBellJarHymnal

#89 This Boiled Egg That Came Out Looking Like An Astronaut Waving Their Arm

Image credits: Pazluz

#90 My Cake I Just Popped Out Of The Cake Tin Did Not Break At All. Feels Good!

Image credits: RealMeggarra

#91 Built-In Cable Management On The Back Of My TV.

Image credits: reddit.com

#92 La Plata, Argentina. One Of The Best Planned Cities Built In The World.

Image credits: carlosabia

#93 Since You Guys Showed Me Support With My Ice Cream Zone Organization, Here Is My Hard Effort At Eggs And Cream Cheeses! Enjoy!

Image credits: The_NewArchitect

#94 This Hand Sanitizer With Absolutely No Bubbles In It

Image credits: 1saltymf

#95 These Vacuum Packed Bean Bricks At The Supermarket

Image credits: Tabdelineated

#96 This Hair Tie Stuck In My Shoe Tread

Image credits: Hglucky13

#97 Organized Fruity Pebbles

Image credits: bartarton

Source: boredpanda.com

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