97 Parents Who Went Too Far And Got Shamed For It (New Pics)

Sometimes parents want to be ‘relatable’ and ‘cool’, so they use meme references and words like ‘lit’ but these things don’t cut it. All these desperate attempts do is just embarrass their kids. However, if they try something really ridiculous, it brings them even more shame. They end up on the subreddit /r/InsaneParents.

The online community describes itself as “a weird place where you can post those crazy parents who post in those woo-woo anti-vax groups on Facebook and do things harmful (directly and indirectly) to their children. We want to be a place where people can come and both get support and laugh. So this sub is a mixture of both the heartbreaking and the hilarious. Come and join us. Especially if you have your own stories to tell or your own social media content to post.” Below you will find some of their most popular posts.

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#1 I Feel Like This Applies A Lot For The Parents On Here

Image credits: Mehtiman

#2 My Mother Dearest, Whom My Sister And I Just Let Back Into Our Lives, Talking To My Sister About Her Daughter (My Niece). Behold The Kind Of Person She Is

Image credits: catamaranbatman

#3 Hypocritical, Awful And Abusive

Image credits: Enoshima__Junko

#4 Never Thought My Mom Was That Insane But I Guess Jesus Is Anti-Metal Straw. Sorry If It Doesn’t Seem Serious, I Can’t Take Anything Seriously

Image credits: aGamingAsian

#5 Insane Parents Destroy Their Child’s Art Tablet For… Not Getting Up On Time

Image credits: FoxWithGuitar

#6 Should’ve Stayed At Home

Image credits: bootangina

#7 Essential Oils Don’t Work

Image credits: Erodedragon18

#8 I Decided To Finally Go Vaccinated Behind My Anti-Vax Parent’s Back!

Image credits: tazijade

#9 Because His Kid Didn’t Do Homework?

Image credits: NemoHobbits

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#10 Father Tries To Say He Put Me Through College. My 1k Monthly Loan Payments Say Otherwise

Image credits: Bagelzaner

#11 An Insane Mom

Image credits: leasors

#12 Insane Parents

Image credits: Legende233

#13 Parents “React” To Their 6 Year Old’s Report Card For Views

Image credits: TaylorLorenz

#14 Check Mate, Religious Insane Parents

Image credits: BigKittyLiger

#15 Is Violence The Answer ? I Don’t Think So

Image credits: OffendedDishwasher

#16 Raised By Insane Parents Feels

Image credits: anonymous2222222222

#17 Lady Tries To Blame Vaccines After Her Son Contracts Hiv

Image credits: mynameisethan182

#18 I Definitely Hope I Can “Indoctrinate” My Children Into Believing In Human Rights

Image credits: WharfBlarg

#19 Abusing Child Support

Image credits: Tehcnalties

#20 Insane Parents

#21 My Dad Charges Me $300 A Month For Rent And Refuses To Let Me Move Out. After Spending The Weekend With My Boyfriend, I Received This

Image credits: strange_glitter

#22 Oh Yes They Will…

Image credits: 5uicidalxD

#23 Found It On Facebook

Image credits: Oofonlife

#24 Breaking A 7-Year-Old’s Heart On Christmas

Image credits: imgur.com

#25 This Was By Far The Worst Incident. I Was In 2nd Grade, 7-8 Years Old And Just Went Through Some Of The Worst Trauma Of My Life And My Mom Was More Worried About Going To Vegas Then My Health

Image credits: TheScarletJones

#26 My Mother Blamed Me For Her Suicidal Tendencies. I’m 15

Image credits: cabbagesoup_

#27 Idiot

Image credits: je_suis_un_negre

#28 Guilty Has Punished

Image credits: _arjun_raju_

#29 Imagine Being A Pos Who Not Only Pulls Their Kid Out Of School Due To Not Wanting To Vaccinate Him But Also Broadcast His Misery In An Attempt To Get People To Side With You…

Image credits: ccbabs97

#30 My Moms Response When I Came Out To Her. Haven’t Talked To Them For Two Weeks Now

Image credits: Cherrychemicals

#31 My Dad Has Been Convinced That Michelle Obama Is A Man For Years. I Love Him, But Wow

Image credits: glitterbatwings99

#32 I Don’t Understand How Scientology Came Into Play

Image credits: enigmaticbloke

#33 A Friend Of Mine Who’s 27 Years Old.

Image credits: kevvyjames

#34 Glad I Have A Good Relationship With My Parents

Image credits: MemeDaddy2345

#35 “A 5 Year Old Is Perfectly Capable Of Fending For Himself”

Image credits: yelloworange5

#36 Her Brother Died Of Measles, But She Still Won’t Vaccinate Her Child Against It

Image credits: JadedAyr

#37 I Didn’t Want To Give My Jehovah’s Witness Dad My Password Because I Was Texting A Girl And He Smashed It With An Axe And Then Beat Me. That Was 5 Years Ago And Today I’m Happily Living Together With That Girl.

Image credits: Calvinkelly

#38 Update: I’m Immunocompromised And My Mom Refused To Let Me Isolate. Now I Have The Coronavirus

Image credits: racingbarakarts

#39 The Nerve Of This Mom…

Image credits: TripleSilky

#40 My Mom Is Withholding My Unemployment And Took The Grant The Cares Act Gave Out To The Students (I’m Staying With A Friend Rn).

Image credits: Chronicsadd

#41 And Guess What She’d Have Blamed Her Son’s Autism On If She Did Vaccinate?

Image credits: JadedAyr

#42 The Irony

Image credits: reddit.com

#43 It Sure Is A Mystery

Image credits: squirreltrap

#44 Had To Repost Because Of Identifying Information. Anyways It’s Still A Repost

Image credits: Joesphy-Stalino

#45 Back At It Again With Another Veggie Insanity Photo!

Image credits: G_Merls

#46 This Guy Is 20 And In University.

Image credits: oiismymiddlename

#47 Found On Tiktok (This Was Not Posted In A Joking Way)

Image credits: slowbutsomehow

#48 Spare The Rod

Image credits: Seligas

#49 I’m The Bad Guy Now, Apparently, For Asking My Father To Make Sure His Whooping Cough Vaccine Is Up To Date Before He Snuggles Up To My Son Who Is Due Soon.

Image credits: peeekle

#50 My Fiance’s Mom When We First Started Dating

Image credits: imgur.com

#51 Using Your Daughter’s Entire College Fund To Pay For Your Crappy Pyramid Scheme Products.

Image credits: midgethepuff

#52 Got Shot In An Armed Robbery? Sounds Like A You Problem. In My Day We Just Died.

Image credits: LouanneLeannePlatter

#53 A Question That Came Into One Of My Local Radio Stations

Image credits: Wils53

#54 Found This On Ig. Poor Kid

Image credits: emdz67

#55 Jesus Take The Wheel

Image credits: lly44

#56 When Your Parent Goes On A Drunk Tirade And Destroys $2,000 Of Your Property…

Image credits: Domj87

#57 You Should Be Grateful ??

Image credits: twinkie_doodle

#58 Actual Disease Denial Or Pettiness?

Image credits: kpsdarlin

#59 I Was Taking A Test…

Image credits: CurtisPlays

#60 Just A Cold

Image credits: alkaliseraphine

#61 The Mother Steals And Sells Her Daughter’s Pet Snake While Her Daughter Was Out Of Town.

Image credits: JewelSFyrefox

#62 My Mom, 13 Minutes After I Asked Her To Stop Trying To Encourage My 78yr Old Grandmother To Go Out Without A Mask.

Image credits: TheBigGoon

#63 A Girl With Over 125k Followers Posted This

Image credits: n510

#64 Children Aren’t Slaves, Apologize When You’re Supposed To

Image credits: lol62056

#65 My 5yo Child Is Enrolling In School And They Say I Can’t Come And Breastfeed Him. I’m Being Discriminated Against!

Image credits: hilltophermit

#66 Anti-Vaxxers Holding Their Kids Medical Hostages.

Image credits: JadedAyr

#67 Mother Wants Daughter To Get Plastic Surgery Because “Ugly People Go Nowhere Nowadays” Link To Article In The Comments.

Image credits: spare_mittens

#68 She’s Literally Killing Her Son. This Page Is Full Of Insane Parents Thinking They Know More Than The Doctors.

Image credits: JSBach1995

#69 How Dare People Spend Their Own Money On Things?

Image credits: ASnoutAndASoop

#70 Wow, Passive Aggressive Much Mom?


#71 Very Normal Thing To Do With Your Dad

Image credits: GraveDiggerSedan

#72 No Poison For You, Sweetie. Just Meningitis.

Image credits: JadedAyr

#73 I Was Granted Emergency Custody Of My Daughter And This Was Her Mom’s Response When She Found Out.

Image credits: imgur.com

#74 Imagine Encouraging Or Even Allowing Your Children To Dress Up Like This On Halloween.

Image credits: imgur.com

#75 Idk If This Interaction With My Dad Counts

Image credits: drewpow

#76 My Mom Thinks Im On Drugs Because I Left The Toilet Seat Up And Got A C In One Class

Image credits: poizoni

#77 My Sister Is 1.5 Hours Away In The Start Of A Bad Storm, But That Clearly Doesn’t Matter

Image credits: sclout19

#78 I Literally Did All My Chores When I Was Asked And I Was Still Grounded, I Actually Can’t Anymore

Image credits: Spikey3699963

#79 Glad You’ll Have Fun, Clever Mom…

Image credits: Skuggles2

#80 27.7k People Believe This Is The Potato Drawing Out The Fever And Not Oxidizing… These Poor Kids.

Image credits: G_Merls

#81 Imagine Posting This And Being Proud Of The Anger That You Just Took Out On This Kid’s Form Of Entertainment.

Image credits: matth3w_ab

#82 Shared By My Dad… Who Encouraged My Older Sister To Kill Herself

Image credits: ArcherBTW

#83 My Dad Thinks He Is Entitled To My Money (Which I Don’t Have Much Of) Because “It’s Christmas”

Image credits: BlueJaywalkers

#84 I Was Getting Strep Throat, My Dad Was 2 Hours Away At His Girlfriends House, He Refused To Take Me To The Doctor (Im 17 And Cant Take Myself) And Was Teasing Me, This Is A Message From His Girlfriend, I Drove 4 Hours To My Moms House So I Could Go To The Doctor.

Image credits: QuinnTrumplet

#85 My Mom’s Reaction When I Sent Her A Picture From A Post On This Sub

Image credits: nidiot101

#86 Crack Is Healthier Than Vaccines

Image credits: Smallant55

#87 I Go Through This Almost Every Week

Image credits: TheNotSeeingEye

#88 I Just Want To Cry And Scream At This Point

Image credits: tacocravr

#89 I Was Kidnapped By My Mom And My Life Was Hell For 2 Years Because She Was A Shitty Parent And Lost Custody Of Us

Image credits: the_other_day_ago

#90 Stop Talking About Your Children’s Genitalia, You Weird Bastard

Image credits: VampireQueenDespair

#91 My Friend Just Sent Me This. Her Stepmom Took Her Stepsister To Get Food Without Her, And Then When She Went To Go Get Food By Herself She Grounded Her.

Image credits: EE_33

#92 I, Bi And Closeted To My Family, Went To New York With My Boyfriend And My Mother Had Some Concerns.

Image credits: DutchPizzaOven

#93 Insane Parents

#94 No, There’s No Literature. The Nurse Just Wants Your Child To Survive.

Image credits: daninger4995

#95 So This What I Have To Endure Through This Pandemic. Not Sure Which Is Worst…. And Yah She’s An Anti-Vaxx…

Image credits: slome5467

#96 This Stuff Messes Kids Up

Image credits: PhoenixFlamebird

#97 I Refuse To Believe Anyone Can Be This Brainless.

Image credits: k1410407

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