98 Evil Black Friday Marketing Techniques That Businesses Hope People Won’t Notice

For those who wonder what the world would look like with no rules, there’s nothing quite like a Black Friday bargain hunt to paint the picture. The occasion that’s meant to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season is notorious for turning into the most drama-filled spectacle of the year. After all, it comes with its own ridiculous situations where outrageous sales freak out the already frenzied buyers who can’t help but take everything to the next level. I mean, who doesn’t love a “door-busting” deal?

However, the customers aren’t the only ones going into Black Friday with an insatiable appetite for steals. Businesses also know that the game is on. And they go way out of their way to make us believe we’re winning when, in fact, we’re not.

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To show you what we mean, we at Bored Panda have gathered some of the most infuriating examples of companies manipulating, deceiving, and downright scamming customers with Black Friday deals. From price increases to less-than-good “discounts,” scroll down to see some of the most infuriating attempts businesses try to part people with their hard-earned money. Be sure to upvote the most absurd examples and share your own experiences in the comments!

#1 This Black Friday Sale Didn’t Do A Good Job Of Hiding Their Price Increase

Image credits: Nurrsha

#2 Black Friday Is This Price Tag But Nationwide

Image credits: ChrisMess

#3 This Shows Up On Almost Every Product I Checked On Amazon Black Friday Deal. They Raked Up The Price In September In Preparation For Fake Discounts This November

Image credits: Scarrazaar

#4 Black Friday Deals: Meanwhile, In Canada

Image credits: s9ix

#5 Black Friday vs. Sinsay

Image credits: holybrekker

#6 Mom Found This Incredible Black Friday Deal

Image credits: NotPerryThePlatypus

#7 I Knew The Original Prices Were Increased For Black Friday

Image credits: elforastero

#8 Old Navy Marks Up Before 50% Black Friday Sale

Image credits: Rannelbrad

#9 Biggest Deals Ever

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Image credits: DarkRainLife

#10 Why I Hate “Black Friday Deals”

Image credits: MuffleMuch

#11 The Best Black Friday Deal So Far

Image credits: nmcbeast

#12 How Black Friday Deals Work

Image credits: Jayvie97

#13 Lamp I Was Planning To Buy On Wayfair. $25 A Month Ago, $47 On Black Friday

Image credits: CrudeAsAButton

#14 Black Friday Sale? 20% Off At Under Armor Outlet On Item Marked Up More Than Typical Price

Image credits: minnesota-terp

#15 As Black Friday Looms, Curry’s Seem To Have Begun Inflating Their Prices Just To Drop Them. These Photos Are Taken 4 Days Apart, And It Wasn’t In The Sale

Image credits: JumboSnausage

#16 I Finally Got It With The Black Friday. It’s Really A Great Thing For Amazon. Price 2 Weeks Ago vs. Price In “Black Friday Week”

Image credits: ChriTraeumer

#17 There Was An Attempt To Have A Black Friday Sale

Image credits: TheUconvict

#18 Here Is Why Black Friday Is A Joke. 20% Off Everything At American Eagle. Oh What’s Underneath This Sticker Here

Image credits: FusionZ06

#19 I Took A Screenshot Of A TV I Wanted So I Could Check Back During Black Friday And See If It Went On Sale. It’s The Same Price But Amazon Marked It As A “Black Friday Deal”

Image credits: WatAb0utB0b

#20 Best Buy Not Adding Properly. Watch Your Black Friday Charges

Image credits: treeblockbreaker

#21 This Is Black Friday Everyone

Image credits: malyfsborin88

#22 Putting A Ridiculous Markup On Your Cheap Headphones To Bring Them To The Top Of Early Black Friday Deals On Amazon

Image credits: Silky_Nipples

#23 The Black Friday Deals Are Back

Image credits: DabFknStep

#24 Black Friday Sale

Image credits: JimRazor

#25 This Epic Black Friday Deal We Just Spotted At Target! Get Theem While They Last

Image credits: Crystalize111

#26 Black Friday Small Text

Image credits: MikeAFK

#27 Bestbuy Really Cracking Out The Best Deals For Black Friday

Image credits: HimalayanJoe

#28 Found This Leading Up To Black Friday

Image credits: astrocm14

#29 These Black Friday Sales Are Just Too Good To Pass Up

Image credits: SirBordeaux

#30 Raising The Product’s Default Price For One Day Just To Make The Old Price Seem Like A Bargain. Typical Black Friday Trick

Image credits: dntdrvr

#31 Us Brits Don’t Really Get Black Friday

Image credits: rob_gfy

#32 These Black Friday Deals Look Nice Boys

Image credits: Tj_Diamond

#33 This Black Friday “Deal” I Noticed On Amazon

Image credits: timmykluxx

#34 These Great Black Friday “Savings”

Image credits: NeroCaesar1

#35 Canadian Walmart Doesn’t Quite Understand How Black Friday Works

Image credits: smrto0

#36 This Black Friday Sale For 5 Cents Off

Image credits: LordBruce

#37 Black Friday Deals Yeah?

Image credits: topolsek123

#38 These Black Friday Sales Are A Steal

Image credits: penholdr

#39 Black Friday Deal Of The Century

Image credits: fearthelettuce

#40 Best Black Friday Deal Ever

Image credits: Vertikill

#41 If You Buy Things From Yesstyle, Be Careful Of These “Sales.” The Price Of This Sweater Increased For Black Friday

Image credits: Yonipo

#42 Black Friday Special

Image credits: RandomFlotsam

#43 Crazy Black Friday Sale

Image credits: daarthVapor

#44 There Was An Attempt To Save On Black Friday

Image credits: skunkworx44

#45 75% Of The Black Friday “Deals” In The Email I Got Aren’t Even Deals

Image credits: spugg0

#46 There Was An Attempt To Participate In Black Friday

Image credits: LetMeParkTheBus16

#47 A “Black Friday” Sale

Image credits: ChargeCarriers

#48 Best Black Friday Deal I Have Seen

Image credits: bobishappy123

#49 This Little Bargain I Picked Up In The Black Friday Sales

Image credits: tomthecool

#50 I Can’t Resist A Great Deal. Damn You Black Friday

Image credits: Nightowl510

#51 Media Markt Increased The Price Of An Air Purifier By 400zł ($87) Before The Black Friday

Image credits: Bodzio1981

#52 November 11th vs. November 18th. Nice Black Friday

Image credits: soniuzzza

#53 Gamestop Is Not So Sure How You’re Supposed To Cut Prices For Black Friday

Image credits: Shakakkan

#54 Great Deal On Nintendo Switches This Black Friday

Image credits: applejackrr

#55 Two Vastly Different Prices And Both Starts On The Same Day

Image credits: ricket026

#56 Amazing Black Friday Deal

Image credits: tlitlitli

#57 2018 Black Friday Was The Best Year I’ve Experienced

Image credits: Chump-tb

#58 This Black Friday Deal

Image credits: FoolishAthena

#59 Walmart Black Friday Is A Joke

Image credits: ChickenReasonable393

#60 Xbox Black Friday In Canada

Image credits: vrnate

#61 Rising Prices Ready For The Amazing Black Friday Deals

Image credits: quidgame

#62 Black Friday Deal

Image credits: AcidicSuperSam

#63 These Black Friday Weekend Deals Are Getting Out Of Hand

Image credits: jazz580

#64 I’m A Prime Member, Grateful For The Early Black Friday Deals

Image credits: t_11

#65 Great Deal For Black Friday

Image credits: luke23rockw

#66 What A Deal! Love That Black Friday Special

Image credits: fish-swish

#67 This Black Friday “Discount”

Image credits: fwufeeofdarkness

#68 Black Friday Deals Get Crazier Every Year

Image credits: the_newspaper_taxi

#69 Price Before Black Friday vs. Price On Black Friday

Image credits: mcdofras

#70 Sweden During Black Friday

Image credits: daniel_ekenberg

#71 The Black Friday Deals Are Starting

Image credits: netlesswar

#72 This Black Friday Is Super Lit

Image credits: Freddie83

#73 This Discount I Came Across While Black Friday Shopping

Image credits: hotdogsandbeer

#74 Pre-Black Friday Sales At Tesco, Grape Bargain

Image credits: goldsilvy

#75 This Great Deal During Black Friday Sale! Saved A Penny

Image credits: Mycaela7

#76 Living Spaces Arrowmask Couch – $695 In 2020 > $795 In 2021 > Black Friday Sale For $995

Image credits: iHateEveryoneAMA

#77 Went Black Friday Shopping To Find They Marked The Price Up Instead Of Down

Image credits: anicetaseeya

#78 Special Black Friday Deal

Image credits: dimonoid123

#79 I Had Stuff In My Cart For Black Friday Sale (50% Sitewide). My Cart Is Like $10 Less Cause They Just Marked Up The Original Price. This Jumpsuit Was Not $65, It’s Always Been $30

Image credits: xobrighteyess

#80 They Raised The Price To Make It Look Like They Had A Cheaper Product For Black Friday

Image credits: kurtstir

#81 Everything Is 30% Off For Black Friday! Except What Isn’t

Image credits: breakerboy321

#82 To Discount Nordstrom Shoes On Black Friday

Image credits: MehtaWP_

#83 Exhibit Of How Black Friday Is A Scam. Two Days Ago, This Dress Was $79.99, And Now It’s $89.99

Image credits: alysia_nicoleee

#84 Walmart Falsely Puts A Different Original Price Tag On A Black Friday Deal. The Headset Is Originally $60, Not $80

Image credits: MrStealKiller

#85 Amazon’s Black Friday Deal For Shadow Of The Colossus Gives You A $3.98 Discount, Only To Turn That Exact Amount Into The Shipping Cost

Image credits: Tiny_Tinny

#86 Not Only Did They Increase The Free Shipping Price To $150 For Black Friday, They Also Charge You $10 More When You Use Their 25% Discount Code

Image credits: NoobLearningPolitics

#87 Lulu’s Black Friday Deals Are No Deal At All

Image credits: r0undOr0und

#88 This Is The Biggest Black Friday Scam I’ve Seen

Image credits: bregottextrasaltat

#89 PCloud’s Exclusive 75% Off Black Friday Sale vs. Their Usual Storefront

Image credits: GiovanH

#90 Black Friday Blowout At Menards

Image credits: Monksdrunk

#91 Normal Price On The First Frame (×2 Lights) At R129 Each vs. Black Friday Early Access Price At R139 Each Second Frame Takealot Who Is Fooling Who?

Image credits: ernestmaphosa

#92 Check Out These Huge Black Friday Sales

Image credits: ItsUrPalAl

#93 Website I Bought From Set All Their Shirts To 9,90€ For Black Friday

Image credits: vappywave

#94 Huge, Tremendous Discount On Black Friday

Image credits: -bitchpudding-

#95 Very Creative With Black Friday Deals

Image credits: TheChiefofReddit

#96 Looks Like The Micro Center Is Guilty Of The Black Friday Bs Brigade. Normal Pricing At The End Of October vs. Black Friday Pricing

Image credits: danz409

#97 Black Friday Is A Scam

Image credits: Adam_Pro

#98 A Friend Showed Me This. That Store Has Some Pretty Interesting Sales For Black Friday

Image credits: AlFasGD

Source: boredpanda.com

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