98 Influencers That Were So Out Of Touch, They Deserved To Get Shamed Online

Whether we like it or not, there’s a pretty high volume of influencer content on our social media feeds. Think of morning selfies, evening dinners, live videos, countless stories — we’re bombarded with their experiences and ideas they often disguise as ads. So let’s just put it out there, this whole influencer culture has gotten a bit out of control.

You see, some internet celebrities go out of their way to get more likes, followers, and attention, only to unintentionally reveal their entitled personalities. Luckily, there are plenty of people online ready to expose their ridiculous behaviors. Enter the Choosing Beggars subreddit, a community dedicated to “posting screenshots, pictures, or stories of people who are being way too picky when begging for things.”

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Bored Panda has selected some of the best posts of influencers asking to get stuff for free and rightfully getting shamed for it online. Continue scrolling and upvote your favorites as you go! And if you’re in the mood for some more Choosing Beggars goodness, check out our previous posts right here, here, and here.

#1 My Mum Is An Artificial Florist And Had An ‘Influencer’ With 70k Followers Ask For Free Wedding Flowers For Exposure.

Image credits: PepperBundle

#2 I Took Some Advice That Were Given After Posting The Conversation I Had With A Tiktok “Influencer” Yesterday. This Is What The First Person I Made The Offer To Said.

Image credits: dakotaraptors

#3 My Friend Got Shorted By A Pretty Major Influencer

Image credits: The_amazingluke

#4 Large “Influencer” Wants Free Clothing From My Small Brand

Image credits: Popspoopsock

#5 Yelper Gives A Pizzeria 1 Star Because They Wouldn’t Give Her A Discount Even Though She’s An Influencer

Image credits: UncreativeTeam

#6 Yeah I Need Exposure, But Not This Way, Also I Think The Amount Of Emojis He Used Is Scary

Image credits: just-anothrr-furry

#7 They’re Back

Image credits: johnlethlean

#8 Influencer In Banggood

Image credits: aura9330

#9 Instagram “Influencer” Want People To Work On Their Startup For 3 Months, Full Time (9-5) On Site Job With No Pay And No Leaves. Oh And Also ‘I’m Gonna Be Incredibly Hard On You.’

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Image credits: aftabtaimoor61

#10 I Think You Need An Actual Influence Before You Can Have Free Stuff

Image credits: D33T33

#11 Influencer Asks For Free Meals In Exchange For Reviews And Exposure, Gets Called Out By Restaurant

Image credits: westcoastcdn19

#12 Influencer Wants Free Food Because Her Staff Is On Leave.

Image credits: maruperu

#13 An ‘Influencer’ I Know

Image credits: Xenic1000

#14 If You Give Me Your Products For Free, I Will Write Good Reviews Because I’m A Social Media Influencer (This Person Wrote That Instead Of An Actual Review. They Thought The Review Section Is Where You Can Solicit Business)

Image credits: Nunyabz7

#15 Local 15 Year Old “Tik Tok Influencer” Wants A Free Pair Of Hand Painted Customized Air Force 1s?? I’ve Been Waiting For This Moment!!

Image credits: erinthefatcat

#16 Ig Influencer Wants To “Collaborate” W A Surgeon And Get Her Implants Removed After Being Told It Would Cost Her Money. Even Says Her Exposure Will Pay For The Money She Doesn’t Pay

Image credits: barkev

#17 ”influencer” Keeps Playing The Victim & Begging For Money, Refuses To Get A Job

Image credits: FourHecks

#18 New Zealander Tired Of “Influencers” Bs.

Image credits: ReyAborealis

#19 My Friend Who Is About To Start A Business Got This Today From Influencer Who Wants Her To Send Clothing For Free To Post On Ig To Promote. She Will Be Selling The Sarees-It’s A Traditional Indian Outfit. Prices Are $250-$400 Per Saree For Context.

Image credits: SkyeoMalley

#20 “Influencers” If Words Had Punchable Faces, That One Would Be The Most Punchable!

Image credits: vanteal

#21 “Influencer” Wanted Free Tickets To A Charity Event

Image credits: CuratoroftheArts

#22 Another “Influencer” Who Fits Right In

Image credits: OfficerToast

#23 “Influencer” Wants A Brand New Leather Jacket But 10% Off Isn’t Good Enough

Image credits: wasteland-soul

#24 “Influencer” With 2k Followers Wants Me To Send Her My Product For Free!

Image credits: rzotten

#25 Kenyan Influencer On Why She Deserves Free Things

Image credits: gk1400

#26 Social Media “Influencer” I Somewhat Know Sent Out A Bunch Of $5 Venmo Requests Saying “Plz Help” And Plays If Off As A Joke. I Think This Is So Trashy… Am I The Asshole Here? Would This Be Considered A Funny Joke To You?

Image credits: Kylekyky

#27 Influencer Asking For A Free Mega Yatch To Shoot Their Video

Image credits: ScarletDevi69

#28 Can We Discount Her From Being A Credible Influencer?

Image credits: PhenomenalPancake

#29 Model Tries To Get Free Drawing From Me For Exposure. Have I Become A Real Artist Now That Someone Wants Free Art From Me?

Image credits: Cjessica769

#30 Instagram Influencers Offer The Best Incentives To Work For Them!

Image credits: bonjourmarlene

#31 A Beauty Influencer Posted Screenshots Of Her Demanding Pr For A $17 Eyeshadow Palette In An Attempt To Shame An Indie Brand, Instead She Just Came Across As Catty And Childish

Image credits: saareadaar

#32 “Popular Influencer” Asks If Someone Is Willing To Build The 2nd Floor Of His For Free, In Exchange For Exposure

Image credits: Yakibi

#33 These Influencers Don’t Realize That Restaurants Are Struggling. Real Solid Response From @demitrisfeast #repost #couscousforcomment #couscousforcomments

Image credits: couscousforcomments

#34 Influencer With Massive Global Following Trying To Get A Free Private Jet Flight

Image credits: execjet

#35 “I’m An Influencer, Give Me Free Stuff”

Image credits: nectarbeats

#36 Fan Criticizes Influencer’s Personal (Not Sponsored) Giveaway

Image credits: chunkyyetfunky25

#37 “Influencers” Need Not Apply To This Art Hotel In Kyoto

Image credits: drunkbettie

#38 Equivalent To Instagram Influencer Asking Free Food For Review. Devs Worked For Months Even Years For The Game.

Image credits: kpop_glory

#39 Suggested Ad Influencing The Exposure Lifestyle

Image credits: HGRise

#40 Redneck Influencer Wants Free Concrete Work

Image credits: FenBlacach

#41 Okay This One’s A Bit Different. A Small Business Reached Out And Offered Them Free Food And They Rebuted It And Wanted To Charge A Large Fee Because U Have That Many Followers Lol And The Best Part Is This Kid Has A “Manager” That Books Him Restaurant Rd Lmaooo #couscousforcomment #couscousforcomments

Image credits: couscousforcomments

#42 Self-Proclaimed Reality “Star” And Influencer Is Now Taking Applications For Another All-Expense Paid Trip Abroad For Her And Her Girlfriends. Must Include Makeup Artist.

Image credits: CookinUpKarma

#43 One Approach #couscousforcomment

Image credits: johnlethlean

#44 So This Is A Thing Now ? I’m Sorry, I Don’t Care. I Also Don’t Care To Pay. Even If You Have 100k Followers .this Was A Dm From An Account That Shares Design Posts Of Others ( That’s It, Easy Money ) And Just Recently I Was Encouraged To Submit A Photo To Another Feed, A Renowned Food Photography Awards Site. But Here’s The Monetary Catch For This One Too. This One Particularly Amusing. In My Book.you Have To Pay To Be Featured ( And Then There Is The Opportunity To Be Granted One Of Their So Called Prestigious Awards. Oh Please. What’s More.. You Would Think That A Site Like This Would Have A Reputable Photographer Or Creative Team Would Be Behind It. Yes ? I Mean They Should Understand What They Are Looking At Right ? But No. In Fact No One Knows Who They Are. I’ve Even Asked Nicely. Emails Fall On Deaf Ears. In Addition, Pathetic, As I’m A Stylist And Not A Photographer( Well, Not Yet ) …?mmm) What People Do To Get Noticed? And Guarantee 200- 300 New Followers. It Is Amazing They Didn’t Add ‘Authentic ‘ In There As Well. Instagram Has Removed Likes, This Is Good. So We Can Just Concentrate On Sharing, Not Validation.maybe They Can Remove These Accounts Too. Smells Like Predator To Me. Featuring The Beautiful Work Of Others Whilst Cashing In. Not #couscousforcomment But Just As Bad. What Do You Think ? #nohawkersplease

Image credits: lyndelmiller_stylist

#45 Had A Message From @secreteatsmelbourne Offering This Unbeatable Opportunity? We Know Several Who Have. Tell Em They’re Dreaming’ #couscousforcomment

Image credits: johnlethlean

#46 Insta ‘Influencers’ Asking For Free Custom Made Cakes (Article Below)

Image credits: Sno_Jon

#47 Wannabe Influencers Abuse Generosity Of International Volunteer Program’s Free Food & Housing #blessed

Image credits: cowgirrl3

#48 D Grade Reality Cook Tries To Offer Exposure To Award Winning Restaurant

Image credits: thetempest22

#49 Influencers Are The Worst Choosing Beggars

Image credits: jbosch2

#50 Influencer Wants Personal Song Written Plus One Hour Set At Wedding For Free

Image credits: definitelymaybe22

#51 “Exposure Doesn’t Pay The Bills, My Guy”

Image credits: rafasgjhdi

#52 Actual Quote From An Influencer Who Wanted Me To Address 250 Wedding Invites And Save The Date Cards. If It’s “Just Writing” Surely You Can Do It Yourself ?

Image credits: MyOwnGuitarHero

#53 Choosing Influencer™ Wants A Free Meal

Image credits: reddit.com

#54 Influencers Have Been Around At Least Since 1937, When Agatha Christie Wrote About Just Such A One In Death On The Nile.

Image credits: ReadDon

#55 Fed Up Of “Influencers”. “I’m Happy To Pay For Shipping And Do As Many Posts As You Want”…..quickly Changes To “It’s Takes Time And Effort To Make Posts”. Yeah Well It Takes Time And Effort To Make Our Product Too

Image credits: regan201937

#56 Tiktok Influencer Can’t Afford Shampoo From A Startup

Image credits: SamtheMan898

#57 Tiktok Influencer Who Live In An NYC Luxury Apartment Wants Free Labor

Image credits: reddit.com

#58 Influencer Wants To Collaborate For Her Wedding And Gets Called Out By The Designer.

Image credits: sassy_potter

#59 Tiktok Compilation Channel Openly Trying To Get Free Work From Me Because Theyre “A Huge Social Media Influencer”

Image credits: deggybean

#60 Bachelorette Contestant Wants Free Rent To Be “Live-In Influencer”

Image credits: Chalupa_Dad

#61 So, I Make Clothes And This Dude Really Wanted Them For Free So This Is What Happened (Mind You This Guy Was By No Means An Influencer And Had No More Than 100 Followers, Which Unfortunately Matters In This Case.

Image credits: burntheclothes

#62 I Thought This Would Stop After Covid-19 But Influencers Are Still Trying To Scab Free Things From Bars & Restaurants.

Image credits: lamesjorimer

#63 Last Message Sent Translation: It’s Too Expensive, I’m An Influencer I Can Shout You Out. That Drawing Is Easy

Image credits: stupididiot666

#64 Influencers During A Pandemic

Image credits: ohhmygodfrey

#65 This Insta “Influencer” Has A Series Of Sold Out Talks And Wants Free Photography And Videography Services.

Image credits: RipsAVanStinkle

#66 Choosing Beggar Is A “Micro Influencer” Who Will Pay You When She Gets Endorsed

Image credits: pesky_oncogene

#67 Social Media Influencer Will Give Us Credit At Least.

Image credits: lazycjriots

#68 Influencer Asking For Windows And Doors In Return For Exposure

Image credits: Ju5tJadie

#69 Brand New Ebay Account Claiming To Be “Youtube Influencer” And Trying To Get A Free/Discounted Drone From Me

Image credits: Informalwig82

#70 This Happened To My Friend; A Dm From An “Instagram Influencer” Asking For Free Cookies To Review (White Box Is Translation)

Image credits: matrixdune

#71 Angry Influencer Responds To White Banana

Image credits: pisaradotme

#72 Kenyan Influencer Gives Back

Image credits: geekstinct

#73 “Influencer” Upset Our Tiny Business Didn’t Send A Freebie In A Timely Manner.

Image credits: javery56

#74 The Influencers Have Shifted To Ebay Because Nobody Else Is Falling For Their Shit.

Image credits: lionheart724

#75 #instascammers @pink.lem #couscousforcomment #redacted ?

Image credits: russellblaikie

#76 This Girl Wants A Free Bday Party In Exchange For Some Social Media Exposure Lol. She Can’t Afford To Pay For Her Own Party #couscousforcomment #couscousforcomments

Image credits: couscousforcomments

#77 Game Dev Sends A Review Code To A Cb Influencer.

Image credits: Kiwin86

#78 Lol Not Only Is This Person Asking For Free Food, They Want The Chefs To Make Something Not Even On The Menu!!! Go Make Your Own Quail And Rabbit Lol #couscousforcomment #commentoftheyear #couscousforcomments

Image credits: couscousforcomments

#79 Asks Influencer For Free Dog On Facebook. Then Tells Me To Mind My Business After Her Public Plea.

Image credits: titdirt2020

#80 Here We Go….. I’m A “Bully”

Image credits: johnlethlean

#81 I Just Can’t Resist Sharing #couscousforcomment

Image credits: johnlethlean

#82 Wow Huge Influencer With A Huge 195 Views On Youtube

Image credits: GojiraHasBFG

#83 Hahaha This Is The Best Response Ever. She Only Has 5k Followers And Ways To Way For Free ?? #couscousforcomment #couscousforcomments #shame

Image credits: couscousforcomments

#84 Entitled Influencer

Image credits: Sunnybunny420

#85 I Sell Spaghetti Themed Merchandise On Pinterest And Some Cb Wanted Me To Pay For Social Influence.

Image credits: BearFluffy

#86 Co-Intern Had To Answer A Text. What Next? Doctor Is Gonna Operate For Exposure?

Image credits: snortcokeeveryday

#87 Trying To Pay For A 40k Medical Procedure Using Influence With People In The Comments Thinking This Is Justified And Reasonable.

Image credits: VeryVery_Sad

#88 Yeah, I Know What I Think @itsjohnnymagz #couscousforcomment

Image credits: johnlethlean

#89 Absolute Gold @fourlegs_ldn Read It All. #couscousforcomment

Image credits: johnlethlean

#90 @johnlethlean @afropunkoz Need Some Advice Here Guys. Sounds Like A Great Opportunity #couscousforcomment

Image credits: farine_sourdough_bali

#91 Hahah John You Are Awesome !!! More Begging For Free Shit #couscousforcomment #couscousforcomments

Image credits: couscousforcomments

#92 “Influencer” Who Has Starred On/Made $$$ From At Least 3 High Profile Reality Shows Asking For Major House Renovations In Return For Likes…

Image credits: RJD0177

#93 Instagram “Influencer” Mad At How “Cheap” A Prize Is

Image credits: Chanzy94

#94 Ok This One Isn’t Bad. They Were Both Pretty Nice But Still These Influencers Are Expecting All This Free Shit #couscousforcomment #couscousforcommentfrontfoot #couscousforcomments

Image credits: couscousforcomments

#95 Here’s An Example Of Tiny Accounts Trying To Get Free Food.

#couscousforcomment #couscousforcomments

Image credits: couscousforcomments

#96 A Lovely Response To A Request By @brisbaneweekender For #couscousforcomment Whoever @brisbaneweekender Might Be. Begging Bowl Of Entitlement. Rise Up, Restaurateurs Of Australia, And Shut This Shit Down.

Image credits: johnlethlean

#97 Hey @jaymibunn You Barely Have Followers And Want To Get Free Shit. Go Buy The Product And Review It On Your Own. Out Here Begging Companies For Shit. #couscousforcomment #couscousforcomments

Image credits: couscousforcomments

#98 #repost Now People Are Asking For Free Vacation Rentals ? #couscousforcomment #couscousforcomments

Image credits: couscousforcomments

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