98 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Still Have Time To Make

As much as we’re looking forward to Halloween, we also understand that every once in a while, time just slips through your fingers and you end up on the eve of October 31 without a single clue about what kind of outfit to wear. But panic not, as Yoda would say.

We at Bored Panda put together a killer list of the best last-minute Halloween costume ideas. From the classic ghost to the upside-down man, you should be able to DIY these fun looks with limited resources in just a flash. Or two. Continue scrolling and check them out!

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#1 My Friend’s Simply Brilliant Costume

Image credits: kokvlad

#2 Happy Halloween! This Is Fine

Image credits: ripplesinthewater

#3 My Buddy’s Super Lazy Halloween Costume

Image credits: modern_messiah43

#4 Nudist On Strike

Image credits: KayKatastr0phe

#5 “Yes, I Have Seen The Memes.” Sometimes I Convince People I Am Normal, And Then I Do Things Such As This

Image credits: kazthequeenofglitter

#6 Need To Go To A Batman Themed Dress-Up Party On A Budget? Go As His Parents. Cost: 2 Sheets Of Paper

Image credits: Monsieur_Flotini

#7 French Kiss, The Best Halloween Costume Idea Ever

#8 Trick Or Treat – These 3 Lads Showed Up. Absolutely Terrifying

Image credits: jimmyre

#9 Scary

Image credits: EmilyKager

#10 My GF And I Made This Costume Last Minute For Less Than 5$

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Image credits: zeroxaxl5

#11 My Friend’s Last Minute Halloween Costume

Image credits: EpicDodo

#12 A News Flash

Image credits: acteevismblog

#13 God’s Gift To Women Costume

Image credits: extremecraft

#14 My Last Minute Halloween Costume, Ghosting

Image credits: JennyGilleece

#15 The Upside-Down Man

Image credits: Mandy Beyeler

#16 The Black Eyed Peas

#17 Shape Of Water But The Budget Is $4

Image credits: too-tsunami

#18 My Friend’s Last Minute Halloween Costume

Image credits: Thoraxe123

#19 2020 Is For Lazy Halloween Costumes

Image credits: axeley-killor

#20 My Last Minute Costume

Image credits: blaze99960

#21 My Last Minute Take On A One Night Stand Costume

Image credits: kland84

#22 King Of Last Minute Costumes, My Friend As The Bastard Sea That Took Wilson

Image credits: karlswartz

#23 My Last Minute Costume Was A Success! Who Doesn’t Love Indy?

Image credits: jesus4governor

#24 50 Shades Of Grey Costume

Image credits: marcdevigne

#25 Paint Some Wire And Print Out A Logo

#26 Last Minute Hermione Granger Costume, Since I Already Happen To Have The Hair And Props And All

Image credits: myrrhder

#27 Best Last Minute Halloween Costume I’ve Ever Made

Image credits: Lola_V

#28 Yeah, It Was Pretty Last Minute

Image credits: CatfishRadiator

#29 When You Have No Halloween Costume, Search For A Couple Bins And A Lot Of Duct Tape Last Minute

Image credits: Jacksax22

#30 Drunk Meredith From The Office

Image credits: cassiet4397c6df2

#31 Last Minute, €1.49 Costume

Image credits: TerryLegend

#32 My Last Minute Halloween Costume

Image credits: Dangerflirt

#33 Aaaahhh, The Anual Last Minute Stress Costume

Image credits: the_blueberry_boy

#34 I Won’t Lie I Didn’t Try Hard With This Costume. Happy Belated Halloween Everyone

Image credits: cup.of.ricoco

#35 This Costume Omg

Image credits: laurifroggy

#36 It Was Kind Of Last Minute, But For Halloween I Made A Stuffed Hobbes To Go With My Costume

Image credits: mayalcaulfield

#37 Florida Man Makes Last Minute Halloween Costume

Image credits: violindork22

#38 My Friend And I Put Together This Last Minute Costume Combo For A Party

Image credits: meowalyson

#39 Low Effort Last Minute Costume. Never Forget

Image credits: maybeitsjack

#40 Brawny Guy

Image credits: DudeJoe

#41 I Decided To Do A Last Minute Costume, And I Only Had A Paper Bag Laying Around To Work With

Image credits: lol_Gello

#42 Our Lockdown Zoom Party Costumes (Last Minute Idea)

Image credits: SoulRaven80

#43 My Last Minute Early Halloween Party Costume. Cheap, Quick, Easy, Dignified

Image credits: Pixelatedcow1

#44 All Right Stop. Collaborate And Listen

Image credits: danyle.catherine

#45 My Last Minute Costume Was Every Magic Player’s Worst Nightmare

Image credits: Tylarthefarmer

#46 White Trash Halloween Costume

Image credits: Victoria Lynn

#47 Oooohwee! My Last Minute Costume From Saturday Sure Did Swell ($5 Of Fabric, Cardboard, Duct Tape And Hope)

Image credits: Aus_pol

#48 Here’s My Coworker And I In Our Very Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Image credits: natrasharomanova

#49 I’m Always A Fan Of An Easy Costume, Hopefully It Works

Image credits: deathbethemaiden

#50 Husband And I Decided To Do Halloween Last Minute. Not Bad For A Couple Of Hours And >$20

Image credits: ham_solo

#51 So This Was My Buddies Last Minute Halloween Costume For A Party Last Night

Image credits: NeoDalto

#52 I Threw Together A Last-Minute Morticia Addams, Or As One Person Asked, “A Gothic Lady From Wheel Of Fortune”. Vanna Black It Is

Image credits: YeahButDidHeDied

#53 Wanted To Show Off My Halloween Costume A Bit Early

Image credits: SalaciousDumb

#54 Last Minute Lichtenstein

Image credits: agster88

#55 Nickelback

#56 Thought You Guys Would Appreciate My Halloween Costume! Very Last Minute But My Favourite So Far

Image credits: emmyobby

#57 Low Budget Costume That Fits My Body Type. Practically Nailed It

Image credits: mynickname86

#58 Businesswoman – Killer At Closing Deals

Image credits: Noodlefruzen

#59 Last Minute Costumes

Image credits: Stuvs

#60 My Original Costume Broke So I Had To Make A New One At The Last Minute

Image credits: heyheyjeffreyjay

#61 So I Decided Last Minute To Put This Together

Image credits: minh81n

#62 But Of A Last-Minute Costume This Year- Jawa Without The Black Gloves

Image credits: almeisan_s

#63 Scranton Strangler – A Great Last Minute Work Costume

Image credits: ZeusWayne

#64 Last Years Last Minute Clark Kent Costume

Image credits: Ech0shift

#65 I Agree With The Awesomeness Of Pun Costumes: Pothead Serial Killer

Image credits: procrastinosaurus

#66 Contestants On Supermarket Sweep

Image credits: barbarracuda

#67 Butters And Awesom-O From South Park

Image credits: wormhole828

#68 Had To Make A Last Minute Update To My Michael Costume

Image credits: JoeHasSpoken

#69 Last Year’s Last Minute “Dark Elf”

Image credits: JayyyRay

#70 My Last-Minute Halloween Costume Is The Most Terrifying I’ve Ever Worn

Image credits: NebulousJenn

#71 Candy Rappers

#72 My Last Minute Halloween Costume “Cardigan Bee” Aka Cardi B

Image credits: Joaxaround

#73 Very Last Minute DIY “2020” Halloween Costume For Under $10

Image credits: MitsubiShe

#74 My Brother Put This Outfit Together Last Minute For A Halloween Party A Few Years Ago. It Still Kills Me Every Time I See It

Image credits: Neely8Janney23

#75 Last Minute RHPS Group. Probably Less Than $100 For All. Conception To Completion= 24 Hours

Image credits: DescendingAngel

#76 Laziness Level: Matt. Happy Halloween Matts

Image credits: matthewsteez

#77 Identity Thief. Last Minute Costume

Image credits: katie_holla

#78 Last Minute Costume

Image credits: _kylinwithak

#79 Halloween’s The Best!

Image credits: parrishlaneboutique

#80 Me And My Boyfriends Halloween Costume, Better Late Than Never I Guess

Image credits: abbywiin

#81 My Very Last-Minute Costume

Image credits: backtothefuscia

#82 Last Minute Costumes. Cost Us $20 Total To Make

Image credits: haamsandwich

#83 Stop! Hammer Time

Image credits: j_luck7

#84 First Costume Of Spooky Season: A Fork In The Road, Complete With Potholes. Great Budget Costume Idea

Image credits: adatenightin

#85 Last-Minute Costume Idea

Image credits: gucci_bagel

#86 Last Minute Costume For Mr. Robot

Image credits: The_Punisher_SF

#87 Just A Coin That Got Bit

Image credits: tvbu1

#88 Last Minute Lady Liberty, When You Have The Perfect Color Sheets

Image credits: hnnhmunr

#89 Budget Halloween Costume

Image credits: Rlemus13

#90 My “Whoopee Goldberg” Costume. Last Minute But I Was Still Pretty Proud Of It

Image credits: GreenGrouch5

#91 My Wife Let Me Use Her Hair Extensions And Maternity Shirt For My Last Minute Halloween Costume

Image credits: FatLionGuy

#92 Last Minute Costume To Go Out

Image credits: breezfan22

#93 Your Ex (I.e., A Pile Of Trash)

Image credits: lexlouga

#94 My Last Minute Cuphead Costume

Image credits: TheDarkPlight

#95 Last Minute Strong Bads Are The Best Kind Of Strong Bads

Image credits: MassiveLemon

#96 My Halloween Costume Was Easy This Year. My Wife’s… Less So

Image credits: MarginallyClever

#97 Last Minute Costumes. Mermaid & Deep Sea Fisherman

Image credits: agruene

#98 Obtuse, Rubber Goose Green Moose, Guava Juice Giant Shake, Birthday Cake Large Fries, Chocolate Shake

Image credits: Codygadsby

Source: boredpanda.com

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