98 Of The Best Doppelganger Photos Shared In The “Walmart Celebrities” Online Group

“Has anyone ever told you that you look just like ___?

We’ve all heard it before. An actor, a politician, a cartoon character, or even a famous animal. We all have a doppelgänger walking around, or a person who looks eerily similar to ourselves. And while sometimes friends and family members swear that we look just like someone who we don’t actually share many similarities to, aside from hair color (people often think all redheads look alike…) or one particular feature, it can be amusing to find people who look just enough like our favorite celebrities that we can point out the resemblance.

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Allow me to introduce you to the Walmart Celebrities subreddit. This group gathers photos of “people who look or act like off-brand versions of celebrities or other well known characters”, and we can’t get enough of it. We’ve gathered some of our favorite posts from the group down below to share with you all, featuring some photos that might make you do a double take and others that might be what your favorite star would look like in a parallel universe. 

Below, you’ll also find an interview with Johnny Rico, a professional Bruno Mars impersonator, to hear what it’s like to have a famous doppelgänger. Be sure to upvote the pictures that you get a kick out of, and let us know in the comments what celebrity you’re a “Walmart version” of. Then if you’re interested in checking out even more of these pics, you can find another Bored Panda article featuring celebrity doppelgängers right here.

#1 Ron Purrlman

Image credits: reddit.com

The Walmart Celebrities subreddit was originally launched in March 2019, and it has exploded in popularity since then. It currently has 232k members, or shoppers as it calls them, and is home to countless photos of regular people who look just enough like celebrities to warrant a spot in the group. The subreddit welcomes a variety of posts including near-perfect look-alikes, terrible knock-off versions of famous people, and even actual photos of celebrities in Walmart. As you can see, it’s a very welcoming place. 

You can find selfies of people that look startlingly like celebrities and classic pieces of artwork that look eerily similar to modern-day famous people in the group. But aside from the photos members post that share a striking resemblance to our favorite stars, the captions are just as hilarious. They are usually a pun or a spin on the celebrity’s real name, such as “Eliza Wood” or “50 Percent”. The combination of these clever names with photos that are reminiscent of real famous people makes this subreddit absolutely brilliant.  

#2 Dr. Shed

Image credits: NastyPotatoes

#3 My Friend’s Dad Is Asian Danny Devito

Image credits: KyronX

In honor of these photos, we wanted to hear from someone who knows what it’s like to be a doppelgänger of a celebrity, and who has even made a living from it. We reached out to Johnny Rico, a professional Bruno Mars impersonator who is based in Los Angeles, California, to hear what inspired him to pursue this career path. “In 2017, I was looking to start a new type of business. Now, since 2010, I would get from people that I looked like this guy Bruno Mars. I never saw it, never cared, as a matter of fact, it annoyed me,” he told Bored Panda.

“While at a red light in Burbank, CA, I saw a big poster of Bruno Mars for his 24K Magic album on the back of a record labels building. Then, this light bulb idea went off, and it was at that moment I could not only finally see what people talked about in regards to looking like Bruno, but I also could see the business aspect of it all almost in an instant,” Johnny explained. “Within a month after that realization, I was able to get a website domain, an outfit and my first gig, which coincidentally happened to fall on Bruno’s birthday, October 8th. Since then it’s been non-stop booking.”

#4 Ed Sheeran And His Mom Back When He Was A Baby Girl

Image credits: gene100001

#5 How Can I Be Sure?

Image credits: flyingtacodog

#6 Iron Deficiency Man

Image credits: Phailthy

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We were also curious what the average day on the job is like for Johnny. “Depending on where I go and what I do, the average day for an impersonator and look alike can vary,” he explained. “But most are like this, and it’s more like three days: Get up a 4AM on a Friday, head to LAX, fly out somewhere on the East Coast, get to my hotel, get ready to go out for some fancy dinner, head back to shower then go to sleep.”

“Next day, on Saturday, I try not to do much because I want to be good for the evening’s performance,” Johnny told Bored Panda. “I then head to the event at night, perform 3 songs, meet and greet with lots of people, take lots of pictures and videos for social media and dance with the crowd. I head back to the hotel, shower, and try to knock out. (I say try because of the adrenaline.) Then it’s back to the airport to head home on Sunday morning.”

#7 I Was Told To Post This Here, But My Dad With Jimmy Fallon’s Wax Figure!

Image credits: kdblol

#8 Bus Willis

Image credits: LostAmiga

#9 Vincent Van Stay

Image credits: gene100001

We also asked Johnny how often people actually think he is Bruno Mars or spot him when he’s not even in character. “All the time,” he told Bored Panda. “So much so, I tend to keep to myself more now, rather than go out because there are pros and cons. Also, living in Los Angeles MORE people believe it because it’s more believable to see Bruno Mars here because he lives here.”

“Whether or not I am in character, I think for the rest of my life (seeing since 2010 I’ve been getting it) I will always be ‘spotted’ and hear, ‘Has anyone ever told you, you look like Bruno Mars?’ or  ‘Are you Bruno Mars’,” Johnny noted. “And as long as Bruno Mars keeps his businesses growing, I know I will hear it more.”

#10 Gabe Loncoln

Image credits: SCBeauty

#11 Next Stop, Jurassic Park

Image credits: Halliday_2000

#12 Lil Climate Chaynge

Image credits: facelessindividual

But Johnny sees the bright side of being spotted as well. “The more I keep [my business] growing, people will start to spot ‘Johnny Rico AS Bruno Mars’,” he explained. “I’ve had 3 incidents where people have come up to me and asked if I was Johnny Rico. That felt really cool.”

On that note, we asked Johnny what the best parts of looking like a celebrity are. “The real best part of looking so much like a celebrity is knowing that you can turn it into a business,” he shared. “It’s provided more for my son, a home, consistently new traveling and fine dining experiences, staying at the best hotels, lux ground transportation and so on.”

#13 ?

Image credits: Deaths_Right_Hand

#14 Meta Walmart Celeb

Image credits: J3551684

#15 Samantha L. Jackson

Image credits: reddit.com

On the other hand, we were curious what Johnny thinks the worst parts of looking like a celebrity are. He noted that the lack of privacy can be frustrating at times. He said he often gets stares from random people that make him uncomfortable, or he will be approached and asked for photos when he’s with his son, at the beach, at a festival, while washing his hands in the bathroom, or anywhere else. He also noted that it can also be interesting when he encounters people who are vocal about their dislike for Bruno Mars.

#16 Kanye East

Image credits: cpurr3

#17 Donna Trump

Image credits: Spookyturds

#18 Din Viesel

Image credits: facelessindividual

“People get mad at me because they think I am trying to look like Bruno Mars,” Johnny noted. “I tell them he looks like me because I was born 5 months before him,” he added with a laugh. He mentioned that Starbucks employees will also go out of their way to make his drink first sometimes because they assume he’s Bruno, and it always makes him feel bad for the other customers. Sharing an uncanny resemblance to a celebrity can also make it more challenging to make friends, Johnny notes. 

#19 Gary Putin

Image credits: gene100001

#20 Morgano Hombrelibre

Image credits: InserteUsuario

#21 Baloney Stark

Image credits: 21dimitri

“I never thought being a celebrity impersonator and look alike of a living artist would be what it has been,” Johnny shared. “As I mentioned, I was looking to start a business in 2017, and here I am now almost 5 years later still rocking it.”

“I have yet to accept those residencies that have contacted me out in Las Vegas, I’ve yet to start my band to book in front of thousands of people, I’ve yet to accept those international gigs because I am not there yet, and I’ve yet to meet and or work with the man himself! I am still growing, and I hope everyone follows my unique journey.”

If you’d like to learn more about Johnny or even book him for a gig, be sure to visit his website right here

#22 Michelle Jackson

Image credits: Perchfield

#23 Walmart Obama, Who Actually Works At My Local Walmart

Image credits: cuedashb

#24 Acquaintances

Image credits: deepasfuckman

Everyone has a doppelgänger out there, even celebrities! Earlier this year, Insider shared an article pointing out all of the famous people that you might not be able to tell apart, and some of the resemblances really are uncanny including Jennifer Garner and Hillary Swank, Sarah Hyland and Mila Kunis, and Natalie Portman and Kiera Knightley. My whole life I have mixed up Isla Fisher and Amy Adams, and apparently, I’m not the only one. They are mixed up so often that Isla even joked about it in an interview once, “If ‘Shopaholic’ is a hit, then it was Isla Fisher in the movie,” she said. “And if it doesn’t work out, it was Amy Adams.” 

#25 Mr. Thai Bean

Image credits: PilsnerDk

#26 I’m Convinced My Brother Was The Model For The Agent From “Bolt” And You Can’t Change My Mind!

Image credits: CuddlyCory

#27 Partial Mathers

Image credits: littlebooger10

We hope you’re enjoying this list of Walmart celebrities and that it’s inspiring you to figure out what celebrity you’re a doppelgänger of. We are all special and unique, but we’re not snowflakes. There is someone out there who looks like you, probably even a famous person. Keep upvoting the pictures you find most amusing, and then let us know which star people always tell you, “Has anyone ever told you you look just like ____?”

#28 Jeff Goldblum Stopped My Brother In Lax A Few Years Back After Commenting That They Looked A Lot Alike. He Was Thrilled To Say The Least (:

Image credits: Kar22

#29 Ghanaian Will Smith

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 Excuse Me Señor

Image credits: ImOnRedditMaaan

#31 Eliza Wood

Image credits: UpTheRabbitHole123

#32 Danny Dorito

Image credits: SureNpFine

#33 Wolverine From Aliexpress

Image credits: jakche

#34 Great Value Trump

Image credits: brentc3

#35 Nice Try, Carlton

Image credits: lawlaur

#36 Hannah Lecter

Image credits: MarlonBrandoRules

#37 Tom Bruise

Image credits: bryce_t89

#38 Budget Brand Harry Potter

Image credits: gene100001

#39 Shrek’s Human Form

Image credits: gene100001

#40 Miguel Johnson

Image credits: didyoudissmycheese

#41 Flesh

Image credits: ellosmello

#42 Jimmy Felon

Image credits: jayxtee

#43 Tryin’ Reynolds

Image credits: serpentkiller123

#44 Noprah Winfrey

Image credits: nobody_from_nowhere1

#45 Austen Flowers. International Woman Of Misery

Image credits: gatman12

#46 Nicole Cage

Image credits: Unspecial_operations

#47 Post-Recession Tony Stark

Image credits: gene100001

#48 Danny Burrito

Image credits: reddit.com

#49 25 Cent

Image credits: Toby_Greenhow

#50 Albert Einstoned

Image credits: amery516

#51 Juice Willis

Image credits: br0ken_jack0ff

#52 Lil McWayne

Image credits: Diet-Shasta

#53 Snoop Doug

Image credits: _Volta

#54 Conrad O’brien

Image credits: Ps5Face

#55 Hee Hee

Image credits: StretchSutter

#56 Black Damon

Image credits: 1MoreMatch

#57 Scarlett Beerhansson

Image credits: Lord_Artem17

#58 Conan O’byron

Image credits: bedtyme

#59 Keanu Believes

Image credits: Mitchcb

#60 Tom Dranks

Image credits: DirtStarWars

#61 I Ran, Man

Image credits: unjverse

#62 Walter Bright

Image credits: Ainsley-Sorsby

#63 Amy Shoomer

Image credits: _Volta

#64 John Kazonkski

Image credits: Alert_Doughnut_4619

#65 Adam Passenger

Image credits: gangsta_baby

#66 Paulie Dinklage

Image credits: reddit.com

#67 Joe Bama

Image credits: reddit.com

#68 Abraham Drinkin

Image credits: Costner_Facts

#69 My Friend Watched All Of Stranger Things Season 3 Without Realizing His Resemblance To Alexei

Image credits: MrSpiarmf

#70 Emma Stoned

Image credits: OffendedPotato

#71 Eron Musk

Image credits: exzact

#72 1pac

Image credits: YellwApe

#73 Gangs All Here

Image credits: yelpisforsnitches

#74 Dear Kiki

Image credits: Theperfectool

#75 Regular Size Jackman

Image credits: notajock

#76 Adolf Fitler

Image credits: AIias1431

#77 The Weekday

Image credits: reddit.com

#78 Courtney Like And Elon Mursk Enjoying A Bite Of Corn

Image credits: buterbetterbater

#79 Mallter White

Image credits: novatone

#80 Superbad 2

Image credits: Colvack

#81 Mark Ruffahmad

Image credits: simsim18

#82 Bertie Saunders

Image credits: sweet_billy_pilgrim

#83 Walter Off-White

Image credits: heatherclarinda

#84 Bootleg 6 Avengers

Image credits: 0GBobbyJ0hnson

#85 Hard Mode: Which One Is The Walmart Version

Image credits: sychosomaticBlonde

#86 Teenmom Musk

Image credits: RichHomieWentzel

#87 50 Percent

Image credits: down_vote_magnet

#88 Off Brand Snoop Dog

Image credits: BlueLineSparrow

#89 Dark Zuckerberg

Image credits: MuslimKillers

#90 Yi Long Ma

Image credits: Rintae

#91 Tonight On Bottom Gear: We Asked Three Random People In Asda To Stand In For Us

Image credits: oerangbandoeng

#92 All Fries On Me

Image credits: fehdnre

#93 Robert Frowny Jr

Image credits: MyJelloJiggles

#94 That’s Because You Are In The Nba, Mr. Westbrook

Image credits: kendrickandcole

#95 George R.r. Walmart

Image credits: afetian

#96 Eric Snowed In

Image credits: itsLPUsoldier

#97 Tyler The Fabricator

Image credits: Pixelhero68

#98 Paul Mcquartney

Image credits: Eskelator

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