98 Times Parents Acted So Wholesome They Made Their Kid’s Day (New Pics)

Parents are often superheroes who receive little to no recognition. Who packed you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every morning when you were in elementary school? Who spent every Saturday for years watching you play football games, rain or shine? Who helped you with your algebra homework when you were crying at the kitchen table thinking it was impossible to ever grasp those concepts? Being a parent is such a tough job, but somehow they manage to go above and beyond to show their children love while asking for nothing in return.

To celebrate some of the sweetest parents in the world, we’ve gathered a list of heartwarmingly wholesome examples of moms and dads showing their kids love. Grab the tissues now because some of these stories might just get to you! Enjoy reading this list, and if you have the chance, remember to give your parents an extra squeeze or send them an “I love you” text later today. Then if you’re looking for even more stories featuring sweet parents to read next, we’ve got another Bored Panda piece that you’re going to love right here.

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#1 Text From My Dad From A Few Years Ago. I Did Call And Leave Him Another Message, After I Stopped Crying

Image credits: dumbsmoi

Everyone deserves to have wonderful, loving parents, but some people just really hit the jackpot with parents who would move mountains for them. Whether their kids are four years old or forty, there are dozens of examples on this list of moms and dads who have made it clear that they put their kids first. And those wholesome moments will likely be remembered for the rest of their children’s lives. We may not always realize how much our parents do for us when we’re young, but especially once we grow up, we realize how many sacrifices they’ve made for us.

And having great parents does not only benefit us when we’re under their care, it has lasting impacts for the rest of our lives. In fact, when kids feel like they receive unconditional love and affection from their parents, they tend to grow up happier and less anxious. Receiving affection as a child can also protect individuals from everyday stresses. Essentially, when parents communicate well with their little ones, the kids grow up equipped to handle communication in their future relationships in a healthy way.  

#2 Father Of The Year Award Goes To This Gentleman Who Was Taking A Very Excited Boy To The Movies

Image credits: Boba_F37T

#3 Dads Are The Best

Image credits: stayathomies

At the same time, it’s very easy for parents to have a negative impact on their children’s lives too. For example, if a kid doesn’t receive enough attention or love from their parents, they will grow up seeking or demanding attention from other sources. This could include acting out in school or constantly vying for attention from a romantic partner when they’re a bit older. Psychologists believe that emotionally distant moms and dads tend to raise kids with lower self-esteem who may be more aggressive and less social as well. The effects of being neglected as a kid don’t simply vanish when someone becomes an adult; there can be life-long repercussions.

That’s why the parents on this list deserve “Mom/Dad of the Year” awards. It may seem simple to keep kids clothed, bathed and fed, but providing the emotional support necessary for them to grow into healthy, stable individuals requires a lot of effort. Of course, time is not a privilege all parents have, if they’re in a situation where they have to work constantly to make ends meet. But when they do find the time for wholesome moments like those featured on this list, their kids will never forget them.

#4 When I Was Two I Gave My Dad A Stuffed Beluga Whale To Keep In His Work Bag So That If He Ever Missed Me He Could Hold It And Think Of Me

18 years later, my Dad has just informed me he still brings my beluga whale to work with him every day.

Image credits: yung_holmie

#5 Dads Feeding Their Babies

Image credits: ohbear64

#6 My Parents Just Stayed With Me For A Week. They Attempted To Stay Up Until 11 Pm To Welcome Me Home After A Long Shift

Image credits: Hellhound0nMyTrail

A great thing about the parents on this list is that they are likely shaping children and grandchildren who will continue to be wonderful parents. As humans, we learn by example, and if we see healthy relationships, we’re going to know how to repeat those healthy habits. According to clinical psychologist Dr. Rebecca Bergen, “Our parents’ relationship is our first and most influential example of how to interact and communicate in a romantic relationship. How love was shown between parents is influential on the child.” She explains that people who never saw their parents show affection might be uncomfortable with it when they start forming their own romantic relationships. On the other hand, if your parents gave you a lot of physical affection when you were young, you might innately know how to show that to your partners as well.

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#7 My Parents Made A Renaissance Fair For My Kids In My Back Yard. We Made Turkey Legs, Funnel Cakes, Bobbed For Apples Etc. They’re Amazing People And Even Greater Grandparents

Image credits: Dalo600

#8 Breaking The Cycle

Image credits: hikittyy1

#9 At The Airport Tonight And After Sitting Began To Hear The Soft Sound Of Reading Aloud (With Voices). This Man Is Reading The Lord Of The Rings To His Children

It reminded me of my mom. I hope to be that kind of parent someday

Image credits: Jekyll_not_Hyde

Dr. Bergen explained in an article for Brides.com that as kids, we learn essentially everything for our parents, so the behavior we see them model affects essentially every aspect of our lives. When we begin dating, we tend to mimic behaviors we’ve observed in our parent of the same sex and project thoughts about our opposite-sex parent onto our partners. Dr. Bergen notes that this can work in the opposite way as well. For example, a straight girl might not seek out a boyfriend who is exactly like her dad, but if she had a cold and emotionally unavailable father, she might purposefully seek out someone who isn’t like him. There’s no question that having great examples of parents helps individuals cultivate their own healthy relationships. 

#10 My Daughter Asked For A Harry Potter Party This Year. We Couldn’t Have Guests, But I Stayed Up Until 3 Am Making Floating Candles For Her To Have A Memorable Birthday

Image credits: wildmooonwitch

#11 A Fathers Love

Image credits: morganp_2018

#12 My Husband Grew Up Without A Dad. My Dad Is Taking Him On His First Father-Son Camp Out Today

Image credits: springchikun

Having involved parents can also benefit us when it comes to education as well. One 20-year-long study found that when parents make an effort to teach their kids social skills while they’re young, those kids grow up to be more likely to have a college degree and a full-time job by the time they’re 25. And if your parents made you do chores as a child? They were just looking out for your future career, as those who grew up having to help around the house tend to take on more responsibility at work, according to Julie Lythcott-Haims. Author of the book How to Raise an Adult, Lythcott-Haims told Business Insider, “By making them do chores — taking out the garbage, doing their own laundry — they realize, ‘I have to do the work of life in order to be part of life. It’s not just about me and what I need in this moment, but that I’m part of an ecosystem. I’m part of a family. I’m part of a workplace.”

#13 Good Parenting

Image credits: GlennonDoyle

#14 Nothing More Wholesome Than Loving And Supportive Parents

Army dude came and ordered something “kinda gay” cause his son came out to his mom and was apparently scared his dad was gonna hate him or be mad. 


Dude: he’s my boy, I love him. Can you make me something, kinda, you know… Kind of Gay? 


Me: I got you… 


Parenting level: expert.

Image credits: BigginthePants

#15 Anything For His Child

My dad suffers from bipolar disorder and depression. He was in bed feeling very ill the other day. However, when I asked him to help me measure an apartment I was interested in, he woke up, got dressed, and told me – “this is important for you, so let’s go.” And he did.

Image credits: Pepearenas

In a piece Whizy Kim wrote for Refinery 29 titled “The Life-Changing Magic Of Having ‘Good Parents’”, she consulted psychotherapist Dr. Dana Dorfman to discuss what good parenting feels like for children. “Almost through the cells of their body, they’re taking in the experience of being loved, being appreciated, of being nurtured, of being supported, of being soothed,” she said. We all know children are like sponges, and they will soak up love and affection the same way they soak up knowledge or foreign languages. Dr. Dorfman also mentions the importance of unconditional love, so children never feel like they have to do something to earn or deserve affection. It’s important for them to feel safe and loved just as they are.

#16 Very Appealing Father And Daughter

Image credits: anna_gazmarian

#17 Real Acceptance Be Like

Image credits: ivancedric_a

#18 My Mom Quilted A Portrait Of My Dog. Dog For Reference

Image credits: casevintageshop

Another simple feature of the best parents is ensuring they always acknowledge and respect their children’s emotions. Dr. Dorfman notes that it can be easy to minimize or ignore what our kids are feeling when we’re busy, tired and stressed because they’re “just kids”, right? What do they have to worry about? But it’s important to understand that “to a child, whatever’s distressing them is a matter of heaven and earth, and a parent should try to empathize with that”. “I think there’s great value to parents being able to give validation or appreciation of the child’s inner experience,” Dr. Dorman says. “The parent can empathize and appreciate that the child is a separate person.”

#19 Passing Down A Dress From Mother To Daughter

Image credits: FinessinGawd

#20 Happy Father’s Day To The Man Who Chose To Be My Father When He Didn’t Have To

Image credits: dabisbadbackwards

#21 My Dad Had Passed Out After Taking Care Of My Sick Brother All Night

Image credits: berat235

On VeryWell Family’s list of “What Makes a Good Parent”, one of their essentials is seeing our kids for who they are. It reminded me how a friend of mine who is a parent once told me that his eight-year-old was already showing distinct signs of his personality when he was about 6-months-old. And that personality has only become stronger over the last eight years, it has not changed. He told me that it’s important to let our kids be themselves, and to guide and teach them of course, but that we should never try to force them into personality traits or interests that just aren’t natural to them. As someone who doesn’t have kids, that was fascinating for me to hear. But one thing I’m sure of is that that father has done many things that would land him on this list of wholesome, loving parents. 

#22 My Dad (Who Has No Idea How To Cook) Knew I’d Be In Meetings All Day So He Woke Up Extra Early And Made Me Pancakes + Coffee

They tasted awful but they were such a wonderful surprise and I love this man.

Image credits: college-tool

#23 This Dad Has One Great Son

Image credits: sandwoman-23

#24 My Niece (6) Loves Santa Claus. My Dad (76) Loves My Niece. Dad’s Been Growing That Beard Since May

Image credits: Mitsananikone

When it comes to strengthening your relationship with your children, there are many small things that can be done to increase your bond. As small as it may sound, expressing love more openly can go a long way. Being more vocal about how proud you are of them or leaving them handwritten notes expressing how much you care can be great reminders that they are safe and loved. Quality time is awesome, but quantity time is important too. Doing simple things like enjoying meals together or hanging out in the same room as you read or watch a movie can help your kids feel closer to you. And don’t forget how much asking them about their day and genuinely listening to them can do as well. Showing curiosity in their lives and validating their feelings will make them want to open up to you more as well.  

#25 Father Of The Year Award Goes To This Dad

Image credits: vitanzanick

#26 Batteries

Image credits: mcnees

#27 I’m 22 Years Old, And I Live On My Own In A Different State, I Am Fully Capable Of Taking Care Of Myself. But My Dad Still Sends Me Care Packages And Buys Me Snacks

Image credits: QWERTY36

I don’t have any kids, so I’m far from an expert on parenting, but reading this list is making me feel like I’ve already got some great tips for what to do in the future if I ever end up with little ones of my own. Enjoy reading the rest of these heartwarming, wholesome stories, and don’t forget to upvote all of your favorites. Then let us know if you have any sweet anecdotes of loving moments you’ve had with your parents in the comments below. And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to call my parents and tell them how much I miss them.

#28 Best Way To End Decade. My Little Dude Is Officially My Son

Image credits: lastofadinosaur

#29 My Mom Made Me This Ghostbusters Outfit For Halloween Out Of A Couple Of Shoe Boxes And A Vacuum Hose. 1980’s

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 This Dad

Image credits: Connor___W

#31 Last Minute My Wedding Photographer Suggested I Do First Look Photos With My Dad. I Think His Reaction Shows How Lucky I Am To Have Him As My Father

Image credits: ladyname

#32 My Parents Couldn’t Afford To Buy Me A Fancy Cake This Year, So After A Long Day Of Work, My Dad Came Home And Made Me One

Image credits: CellyyCat

#33 I Am Living Abroad And Asked My Parents To Celebrate My Dog’s Birthday, Since I Am Away. My Dad Texted Me This Picture Titled “Birthday Party”

Image credits: love-fury

#34 My Ex Wife Took My Son When He Was 3. He’s 8 Now. I Drove 1200 Miles To See Him For Thanksgiving And Made This

It’s sparse, but I feel more like a dad than I have in years. He said it’s not bad for my first time.

Image credits: Pliny_the_middle

#35 I Told My Dad That I Bought The Game “Risk” And Wanted To Play It With Him. He Said He’d Never Played. I Show Up To His House And Find Him With Printed Out Battle Plans And Map Strategies

Image credits: friendscallmeadolph

#36 What A Great Dad

Image credits: nonewfriends4me

#37 I Finally Came Out To My Mom As Trans A Few Days Ago And Then Started Getting These Notes In My Lunch Bag Every Day

Image credits: aleighleigh

#38 And The Dad Of The Year Award Goes To

Image credits: mrseaturtleYT

#39 Proud Dad

Image credits: PunkinOnWheels

#40 My Mom And I Have Always Bonded Over Game Of Thrones . This Year She Made Me These Cakes For My 30th Name Day

These are her first shots at fancy cakes and I know she put in a lot of effort

Image credits: Mahogany651

#41 I Recently Got This Awesome Painting As A Present. My Mom Painted It And Dad Made The Frame. Real Pic On Left For Reference

Image credits: 1meggabytte1

#42 This Is Actually Really Smart. Good One Mom

Image credits: thechristopherf

#43 My Dad Is Afraid To Fly, So When I Was 5 Years Old I Made Him A Doll To Hold On The Plane. Mom Just Sent Me This Picture. The Doll Is 43 Years Old

Image credits: snowglobesnowglobe

#44 Dad Overhears His Son’s Plan To Come Out The Next Day And Leaves Him A Letter

Nate, I overheard your phone conversation with Mike last night about your plans to come out to me. The only thing I need you to plan is to bring home OJ and bread after class. We are out, like you now. I’ve known you were gay since you were six. I’ve loved you since you were born.


P.S. Your mom and I think you and Mike make a cute couple.

Image credits: FCKH8.com

#45 Went Home For The Holidays And My Birthday; My Dad And I Fell Asleep. Love So Much This Pic My Uncle Took Of Us

Image credits: goldilocksdeluxe

#46 My Son’s Young Maleficent Costume I’ve Been Working On For Two Years, Finally Finished. Just In Time For Halloween

Image credits: Bulok

#47 My Son Is Upset. I Got Him A Card

Image credits: downtowncrownfrown

#48 He Took His Daughter To His Graduation, And 18 Years Later He Proudly Accompanied His Daughter At Her Graduation

Image credits: __toritilla

#49 For My Birthday This Year, My Dad Commissioned One Of The Mandalorian Story Board Artists (Who He Knows From High School) To Draw Me As The Mandalorian

Image credits: ilovedoorknobs

#50 A Wholesome Exchange For Mom

Image credits: tayyystubbs

#51 Her Dad Is The Real MVP

Image credits: Jetty_Boy

#52 Wholesome Dad

Image credits: gldivittorio

#53 My Dad Drives A Special Needs School Bus. And This Year He Invited All The Kids To His House To See Santa Claus

He also purchased gifts for all the kids for Santa to give them. This was the only picture I could get before the water works. I’m 27 years old and my dad is still taking me to school.

Image credits: Bpayne7

#54 The Only Words A Father Needs

Image credits: DEAN086

#55 That Is Pure Love

Image credits: johakanyamneza

#56 Very Proud Parent Moment Here. My Young King Graduated Today From Middle School. I Know His Mom Is Looking Down And Is Very Proud Of Him

Image credits: JoJoTheGemini80

#57 My Mom Made Hobbes For My Son Calvin Who Is Due In January

Image credits: Bregas

#58 When I Was 5 I Gave My Dad A ‘Ring’made Of A Just Keychain Ring. 22 Years Later, And He’s Still Wearing It

Image credits: whitesugar1

#59 Just Saw A Dad Teaching His Son How To Change A Tire. All I Could Hear Is, “Great Job Buddy.” Both Wearing Smiles. Looked Like A Man Raising A Man To Me

Image credits: Dalo600

#60 My Son’s First Day At School Today. I Handled It Really Well

Image credits: AidenAsh15

#61 My Dad Passed Away When I Was 16 From Cancer. Before He Died, He Pre-Payed Flowers So I Could Receive Them Every Year On My Birthday. Well, This Is My Last Birthday Flowers

Image credits: sellersbailey

#62 The Father Takes A Photo Of His Daughter Every Birthday And Frames It With The Photo Taken The Previous Year

Image credits: wyazici

#63 I’m A Lone Dad, And I’m Learning How To Do Different Hairstyles For My Daughter With The Help Of Youtube Videos. I’m Proud Of This Plait

Image credits: allthekos

#64 Good Advice, Wholesome Dad

Image credits: guiseofgentlewords

#65 My Dad Noticed I Was Stressed So He 3D Printed Me A Little Wooden Elephant

Image credits: square-enix

#66 Father Daughter Bonding Time

Image credits: fejesmg

#67 No Matter How Old You Get, You’ll Always Be Daddies Little Girl

You guys, this is my dad. He drove to my workplace and waited for me to arrive so he could pour a trail of salt from my vehicle to the front door of my building. Just because I, his 38-year-old daughter, wouldn’t slip and fall on the ice. My heart, you all. Love you, daddy. 



Image credits: largesemi

#68 Today My Mom Drove 2 Hours To My College To Bring Me Homemade Snowman Cookies. No Explanation Why

Image credits: amylee223

#69 On My First Birthday, My Dad Took A Picture Of Me Holding A Beer. He Put That Same Beer In A Time Capsule To Save It For My 21st Birthday. I Opened That Time Capsule Today:

Image credits: DoctorDongus

#70 My Mother In Law Knitted Me These Fuzzy Stump Socks Over The Last Two Skiing Seasons. They Keep Me Warm During The Winter When I’m Not Using My Prosthetics

Image credits: benhundben

#71 Moms Are The Best

Image credits: Am_ndaSantana

#72 First Christmas As A Single Dad. I Did My Best And She Enjoyed Herself I Think

Image credits: tokyo_swan

#73 My Mom Remembered I Don’t Have Room In My Place For A Christmas Tree, So She Made Me This Wreath With Built-In Lights And All The Ornaments From When I Was A Kid

Image credits: LasagnaCena

#74 Every Holiday Season, My Dad Displays This Santa I Made In Elementary School. I’m 45

Image credits: lateralus1075

#75 Wholesome Father

Image credits: WholesomeMeme

#76 I’m 25, And My Mum Still Uses The Shelf I Made In Year 8, Wood Tech

Image credits: 1234onions

#77 I Put A Note In My Son’s Lunch Everyday. Today At Parent/Teacher Conferences I Found Out That He Keeps Every Single One

Image credits: slay_belle

#78 The World Needs More Fathers Who Stick Around Like This

Image credits: kingjosiah96

#79 Mr. Moseby Being A Wholesome Dad

Image credits: ThePhillLewis

#80 I Had A Rough Day, My Mom Tied This Balloon To My Dog And Had Me Call Her

Image credits: BowtieBoy

#81 Wholesome Dad

Image credits: PhillyD

#82 Son Makes Dad A Necktie In The First Grade, 11 Years Later Dad Wears It To His High School Graduation

Image credits: Dylan Olivo

#83 My Original Switch Got Stolen. Today I Graduate, And My Amazing Mom Gifted Me This

Image credits: Olya_roo

#84 My Dad Got Me Right In The Feels Today With A Wallet

Image credits: Mal_Reynolds84

#85 A While Ago, But I Was Working By Myself In A Gas Station When I Sent This To My Dad. Nothing Like A Fathers Love

Image credits: reddit.com

#86 Today My Dad Finally Decided To Cash This Chip In, I’m 35

Image credits: Brac420

#87 My Mom Started Secretly Cross Stitching This Sweater For Me 28 Years Ago, She Finally Finished It And Gave It To My 3-Year-Old For His Birthday

Image credits: Xavimoose

#88 Proud Mom Supporting Her Daughter In A Phd Program

Image credits: AmyReneeHaines

#89 I Finished My Bachelor’s Degree Yesterday. We Went Out To Dinner, And As We Were Leaving, My Dad Slipped Me Another Card And Told Me To Open It Later

Image credits: roguespectre67

#90 My Brother Can’t Stop Talking About Pineapples Despite Never Actually Seeing A Whole One Before. My Mom Bought One For Him Earlier, And It Hasn’t Left His Side Yet

Image credits: GenGrievRea

#91 This Month My Parents Moved To My Neighborhood. My Dad Has Dropped Some Hints About Porch Coffee With Me Sometime, And He Just Couldn’t Wait Any Longer

Image credits: CorySellsDaHouse

#92 Every Year Since I Was Little, On My Birthday, My Dad Would Pick One Of Our Irises And Give It To Me And My Sister. This Is The First Year I Haven’t Been Home For My Birthday

Image credits: LorenzoHD

#93 Just A Father And Son, Using VR Headsets, While Waiting For Their Tesla To Charge

Image credits: Tomio_Tanuki

#94 My Dad, A Car Guy, Has Put Reminders Like This On Every Car I’ve Owned

My fiancée doesn’t have a relationship with his father, but recently discovered this note from mine on his car

Image credits: more_coffeee

#95 My Immigrant Parents, Who Were Ineligible For Unemployment And Stimulus, Managed To Save Up To Get Me A New Chair For Christmas

Image credits: lethargic_apathy

#96 I Attended My Class For My Undergraduate Degree Today. My Parents Found My Car In The Garage. They Decorated It, Brought Champagne, And Waited To Surprise Me

Image credits: VanGoghsSeveredEar

#97 I Had A Hard Week, Fighting Depression, Sepsis, Osteomyelitis, And Decubitus Ulcers. My Parents Made A Surprise 10 Hour Drive From Alabama To Oklahoma, To See Me

Image credits: JMoses3419

#98 Best Mom On The Planet

Image credits: all_kinds_of_queer

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