99 Times Cats Malfunctioned, Making People Ask, “What’s Wrong With Your Cat” (New Pics)

Cats rule the world. No one can tell me any different. They are the masters of the household, the masters of the internet, and the masters of each heart they come across. You see a cat—too bad, it’s too late to run. From now on you’re a pawn in their game. 

For that very reason, we at Bored Panda decided to give you a list of some of the most majestic, beautiful, and outright perfect cats to fill your soul mirth and pleasurable purpose. But as it sometimes happens, this gift got mishandled in post, so the feline friends of today are a bit… strange, to say the least. 

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The good people of the world have been sharing their beloved yet questionable cats in a subreddit named r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat, which houses 623k owners and kitty lovers alike. Some of the group’s moderators were very kind to answer Bored Panda’s questions, so make sure you stick around for that! 

Also, don’t forget to upvote your favorite silly kitties, leave your thoughts and best cat puns in the comments below, and enjoy! Let’s cat into it! 

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#1 Not Sure If It Is A Cat Or A Dinosaur

Image credits: ruspartisan

Cats can either be the epitome of elegance and gracefulness or the epitome of outright weirdness. Nothing in between. Regardless of which they decide to be for the day—Vogue models or spawns of hellfire—they’re a pleasure to observe. The latter variation is made much more approachable by the subreddit r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat. 

As the name suggests, the good people of said community are sharing pictures of their cats that make other people question their extended warranty. Started by the Reddit user nicknamed “metrix” all the way back in August 2015, the subreddit houses over 623k members. After this list is done, there may be more, but I digress. 

They told Bored Panda that they started this subreddit as a sibling to r/whatswrongwithyourdog. Silly pups are fine and all, but silly cats take the cake (or the catnip, or maybe both). To those unfamiliar with the term ‘silly,’ it means the exhibiting or indication of a lack of common sense or sound judgment, or in simpler words, weak in intellect, playfully lighthearted and amusing, or stunned or dazed. 

#2 He Might Be Prayin Or Something

Image credits: ace_indra

#3 He Is An Idiot. She Is Photobombing

Image credits: cobra8950

Another admin of the group who’d “been here longer than half of the subreddit age but was not present at its founding” told Bored Panda that what draws people to their page is the universal and undisputed love for cats. “The internet loves cats, Reddit loves cats. Cats are weird, derpy, lovable, smart and sometimes dumb, and always interesting,” they said. 

When asked what their message would be to their dedicated followers and group members, they said: “Have fun and see things on the bright side!” One of the tools to do just that is laughter. Vinod Goel, a psychology professor at York University in Toronto, argues that the brain’s reward circuit, the set of structures that underlie our reactions to all sorts of pleasurable experiences, is responsible for our experiences with humor. 

At the same time, different sorts of humor, from puns to visual jokes, may involve separate areas of the brain to figure out what’s so funny. I know what you might be thinking—what’s this got to do with cats? Whelp, there’s gotta be a reason why we find these silly little creatures so amusing when they’re not acting as we expect them to. 

#4 Do You File A Cat By Category?

Image credits: RiffRaffMama

#5 He Won’t Let Me Take It Off

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Image credits: grayshush

#6 My Friend’s Cat, Winston. Either He’s Seeing Beyond The Veil, Or He Just Found Your Late-Night Internet Search History

Image credits: ephemeralbiscuit

The art of humor is built upon many structures that lead to the perfect chucklesome reaction, and one of those points is the unexpected. “A successful joke is one that springs some sort of surprise on the listener,” says British comedian Mark Watson. “You begin by suggesting one scenario and then somehow, you undermine it,” he continues. 

What you usually expect of a cat is a cute little furball that emanates power, not a lazy and confused-looking animal that somehow turned its body upside down and around. They’re unpredictable, and hence, entertaining, teaching one and all that you don’t need to be purrfect to be adored

#7 He Actively Chooses To Lay Like This

Image credits: ZephyrBird

#8 He Stands Like This When He Thinks We Aren’t Looking…

Image credits: Em_Cat2

#9 Perfect Landing

Image credits: spencermaydriver

Besides, laughter is good for the soul, and laughing at oneself is a surefire way to live forever (or so is my tactic). Humor feels good; it distracts us from our problems and promotes a lighter perspective. Martin and Ford described the three top humor theories back in 2018: relief, superiority, and incongruity theories. 

The first one, relief theory, talks about pent-up pressure and tension being relieved through laughter. Many of us may relate to high-anxiety situations where a joke feels like a much-needed outlet, leading to nervous chuckling. The second theory of superiority states that humor acts as a form of self-esteem enhancement. Nothing beats the feeling of triumph over the stupid mistakes or misfortune of others!

#10 Today My Foster Kittens Tried Nursing On My Fixed Male Resident Cat. I Repeat. This Dude Has No Milk And These Are Not His Babies ?

Image credits: grayshush

#11 10/10 Nuisance

Image credits: callandiajelly

#12 After A Long Day Of Building The Nation

Image credits: kalipapers

Lastly, the theory of incongruity (or strangeness), believed to be the most influential humor theory, states that laughter is a result of a situation in which we get a different outcome than what was expected. The usual punchline ain’t funny for a reason—we know what’s coming—but once a different path is taken, our interest peaks once again. 

It makes sense for humor and positive well-being to be linked. Martin argues that those with a good sense of humor will be in a better position to weather difficult situations, enjoy more cohesive relationships, find humor in all sorts of experiences, and benefit from more positive mental and physical health. 

#13 The “Shut Up, I’m Doing Me” Face

Image credits: Tailsofumi

#14 I Don’t Even Have A Funny Caption For This One. I’m Speechless

Image credits: minminminnow

#15 My Cat Steals Clothes From My Closet And Then Brings The Item She Stole To Her Litterbox, In Which She Carefully Places It So The Item Of Clothing Is Always Fully Inside It, No Matter How Big

Image credits: noisystrawberry

So, dear readers, please continue scrolling and upvoting your favorite felines. We’re grateful to the moderators of r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat for answering our questions, and they believe that the subreddit has not yet reached its peak. When asked what the future holds for their page, they said: “Meow, straight to the stars!”

We wish them the best, and to you, dear reader, I wish you a wonderful day ahead. Don’t forget to leave your best cat puns in the comments, and I shall see you in the next one! Stay awesome! 

#16 I Actually Can’t Describe It. This Is Sophie

Image credits: Agreeable_Yam7676

#17 T-Rex

Image credits: Adventurous-Cell-362

#18 Whilst On Holiday, My Sister Asked For An Update Picture Of Her Two Cats. This Is What She Got

Image credits: 0MoodIndigo0

#19 Morning Meditation

Image credits: aldolaseb

#20 Why

Image credits: _hugo_j_

#21 He Scrunged So Hard His Face Broke

Image credits: WitchesAlmanac

#22 This Cat Is A Person (Not My Cat)

Image credits: shyfemalecharacter

#23 Think He’d Like The Beach? This Is A Daily Occurrence

Image credits: DarthYsalamir

#24 This Is Possibly The Greatest Picture I Have On My Camera Roll

Image credits: UniKilledMe

#25 Kitty Thinks Human Is Broken

Image credits: CleverlySavory41

#26 Cat Van Damme

Image credits: frothy_boasting

#27 He Looks Like He’s About To Tell You Old War Stories

Image credits: anoneti

#28 Why Is My Cat Flexing On Me?

Image credits: aereeka

#29 What’s Wrong Bobbi?

Image credits: Assuume

#30 I Think I Might’ve Done Something Wrong Because Apparently My Cat Wants Me To Sit Down And Have A Talk With Him

Image credits: Salty-Photo-57

#31 No Talk Me I Angy

Image credits: ProdRogue

#32 Yawn Stretch On The Hutch

Image credits: jstarrs

#33 Well She Likes The Fan I Guess

Image credits: Mr_Hyde337

#34 Meet Charlie

Image credits: highfivesandhandjobs

#35 Last Year One Of The Foster Kittens We Had Maintained Eye Contact As He Took A Standing Poop

Image credits: kec36

#36 When I Forget To Shut The Bedroom Door She Brings Socks Into The Living Room While I’m At Work. Yes, They Are In Pairs

Image credits: vision_repair

#37 My Cat Likes To Drink The Hooman Soup

Image credits: Nickey9Doors

#38 Spent My Life With Cats. Never Had A Torti Until Now. Ok, Now I Understand What Y’all Are Taking Bout…

Image credits: a_cat_called_noodles

#39 He Won’t Stop Huffing My Tea Leaves

Image credits: paintingcatlady

#40 He Has A Milkshake Addiction

Image credits: brighthair84

#41 Kast Iron Kitter

Image credits: bohemianretainer15

#42 I’m Pretty Sure I Interrupted Something

Image credits: awildketchupappeared

#43 Almost Positive That Our Black Cat Got Into The Catnip That’s In The Planter Moments Before This Photo Was Taken…

Image credits: leahmacrae

#44 I Shall Ride You Into Battle!

Image credits: OK-Candy

#45 Ralph Likes To Hang Out Like This

Image credits: ossobuffo

#46 Just Sitting, Staring At The Back Of This Chair. Standard Thursday Activities

Image credits: BeansandWeiss

#47 What. The. F… Is This. Cat Probably

Image credits: thehealthylookout

#48 I Don’t Know What To Call This But She’s Enjoying Herself

Image credits: capncherry

#49 I Have A Bat, Apparently

Image credits: Cerulean_Dawn

#50 My Cat In A Predicament

Image credits: Dangerous-Reward5529

#51 Loulou Always Had An… Interesting Way Of Doing Things

Image credits: _tiredpanda

#52 The Perfect Bed

Image credits: Aidangameguy1Reddit

#53 I Think My Dog Got Stuck :p

Image credits: le_sus

#54 This Cat Loves Corn

Image credits: JamalianLancaster

#55 Kitty

Image credits: Master1718

#56 Just Couldn’t Make It

Image credits: katharinax

#57 Is My Cat Broken?

Image credits: Pastelpink_kitty

#58 Catnip? Nothing. Broom? Everything

Image credits: Greenveins

#59 That Can’t Be Comfy

Image credits: HailRokosBasilisk

#60 Antonio Loves To Bask

Image credits: abbyy46

#61 Doobert Thinks This Is A Reasonable Way To Ask For A Hug

Image credits: airimagdalene

#62 Bolero Aka Mr. Steal Your Girl

Image credits: keschaller89

#63 Kitty Is Plotting Revenge!

Image credits: MeliaDanae

#64 He’s Just…abnormally Long. Why Is He So Long

Image credits: tylewis628

#65 Something Wrong With New Cat When She Sleeps…

Image credits: Pagebreak007

#66 I Don’t Know What To Say About This

Image credits: dobsco

#67 She Slept Like This For An Hour And Snored The Whole Time

Image credits: thatsnotahotdog

#68 Just A Touch Dramatic

Image credits: TedBundysUnibrow

#69 There’s Not A Single Thought In Her Head. Not One

Image credits: tfpalt

#70 I Think He Belongs Here

Image credits: Defiant_Post5470

#71 She Haz Confuze

Image credits: johntaylorsbangs

#72 She Slepp

Image credits: miscellaneousghosts

#73 Mac Likes To Shove His Face Into His Tissue Box

Image credits: Ok_Macaroon_5224

#74 Ma! I Told You It’s Reserved For The Cat, See!

Image credits: Sqwishybuns

#75 I Think My Cat Is Plotting My Demise

Image credits: hoitoot

#76 She Always Prefers To Sit With Her Front Feet Pointed Away From Each Other

Image credits: F1ssion

#77 My Cat Stands In The Bushes To Drink Water Off The Leaves. He Has Plenty Of Fresh Water Elsewhere

Image credits: JBBBear

#78 How Do I Get Down?

Image credits: JorgeBush420

#79 She’s An Actual Goblin

Image credits: Slippy-Nuxx

#80 Why You Licking Your Lips Like That.. Get Out Ya Wee Pervert

Image credits: hannahmargo91

#81 My Sister’s Cat, Lucky

Image credits: SethVanM

#82 Why Is She Built Like A Scoop Of Ice Cream?

Image credits: wafflehusky

#83 My Cat Cricket Apparently Didn’t Like The House Sitter. But This Is Terrifying

Image credits: NYColette

#84 He Loves Relaxing Like This Every Evening ?

Image credits: sududxb

#85 She’s Running On Orange Cat Software

Image credits: tfpalt

#86 Added A Slipcover, This Is Her Reaction

Image credits: LemostPerson

#87 Yawning While Turning Around Results In Hilarious Expressions

Image credits: CaptainStroon

#88 My Cat’s Not Spoiled. But She Does Have Cat Games On My Wife’s Phone

Image credits: That_GareBear

#89 Trying To Enjoy A Simple Evening On The Patio

Image credits: PollyVon

#90 Malfunctioning Void

Image credits: guffychild

#91 Does Anyone Know Why He Sits Like This?

Image credits: PlagueLords

#92 This Is Henry. He Sneeze

Image credits: KingTy99

#93 The Game Is Called “Cat Crimes” I Think We All Know Who’s Guilty

Image credits: I_just_like_to_smile

#94 Cone Of Shame Destroyed.. Time For The Donut Of Dispair

Image credits: Soma_Tweaker

#95 The Falling Leaves Are Too Fast For Him To Catch

Image credits: paintingcatlady

#96 My Cat Is Broken

Image credits: Key-Requirement-8417

#97 Lil Demon Child

Image credits: kevmclane

#98 Concerned About How Sasha Will React When She Learns The Mamaroo Was Not Purchased For Her

Image credits: 0zamataz__Buckshank

#99 Mom Sent Me Her Old Dvds, Not Sure If He’s Surprised By The Selection Or Just Excited

Image credits: CrewChimp042

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