99 Times People Noticed These Instagrammers Who Heavily Photo-Edit Their Pictures And Exposed Them Online (New Pics)

From time to time, many of us slightly exaggerate our daily lives online. One study has found that only 29% of people would post a picture of themselves on social media without editing it first. After all, we tend to promote our best moments while leaving out the bad or the mundane.

When it comes to the world of face filters and airbrushing techniques, enhancing your favorite features and reshaping your body has become terrifyingly easy. In fact, some Instagrammers edit their photos so much, there’s a whole community dedicated to calling them out. Enter the Instagram Reality subreddit, where people are on a mission to expose those who have taken it way too far.

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As the moderators write, “it’s unbelievable how some people get away with it while others don’t!” So take a look at some of the best posts this online group had to offer right below. And if you’re in the mood for some more ridiculous manipulations, check out our previous posts about them here, here, and here.

#1 A Very Famous 63 Year Old Woman Completely Unrecognizable

Image credits: chair909

#2 She Says That Her Goal Is To Be A French Doll. Her Instagram vs. An Interview

Image credits: Moon-Desu

#3 When A Family Member Accidentally Posts Your Real Face

Image credits: pyretta-blazeit

#4 Found One In The Wild – I Am Flabbergasted

Image credits: chantoi

#5 Wtf Is Up With Those Hands?!?!?!?

Image credits: Snukes42Q

#6 Scarred Me A Little Bit, Not Gonna Lie

Image credits: Malow

#7 When You Can’t Hide The Lines In The Background Warping So You Photoshop Them Out Entirely

Image credits: SeductiveGuacamole

#8 Posted vs. Tagged (The Middle Person Different)

Image credits: -Jovie-

#9 What The Model Posted vs. The Getty Photagrapher

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Image credits: PsychologicalStory66

#10 Upload vs. Screenshot From Unedited Video

Image credits: johnkneetoe

#11 How Do I Tell Someone To Tone Down The Filter?

Image credits: IL-10

#12 You Know What’s Bizarre.. I Opened This Ad Listing For A Wig And Thought It Was A Person With A Really Bad Photoshop Job, But It’s Actually A Badly Photoshopped Mannequin. Even They Aren’t Safe Anymore

Image credits: justukyte

#13 She Uses The One On The Left For Her Job Application… I Really Don’t Understand It, I Also Love Filters, But I’m Well Aware That They Change My Appearance And Doesn’t Look Like Me. But She Use The Picture For A Job Application?! Smh

Image credits: Gossiplover118

#14 Noses Are Clearly Overrated…who Even Needs Them?

Image credits: keyneem

#15 Photographer Posted His “Retouching” Work On A Facebook Group

Image credits: halchemy

#16 Yep, That’s One Woman On Both Photos. Recently Turned 50

Image credits: dazzl3one

#17 Instagram vs. Public Video

Image credits: klaralund

#18 2 UK Influencers Got Posted Unfiltered By A Modeling Agency

Image credits: SupremeWaifu69

#19 A Famous Singer In Romania (What She Posts On Ig vs. Screenshot From A Video)

Image credits: Misu1531

#20 Umm

Image credits: Professional_Pea7124

#21 Local Makeup Artist Photoshopping Clients-2nd Slide Is Screenshot From Video She Posted- Same Girl

Image credits: kce2003

#22 Same Person… Also Gets Really Angry When Confronted About It

Image credits: vapekittenx

#23 I Could Be Wrong But I Don’t Think That’s How Upper Thighs Work

Image credits: scarafied

#24 I… I Don’t Even Know What To Say. Lord Have Mercy

Image credits: chantoi

#25 What

Image credits: Green-Recording-1276

#26 Found On An Instragram Story. It Scared The Bejesus Out Of Me

Image credits: asscrawler

#27 Croatian Influencer Couple – Photo From Her Ig vs. Still From A Video (She Used To Edit Him Almost Like Herself, But He Didn’t Vibe With That So Now She Only Edits Herself)

Image credits: RBBEnthusiast

#28 This Girl With Polish And Scandinavian Parents Suddenly Turning Into A Brazilian

Image credits: Objective-Diver-4313

#29 Toe Down! Toe Down!!

Image credits: corakeet

#30 This Instagram Account That Charges For “Editing Tutorials”

Image credits: a_ghost_behind_you

#31 75y Old Dutch Television Personality. Left A Recent Pic On Instagram, Right Am Event In 2019

Image credits: Extreme_Pomegranate

#32 Spotted On Facebook. It Feels Almost Satirical In Its Lack Of Awareness

Image credits: Rowena1994

#33 Do People Actually Fall For This Kind Of Crap?! 800+ Comments Telling Her She’s Beautiful

Image credits: thelionmermaid

#34 All From The Same Month

Image credits: StarChildMoonGoddess

#35 Ya’ll. I Just Can’t

Image credits: Adventurous-Sky-474

#36 Does She Think Because She’s Famous That We Won’t Notice, Or Question It??

Image credits: millerkenbeck13

#37 She Has Straight Up Just Drawn A Leg In There

Image credits: onlyeightfingers

#38 Who Even Needs Organs?

Image credits: andrew_a7

#39 Do Brands Even Look At Photos Before Sharing Them?

Image credits: EverFinch

#40 Busted

Image credits: chlorofanatic

#41 This Ig Influencer Responded Directly In Dm That She Doesn’t Change The Shape Of Her Body, “Just Use Filters To Smooth Out My Face!”… Please Sanity-Check Me Reddit

Image credits: gardenfractals

#42 Not Enough Guys On Here, But They’re Just As Guilty

Image credits: redditgiveshemorroid

#43 Such A Naturally Occurring Body Shape

Image credits: LeatherNoodles

#44 Do People Still Believe These Are Real Photos?

Image credits: writerrani

#45 What The F—k

Image credits: Mmmelissamarie

#46 Picture From This Fitness Influencers Instagram vs. Youtube Channel

Image credits: One_Location1779

#47 Trying To Fish For Compliments While Blurring The Living Crap Out Of Your Face

Image credits: Adventurous-Sky-474

#48 Instagram vs. Press Photo From TV Show

Image credits: Other-Holiday-3502

#49 I Just Has To Share This Find

Image credits: Aleztriplea

#50 She Claimed In Her Story That’s She All Natural (Face And Body)

Image credits: _Clemyyy

#51 Something Looked Off So I Brightened It Up And…huh

Image credits: MyV_is_for_Valinor

#52 Oop

Image credits: mjrenn51

#53 How Good Ps Editors Trick Us

Image credits: Beebwife

#54 The Opposite Of The Pin-Head Trend; Big Bubble Head

Image credits: Hardluck-Woman

#55 I’m Very Confused

Image credits: magaggg

#56 The Head To Hand Size Ratio

Image credits: Lozbox

#57 Tiny Waist

Image credits: Officer_oatmilk

#58 Same Person

Image credits: Jadabu91

#59 No Makeup Candid vs. Instagram. Some Of The Difference Is Makeup But There’s Also Heavy Editing

Image credits: meany_beany

#60 Hold Up…

Image credits: msherr15

#61 Profile vs. Tagged

Image credits: uqu62syz

#62 Nice Face

Image credits: bat447

#63 Check Out The Curtains Behind Her

Image credits: youflowerxxfeast

#64 Holk

Image credits: iROONix

#65 Neck Shronk

Image credits: short_asheck

#66 The Result Of Years Of Facetuning On Instagram

Image credits: clutchkickmurphys

#67 I Thought This Was A Joke At First Until I Saw All Of Her Pictures

Image credits: collin_himself

#68 Her Profile vs. His Profile

Image credits: feketegy

#69 Supposedly This Is All Just Makeup — But It’s Definitely Heavily Edited As Well. (Spotted On A Makeup Transformation Account)

Image credits: meany_beany

#70 Interview vs. Their Insta

Image credits: chaostrulyreigns

#71 Couldn’t Tell Them Apart, Could Break Rule 6

Image credits: dafyddtomas

#72 I Hate When My Face Isn’t A Triangle >

Image credits: Total_Chuck

#73 What Is Up With Her Hands? She Really Doesn’t Need Any Of That

Image credits: vrecka123

#74 A Pinterest Advertisement, The Reflection Doesn’t Match The Clothes, All Kinds Of Weird Warping And The Bizarre Choice To Photoshop Her Skin On

Image credits: VanityInVacancy

#75 Ig vs. Reality, Indeed

Image credits: RobLives4Love

#76 Something Seems Off…

Image credits: REdescartes

#77 I Love Her But That Picture Is Not It…

Image credits: Roxanne135

#78 Rule 1: Never Let Your Boyfriend Upload The Unedited Version

Image credits: cornelius-fudge

#79 Might Need To Call A Contractor For That Wall…

Image credits: impressivepumpkin19

#80 First Pic vs. Second

Image credits: Sabrijajebog

#81 Welcome To My Ted Talk. Is This Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution, In The 21st Century? (These Are All On Her Insta)

Image credits: JanuaryRRose

#82 Finally Found One In The Wild! It’s Subtle But Once You See It… (Slightly Warped Mirror/Baseboard)

Image credits: IlluminationRock

#83 Via Linkedin… Her Husband

Image credits: McShooshi

#84 The Way She Looks In Her Photos vs. Photos Form Paparazzi

Image credits: Mil0310

#85 Instagram vs. Press Release

Image credits: Other-Holiday-3502

#86 All Of Her Photos Are Like This, The Tiny Head One Is My Favorite

Image credits: emiel58

#87 She Says She’s 74…

Image credits: phantomQUARTZZ

#88 What A Beautiful… ::checks Entomology Notes:: … Thorax?

Image credits: peppaz

#89 Who Needs Nostrils Anyway?

Image credits: cmv894

#90 Japanese Hostclub Host’s Ig

Image credits: almondfist

#91 The Praised Natural Girl From A Reality TV Show Is Looking More And More Facetuney With Every Post

Image credits: grapeslady

#92 Before & After Retouch

Image credits: depressionn101

#93 There’s Not Just A Fun House Mirror, But Also A Fun House Wall

Image credits: hypoboxer

#94 This Was Deleted Very Quickly Once She Realized It Was Not Edited

Image credits: newaccttrial

#95 I Really Like That She Posted Both, It’s Interesting To See How Much The Body Is Retouched In Photos

Image credits: Your_Mum_lmao

#96 Instagram vs. Reality

Image credits: depressionn101

#97 Chucky Looks Different

Image credits: ahegao_toast

#98 I’m Sure The Dress Looked Gorgeous Without F-Ing Up The Curtains

Image credits: theoneofmanynames

#99 A Celebrity Makeup Artist’s Ig Post vs. The Original Photograph. I Wouldn’t Necessarily Call It Ig vs. Reality Because A Gala Event’s Makeup And Lighting Isn’t It, But Still

Image credits: myneighborscatismine

Source: boredpanda.com

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