A 20th-Century Jonah and the Whale Tale


In the Bible, Jonah was swallowed up by a big fish because he tried to avoid God’s command to go to Ninevah. He was ejected alive three days later. In 1910, a similar story appeared in Australian newspapers.

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    One of the employees at the Bega whaleries (reports the Sydney Sun) is recovering from a mixed attack of fright, hysterics and fainting. He was engaged cutting up a whale a day or two ago, and when he had cleaved away the flesh from one side of the stomach he saw what appeared to be the fully dressed body of a young lady lying inside.

    At first he thought she was dead, and he was considering the advisability of going off to report to the police when the young lady rubbed her eyes and sat up. The whaler fell off the whale. But the young lady was not even a ghost.
    – The Bendigo Independent, November 18, 1910

Oh yeah, you better believe there is more to the story, which ranges from a perfectly reasonable explanation to “That can’t be true!” You can read the rest of the newspaper account at Second Glance History. -via Strange Company

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