A 430-Square-Foot Tent You can Air Condition With Your EV

So much for roughing it in the great outdoors.

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The Magic Fort is a gargantuan tent large enough to park a vehicle in. In fact, you’re supposed to; a suggested application from the manufacturer is that “you can use an electric car’s air conditioning to control the temperature in the enclosed campsite or sleeping area for a more comfortable camping experience.”

Bubble attacks are always more effective from behind…

…a lesson that the poorly-named Hunter was never able to grasp

The tent, which features an inflatable structure that you manually pump air into, stands a whopping 11.5′ (3.5m) tall. The enclosed floor space is 430 square feet, in case you need to house servants. A sleeping platform can be placed atop your vehicle, providing a view out of this window:

The elevated sleeping position makes things slightly more challenging for bears. As a second layer of protection, you can have the maid, butler and cook sleep nearer the entrance:

Best two servants of the day get the air mattress. Worst servant gets the pad

It’s up on Kickstarter for $2,500.

Source: core77

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