A Battery-Powered Jacket-Inflating Personal Cooling Device

I started out wanting to make fun of this thing, but realize that’s my climate-controlled-workplace privilege. I’m lucky I don’t work in torching conditions anymore; years ago I spent a summer working as a line cook, it was 130 degrees where I stood in front of the grill, and I’d have strapped four of these on if I had access.

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“The Tajima Clip-on Belt Cooling Fan Body 2 is a wearable climate control device. Slip the lightweight unit onto the belt and around your waist, and it will then blow a powerful cooling breeze into your jacket, shirt, and other overalls or items of clothing. A must-have for people who work in hot and difficult conditions, this full set includes the easy-to-use belt and rechargeable lithium-ion battery.”

The demo video is unintentionally funny, as the guy’s jacket inflates:

I guess the idea is, the jacket provides a bubble of cool that’s better than stripping down to a shirt.

These run about $150.

Source: core77

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