A Beautiful Stainless Steel Electric Scooter

“Useful, durable, beautiful” is how startup vehicle manufacturer Bandit9 describes their Nano scooter. With a sculpted, flowing body made from 904L stainless steel—the durable stuff that Rolex makes their watches out of—it practically makes Vespas look dowdy.

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An electric motor on the rear wheel provides the power, providing a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) for the base model, or 70 km/h (43 mph) for the Nano+ version. Both feature a range of 97 km (60 miles) and take four hours of charging time. Conveniently, the bike can either be plugged in directly, or the battery can be removed and plugged in inside.

“Every inch of the Nano was obsessively designed,” the company boasts. “With every curve sculpted and every edge refined, the Nano belongs [as] comfortably in a modern art exhibition as it does in the streets of Paris during Fashion Week.”

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These do, however, appear to be renders. Whether the company can get these into production is another matter. If they can, I’d imagine they’ll find ready buyers: The Nano will reportedly retail for €/$4,450, and the Nano+ will be €/$4,990.

Source: core77

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