A Bench Mixing CNC Fabrication with Handmade

This Slittino bench, made of Maple, is by Geneva-based designer Léa Debernardi.

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Debernardi sought to meld CNC fabrication with traditional craftsmanship:

“CNC machine tools prove to be the most widespread digital tools in Swiss carpentry and cabinetmaking,” she explains. “However, they are generally not used for making large, complex furniture, due to the cost and time involved. The search for shapes that are difficult to make by a cabinetmaker without the help of a CNC led to the design of this bench. It is inspired by traditional sledding, profiled according to fluid and organic lines.” (“Slittino” is Italian for “sledding.”)

“Slittino is the result of a complementary manufacturing process: digital tooling (CNC machining carried out by a cabinetmaker) and craftsmanship (preparation of solid wood boards, assembly with traditional wood joints, sanding and oil finishing). This is a short circuit production process, highlighting local know-how, very widespread in Switzerland.”

I’d love to see what the traditional wood joints are; alas, there are no shots of the underside.

Slittino appears to be a one-off rather than a production piece.

Source: core77

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