A Biodegradable/Recyclable Paper Coffee Cup with Integrated Lid and Spout

The Butterfly Cup is a food-grade paper beverage cup with an integrated lid. The French-fry-container-like shape allows the top flaps to be folded in, forming a seal, and at the corner leaves a little spout you can sip from, eliminating the need for a straw:

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It can be used for both hot and cold drinks. Surprisingly, the company says, the cup does not have the plastic lamination inside that most drinking cups do; instead they use a “cutting-edge water-based dispersion waterproofing technology,” whatever the heck that means. The end result, they claim, is that the cup biodegrades like regular paper, or can be recycled.

I have to say the form is pretty clever, forming that natural spout:

Fast food chain A&W has announced they’re rolling out the cup for trials in Canada.

Source: core77

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