A Bottle Opener That Can Also Re-Cap the Bottle!

Have you ever finished the day’s work, cracked open a beer, then realized there was more work to do? You could either hop back onto the forklift with the beer in hand–they don’t make the darn things with cupholders–or you could do the responsible thing and put the beer away. But you’re bound to rush through that final task in hopes of completing it before the fizz disappears.

Well, the problem of beerus interruptus has been solved with the Open-Close bottle capper:

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I suggest you buy one of these, go on a Tinder date, and order a bottle of beer. During the date, pull out the capper and re-cap the bottle after every sip. Act like this is completely normal. (Extra points if you also constantly re-cap your date’s drink.)

Source: core77

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