A Brief Look at Mensa: What It Does and How To Get In

You may have heard of the prestigious genius organization called Mensa and have thought, as everybody has, how highfalutin and egotistic it sounds.

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But far from the impression of a condescending snobby society which the general population might perceive it to be, Mensa is actually a chill place for geniuses to hang out. It is open for anyone to join Mensa, as long as you pass the test that is.

While Mensa people may be portrayed as an ego-centric, nerdy, cliquey, sweater wearing eggheads, this simply isn’t the case. Anyone – no matter who they are – can become a member of this brilliant, prestigious world. Mensa includes members who are from ages two years old all the way to people who are 100 years old. There are auto mechanics and scientists, doctors and glassblowers, military people and supermodels.

Apart from that, the organization also does philanthropy by giving scholarships and holding outreach events, and doing research for the betterment of humanity.

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