A Cannulated Cow Lives With a Hole in Its Stomach

Imagine being able to look inside a cow. Call it curiosity, or the craving to reveal all of the world’s truths, but the cannulated cow is man’s experiment to discover what goes on in the digestive systems of a bovine, and how best its milk output can be increased to its maximum potential. In 1928, Arthur Frederick Schalk and RS Amadon of North Dakota Agricultural College became the first men to eagerly peep inside a cow with a porthole studded on its body. Since then, scientists and agriculturalists across the world have furthered the controversial practice to improve the health of cattle, reduce mortality rates and increase the output of milk. Whatever the reason, we’re almost a century ahead and the practice continues to remain highly moot.

Cannulated Cow

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A cannulated cow. Photo: Modern Farmer

Source: amusingplanet.com

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