A Cavalcade of Ugly Easter Cakes

The non-religious side of Easter celebrations are all about cute spring symbols. There are Easter eggs, flowers, bunny rabbits, baby chicks, and frankly babies of all kinds, mostly in pastel colors. However, those symbols are difficult to recreate in mass-produced cakes by rushed grocery store clerks who have neither the talent nor the proper materials to do it. And so Jen Yates of Cake Wrecks has yet another year’s worth of funny-looking desserts to share with us. I think the cake above is supposed to be a bunny, but it has the nose of a pig and the eyes of a serious trauma victim. I have no idea what’s going on with those feet. You’ll find it in a roundup called 7 Reasons To Avoid The Bakery This Easter.

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Oh, but there’s more! Another post concentrates on chicks, with a few bunnies thrown in. This cake may have looked really nice before it was dropped, but I somehow get the idea that the jostling may have improved it. See plenty more of these Easter disasters that probably taste pretty good when you’ve finished laughing at Cake Wrecks.

Source: neatorama

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