A Chair with a Magnetically-Detachable Seat for Easy Washing

This simple, handsome Fondina chair features a trick that many chairs with upholstered seats do not: It’s easy to pop the seat off, so that you can remove the upholstery cover and wash it.

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“Solid ash chair, painted in wood colors or in ash gray, lichen green and rust open-pore lacquered, with upholstered cushion. The solid wood seat is finely carved and branded with a unique and dedicated graphic.”

“It houses a magnetic upholstered cushion in monochrome combination with the chair structure, removable with a simple hand gesture and washable. Seat and cushion adherence is strong and precise.”

The chair, which is made in Italy by furniture brand Arrmet, is by Italian furniture design studio LucidiPevere.

Source: core77

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