A "Chairless Chair" for Factory Workers

You may never have heard of it, but German manufacturer Noonee claims that “nearly all major car manufacturers” use the company’s Chairless Chair.

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Targeted at factory workers (and, oddly, farriers) of up to 265 pounds, the exoskeleton allows the wearer to quickly transition from standing to something approximating sitting, with much of the load taken off of one’s body.

It does indeed look easy to use (though it requires training):

The company says it takes just 30 seconds to don or doff. It presumably takes a bit of practice to hit that speed—here’s what’s required to get the thing on:

The Chairless Chair, which is now on their 2.0 version, costs €2,190 (USD $2,312) each, and the company also offers financing and leasing options.

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Source: core77

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