A Clinic and Research Lab Designed to Make the Patient Experience Pleasant and Comprehensible

Has anyone ever thought of the hospital or doctor’s office experience as pleasant, easy and comprehensive? Probably not. Does your doctor’s office or local hospital look anything like this?

Or this?

Or this?

Probably not. 

Let’s face it—medical spaces need a facelift, from furnishings to digital screens to the entire patient experience. This past year, the Cactus team worked closely with Mount Sinai to develop Lab100, a new type of medical environment that focuses on the different ways in which developing technologies can improve how we understand and experience medical attention and healthcare. Through a thorough case study, excerpted below, the team runs through details of their research and design processes: 

“In an era where machine learning, connected devices and AI will make as much of an impact in medical research as clinical trials or lab tests, what does the patient experience look and feel like? And if personal data is fuel for medical progress, how can we encourage thousands of patients to contribute theirs? We were tasked by a group of visionary doctors at New York’s premier hospital to create an experience that was both medically effective and compelling enough to attract patients to participate in bringing this vision of the future to bear.

Over the course of a year, Cactus’ designers and engineers worked in close collaboration with Mount Sinai to design, develop and launch a new type of medical space from the ground up. The space, called Lab100, is a hybrid clinic and research lab leveraging data and technology to redesign the way health is measured and healthcare is delivered. Located at Mount Sinai in Manhattan, Lab100 empowers patients to track their health over time by providing the most comprehensive personal health assessment currently available. As a research center, Lab100 equips scientists with longitudinal multi-scale health data and a testbed environment to develop, validate and deploy new products and services. By closing the feedback loop between discovery science and care delivery, Lab100 creates a virtuous cycle of innovation that radically accelerates the pace at which promising ideas become clinical practice.”

If your doctor’s office looked and felt anything like Lab100, would you be more excited to check up on your health? What about more willing to contribute personal data to be used for medical research?

Read the full case study and take a closer look inside Lab100 here.

Plan a visit to Lab100 here.

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