A Cocktail of Ice and Fire

A domino shot is exactly what it sounds like- a series of cocktails made by arranging one ingredient to fall into another and also initiate the falling of the next cocktail. You can buy special glasses to do it. Adding pyrotechnics is just icing on the cake, so to speak.

Ideal Tafarshiku is a mixologist at Studio 1806 in Pristina, Kosovo. A master of theatrics, he recently mixed 151 domino shots in one graceful move. These weren’t just falling glasses- these drinks involved dry ice and burning alcohol on the bar (hence the music). Too bad the falling cocktails outran the fire. It’s still an impressive accomplishment, and must have taken hours to set up. A few people pointed out that there are way more drinks made here than there are people in the bar, but it was done for the ‘gram, and if it were a busy time of day, they would have never been able to set these up all the way around the oblong bar. The original video is here.  -Thanks, WTM!

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Source: neatorama

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