A Collection of Very Old Cakes

How long can you keep a cake? Apparently forever, as some of these cakes show us. A better question would be how long can you keep a cake and it still be good to eat? We may never know, since no one wants to taste test a historic artifact. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

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It’s a tradition for the top layer of a wedding cake to be eaten for a first anniversary (or the first child’s christening in the UK), but those cakes are frozen, and I haven’t heard anyone bragging about how good it was. Believe it or not, there are pieces of Queen Victoria’s wedding cake that still exist, keepsakes of the 1840 ceremony. We make jokes about the longevity of a Christmas fruitcake, which are borne out by one family that has kept Grandma’s last fruitcake for 137 years. But those cakes have nothing on some funerary cakes buried with the dead and unearthed by archaeologists. The oldest cake in the world is more than 4000 years old, buried for the use of a deceased Egyptian king (who obviously never used it) and excavated more than 100 years ago. Check out a list of cakes that have been kept for a long, long time at Messy Nessy Chic.     

Source: neatorama

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