A Daily Dose of Weird Medieval Art

I’ve seen a lot of medieval marginalia, but if it weren’t for the Twitter account weird medieval guys, I would never know that medieval ducks said “queck,” and I wouldn’t know that scribes put cartoon balloons (sans balloons) on their doodles. They dive deep to find the absurdities of medieval literature, and it’s more than just the illustrations.

I don’t see anything wrong with Norman, but if someone named their dog Filthe, they might be guilty of cruelty to animals. Now, consider this illustration of bees and their beehive. Yeah, that’s what they are supposed to be, although the insects look more like birds with no bills. Surely if a medieval scribe knew what a beehive looked like, they had actually seen a bee!

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And these guys are not above making the obvious joke.

There’s also the cats who wear monks robes, which could have inspired the looks of Yoda and Grogu, the foot fetishist, and the guy who’s after the thief who stole his pants. You’ll definitely want to follow weird medieval guys to get such gems delivered to your Twitter feed. They are also on Instagram. -via Fark

Source: neatorama

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