A' Design Award and Competition Results

What’s better than the thrill of designing a good product? Actually getting recognized for it. On that note, the results of this year’s A’ Design Award & Competition, one of the most well-known international annual juried competitions for design, have recently been announced. The A’ Design Awards cover a wide range of creative fields to highlight the very best designers from all countries in all disciplines. Entries to the competition are peer-reviewed and judged by a jury panel of experienced academics, prominent press members and established professionals. 

The A’ Design Award is an opportunity for distinction, prestige, publicity and international recognition through the A’ Design Prize, which is given to celebrate all awarded designs. To celebrate the results of this prestigious awards program, we’ve created a list of our top 20 awarded projects, including ones from this year and a few favorites from past years. 

Cilllia – 3D Printing Functional Hair 3D printing hair by Jifei Ou – MIT Media Lab.

We’ve seen 3D printed furniture, kitchen utensils and even sneakers, but what about more organic forms? Jifei Ou’s 3D printed hair shows us that recreating nature with a printer isn’t such a far-off notion.

Moor Wheelchair Suiteable For Interiors by ertunc Vatanperver

ertunc Vatanperver’s Moor Wheelchair tackles a problem most people overlook: wheelchairs don’t function very well indoors. The Moor Wheelchair is attractive enough to act as a piece of furniture and functional enough to get users around inside their homes.

Could Schopfer Yachts’s Infinitas Yacht be the future of yacht design? The futuristic yacht is inspired by the infinity symbol, but we’re liking it way more than infinity wrist tattoos.

Happaratus Sculpture tool by Morten Grønning

Happaratus is a cool sanding power glove for sculptors, allowing sanding to (literally) be at your fingertips. 

UltraDry Dryer in bus stop by National Taipei University of Technology

These nifty bus stop umbrella dryers were designed for Taipei, but I bet any city dweller reading this will ask, “where have these been my whole life?”

Formon Core Desktop 3D Printer by Rron Cena

Rron Cena’s Formon Core Desktop 3D printer works like a magic box, slowly opening to reveal your print as it gets closer to completion. 

SpiderPan Folding Handled Pan Set by Receb Bilici

Stackable pans with folding handles? My 450 sq ft apartment would thank me.

Flo Underwater Plastic Collector by Team Flo

There have been many proposed solutions to cleaning our oceans and recycle ocean plastic lately, from superyachts to sneakers. We like how Flo looks and acts like a fish but has the power to make a difference through education.

BENJILOCK Fingerprint Padlock by BenjiLock Llc

BENJILOCK is kind of like opening the new Macbook Pro but with higher stakes. 

The FLASH Collection Footwear Collection by Cesar Idrobo

Cesar Idrobo’s FLASH footwear collection has been featured on our site before, but we still can’t get enough of how this collection uses color to form an emotional connection with the wearer.

Stewart II Human Machine Interface by Felix Ros

The Stewart II Human Machine Interface envisions driving an autonomous vehicle like a horse—both the vehicle and the driver have control over the journey, but the driver holds the “reins”.

ShelfPack Luggage packing system by Ken McKaba

Ken McKaba’s ShelfPack Luggage hopefully eliminates the need to sit on your luggage in order to zip it closed.

Erdnussschütte To get peanuts without touching them Uniq by Mario Taepper

A sanitary solution to sharing snacks such as trail mix, nuts and M&Ms. A polite way to say, “get your grubby paws off my snacks”.

Lynko Freestanding Modular System Nomadic modular freestanding system by Natalia Geci

Lynko is a free-standing modular system for homes that need more than cabinet storage.

Smartstreets-Smartbin™ Cigarette / Gum bin by Chris Garcin and Andrew Farish

These friendly waste bins tackle the common problem of city streets littered with gum and cigarette butts. 

Non Contact Thermometer Body Temperature Monitor by Tobia Repossi

Imagine checking your temperature with a Non Contact Thermometer—no sticking an intrusive device in your mouth or having someone put their germ-infested hand on your forehead. Sounds nice, right?

C 39 Sofa by Yongwook Seong

This pill inspired C 39 sofa is way too interesting to keep off this list.

AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottle Multifunctional by Intelligent Product Solutions

Speaking of pills, these smart pill bottles ensure medical adherence without disrupting the user’s daily life.

Up Your Street Cottage Cheese by Springetts Brand Design

We never knew cottage cheese could be so appealing—all in a day’s work for well-designed packaging.

CHECK Folding Chair by TpunktR

We’re always interested in new designs for folding chairs. This one in particular involves the user as a support system, making use of their legs and back to hold the chair in place.

By the way: A’ Design Award registration is now open. Enter your works for consideration here.

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