A Design Entrepreneur's Successful Laser-Cut Metal Hair Comb Business

Growing up, Michael Brucker noticed that his grandfather used a metal comb “probably obtained in the early 1950s,” he writes. The object fascinated Brucker, who eventually inherited the comb and treated it like a treasured heirloom.

The next part sounds crazy, but Brucker somehow made it work: Inspired by his keepsake, he actually set up a business that sells laser-cut stainless steel combs. I’d have guessed this was doomed to fail, but Brucker’s been running the business for six years full-time, in addition to becoming a Star Seller on Etsy.

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Brucker’s Heircomb sells multiple designs for both hair and beard combs in the $18 to $30 range. The product is not only sturdy, but being metal, does not cause static electricity.

I myself find the objects somewhat silly, but admittedly unassailable: They have a function, there’s a ready market, they’re built to last and they are recyclable. And as we’ve seen countless times, being a design entrepreneur with access to digital fabrication who targets the EDC and/or hipster market seems to be a winning formula.

Source: core77

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