A Design Update on the Milk Crate: SidioCrates Feature Increased Utility

If you need basic, standard-issue milk crates, there’s a cheap source right here. But a company called SidioCrate is betting there’s a market for an upgraded design that will offer more utility.

The company has kept the best parts of a rectangular milk crate: Sturdy ribs and handles, straight walls, stackability.

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They then added molded channels to the inside of the walls. This allows dividers they’ve designed to be slid inside at a position of the user’s choosing.

They’ve also created a welcome addition with snap-in lids, which retain the stackability function and are flush with the outside of the crate, allowing you to butt them up against each other side-by-side.

They also offer fitted mats for the bottom, for applications where you don’t want small pieces escaping (or entering) through the grated floor.

All of these extra features add cost, of course. While MilkCratesDirect.com charges just $10 for a standard rectangular milk crate, SidioCrate’s variant costs double, at $20. Add the bundle of lid, bottom mat and two dividers and the price jumps up to $40.

Still, for those who want to get organized and have more cash than DIY time, SidioCrates might be an attractive alternative.

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Source: core77

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