A Designey Cordless Hot Glue Gun

The AtuMan EG1 is a lightweight (5.5-ounce) cordless hot glue gun with a rechargeable lithium battery. And unlike the last designey hot glue gun we looked at, this one doesn’t require proprietary glue sticks, but takes the commonly-available 7mm size. The minimalist form has a matte finish, and something about the shape and texture look so right that I want to touch it.

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The developers claim that the tip will suck unused glue back into it once the trigger is released, but I’ll believe that when I see it. They also claim that the battery is good for 100 meters’ worth of glue sticks on a single charge, which I’m also raising my eyebrows at. Lastly, they say the gun takes 1.5 minutes to heat up, which is a figure I have no problem believing.

The AtuMan EG1 has been successfully Kickstarted, and at press time there was 17 days left to pledge. Buy-in starts at $36.

Source: core77

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