A Designey Introductory Weed-Smoking Storage Kit

Designed as an introductory kit for weed-smoking paraphernalia and product, the Mango was created by All Design Lab, a studio founded by industrial designers Andrew Lim and Anthony Saul Lopez. With the legalization of marijuana spreading, “curious new users might need a friendly introduction to the often intimidating tools and the alien world surrounding the substance,” the duo writes.

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“Mango is a storage system designed to introduce new users to the recreational use of marijuana. The kit was developed to be a welcoming, understandable, and primitive experience designed to appeal to a new user. A modular kit for users to start with and adapt to best fit their likes and needs as they become more experienced with the substance.”

“Mango is an introduction kit that houses essential tools to start your journey. The system contains a pipe, grinder, and four individual cases. These accommodate the user’s tools and grow in use as the kit’s user becomes more familiar with the many other experiences available.”

“Mango’s design language is meant to welcome the new influx of curious users that might be intimidated by the abundance of products surrounding marijuana. To help introduce these users, we developed a legible graphic-based form language. We did so by incorporating bright individual colors to create contrast, soft curves mixed with sharp edges to form touchable and explorable shapes, and machined braille titles combined with appropriate use of negative space to make this product approachable for a wide range of new users, including the visually impaired.”

“A user who owns Mango would begin with two fundamental tools. Within our research, the hand pipe and grinder are the products experienced users told us to start with because they are the most accessible tools for beginners. Because of this feedback and further conversations with these groups of users, we created our set of tools to be easily understood.”

“Following the language we established with Mango’s cases, we developed a simple pipe with four essential components. The object includes a mouthpiece, case, glass bowl, and a magnetic lid. These parts can be individually separated for easy cleaning and are designed to be replaced, giving the user different color and material options.”

“The grinder was designed with a similar tone. The form incorporates ten soft bumps along a circular shape giving the user a tactile grip to turn and grind their cannabis. Inside, the grinder consists of five parts; the top lid, the grinding compartment, the ground herb compartment, the replaceable micron screen, and the collection compartment.”

“With Mango, we hope to exhibit a new design story within this very populated product category that helps us connect more with the community around us. To follow the conversation around this concept and our other work, follow us on Instagram at @alldesignlab.”

Source: core77

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