A Designey, No-Mess Fire Extinguisher from Sweden

Designed in Sweden, the Maus Fire Suppressor is an improvement over conventional fire extinguishers.

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First off, it leaves no mess. Rather than firing chemical foam or powder, the Maus shoots a non-toxic potassium-based smoke, which snuffs the fire out by interacting with oxygen in a way that makes combustion impossible. The potassium smoke is safe to breathe, will dissipate on its own, and leaves behind no residue. Furthermore, as long as the potassium smoke is present over a fire, the fire cannot restart; it is chemically impossible.

The developers say their patented potassium smoke “is safe for use on expensive engines and electronics and is capable of suppressing lithium-ion battery fires in enclosed spaces. Additionally, the MAUS Fire Suppressor does not deplete oxygen from the air, ensuring that you can still breathe even if you need to use it in a confined space, such as a car.”

To operate it you press a button, and then the Maus fires the potassium smoke for 9-12 seconds. And it doesn’t need to be directly sprayed on the fire. The Maus “can be employed as a hands-free fire suppression grenade; once activated, it offers a minimum continuous 9-second discharge to fill the space with its potassium aerosol, which, being lighter than air, stays suspended in the space, preventing re-ignition effectively.”

The Maus is already on the market in the EU. Here in the ‘States, it’s being rolled out in a trial run by Lowe’s. They run $114.

Here’s the demo video:

Source: core77

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