A Designey Take on Pegboard

This Pegboard project is by Lucas Pullirsch-Dussourd, a newly-minted industrial designer out of Germany’s State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart.

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“This project started with the idea of the interlocking rotation of the hooks through the 45 degree slanted holes. A chamfer has been created around the holes in the aluminium to stiffen the backboard. The chamfer has been created using a custom 3D printed tool and the dimensions of the hooks fine-tuned to offer an optimal fit.”

“The holes create an interconnected and modular matrix for the positioning of the hooks and other accessories on the pegboard.”

It’s an interesting take, but as usual I want to see more, more, more: Sketches, iterations, other potential applications. I know that “less is more” is the mantra, but I always want to see the “more” that led to the “less.”

Source: core77

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