A Designey Toilet with a Sliding Lid

Sick of your boring, hinged toilet lid? For those who demand more designiness from their commode, Florence-based design firm Nilo Gioacchini Design has created the Slide, a sliding-lid toilet for Vietnam-based manufacturer Viglacera Ceramics.

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The lid is apparently removable for cleaning.

I will say that the seat doesn’t look terribly easy to lift; I don’t see anyplace where you could get more than a fingernail in there for purchase.

Curiously, the video doesn’t show any shots of the toilet with the seat up:

As for the thinking behind the design: “Evolving with new behavioral models, the sanitary toilet is transforming itself, overcoming all the cultural and functional prejudices that have always been present in this area,” the company writes, cryptically. Are they talking about domestic squabbles about the lid being left closed or open?

Also: Is it possible to activate the lid closing while someone is still sitting on the toilet? That could end…badly.

Source: core77

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