A Desk with One Leg

While this design of desk doesn’t provide much flexibility for room layout, it is a good example of doing more with less.

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Made of rosewood and chromed steel, the vintage furniture site reselling it describes it as a wall desk from 1970s France. Although France was not a resource-poor environment, this design of desk, created with more humble materials and a simpler drawer, would make sense in one that was (for instance, a school in a developing nation). While you’d need battens and fasteners, or L-brackets, to secure the desks to the walls, that cost could be outweighed by the savings on three legs per desk.

This piece may have originally come with a corresponding bracket or cleat, but none appears in the listing.

They’re asking $5,671 for it, which sounds kind of pricey considering both the designer and manufacturer are unknown.

Source: core77

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