A Far-from-Useless LEGO Machine

Brick Experiment Channel shows us a LEGO machine that combines 20 different mechanical principles. Shown to us one-by-one, it’s quite enlightening, although it gets more complicated as the numbers go up. If that were all this video had, it would be simply fascinating. You have to have a little awe for the engineers who came up with all these different ways of contolling movement. But these mechanism are all eventually combined into one LEGO device powered by one motor. Seeing them all work at once is glorious! They labeled the video as a “useless machine,” but it is anything but useless as it demonstrates how all these moving parts work, and brings us joy to see the finished product. And besides, it rotates a Viking. How cool is that? You’ll say “I want one!” and then realize the work that went into the hand-made project and decide maybe not. -via Boing Boing

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Source: neatorama

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