A Food Storage Container with a Built-In Date-of-Storage Indicator

Housewares company Joybos makes a food storage container with a “time recording design,” in their words.

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When uncovering forgotten and rediscovered leftovers, a simple sniff test will suffice for most of us. But for those who demand more precision (or who’ve lost their sense of smell due to COVID, heaven forbid), this Seal Timer Food Container boasts a built-in dial with both month and day indicators.

With the exception of an included perforated sheet—intended to let you store freshly-washed produce, with the water draining to the bottom—they’re like most other food containers: A silicone seal, snap-shut handles, transparent for visibility.

One big difference, however, is likely to be a dealbreaker for many: “Cannot be used in dishwasher and microwave.” I suppose whatever plastic that dial is molded from can survive refrigeration, but not the rigors of heat.

A more low-tech alternative to labeling the dates of leftovers as you store them is this magnetic tape dispenser that lives on your ‘fridge.

Source: core77

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