A Full Face (Vintage?) Military Mask for Extreme Cold Weather

Between horror movies and fetish flicks, full face masks get a bad rap in popular culture, so there’s no way to design one without it being creepy. But this one, intended for extreme cold weather, at least has some useful features: Openable flaps for your mouth and nose, allowing you to eat, wipe your schnozz or blow snotrockets without having to take the whole mask off.

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The inside lining is cotton but the exterior is waterproof vinyl, so I’m guessing it gets pretty darn sweaty in there.

The seller claims this mask is designed for U.S. military service members, but if it was, then it’s vintage. The U.S. military’s current cold-weather get-up is the ECWCS (Extended Cold Weather Clothing System) Generation III, and that system’s face covering consists of a balaclava. Pulling one of those up or down has got to be easier than fiddling with snaps.

Source: core77

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