A Fun Restaurant Robot Concept

This imaginative Arnold II robot concept is by Junjie Yin, a concept artist for videogame studio Respawn Entertainment.

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While the real-world humanoid robots being developed today have bodies purely to locomote and support their arms, Yin’s take is charmingly practical: A service ‘bot whose body parts serve specific restaurant tasks.

I’ll blow the image up so you can read the functions:

In particular I love the vacuum cleaner feet, limited though Yin imagines them to be.

Yin is an ArtCenter grad, but he studied Entertainment Design, not ID. It’s fun to see what someone with that background, rather than ID or engineering, imagines for humanoid ‘bots; in contrast, here’s the latest real-world footage of the 1X Eve ‘bot.

I know the Eve ‘bot is technologically impressive, but to me they are downright creepy. If I had to interact with a robot, I’d prefer Yin’s creation.

Source: core77

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