A Galaxy from the Dawn of Time

Still on the subject of the quest for remnants from the universe’s distant beginnings, astronomers have found a galaxy that might have been a relic from the dawn of time.

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DGSAT I, discovered in 2016, is an ultradiffuse galaxy (UDG), meaning it is as big as a typical galaxy but gives off very little starlight. And this strange galaxy seems to break many of the rules that govern even similar UDGs.

What scientists think is quite strange about this galaxy is that it’s all alone. Why is it out there without any neighboring galaxies? And taking a look at its chemical composition leads them to hypothesize that it might have formed at a much earlier point in time, when the cosmic landscape was completely different from today.

(Image credit: A. Romanowsky/UCO/D. Martinez-Delgado/ARI)

Source: neatorama

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