A Gallery of McSengets: Tragically Tilted McDonalds Sandwiches

The internet is an amazing tool. If you encounter an annoying problem of any kind, and post about it, you will soon find that others share the same annoyance all over the world. Pretty soon, you have enough content for a gallery, no matter how niche the subject may be. That’s the story of McSengets, an Instagram account that documents McDonald’s food served just plain wrong. The account originated in Singapore, using the Malay word senget, which means tilted. Founder Ben Chia tells Vice how he and his friends noticed the screwy way McDonald’s served their sandwiches, which took the joy out of eating.

“We just get very annoyed [that] when we order Filet-O-Fish—specifically Filet-O-Fish—it tends to be senget. It tends to be off,” Chia said.

The petty problem proved to be a major inconvenience, Chia explained, because unlike other McDonald’s sandwiches, the Filet-O-Fish sports what appear to be softer steamed buns. This means that when one tries to reassemble the misaligned sandwich, the melted cheese tends to tear the bread apart.   

As someone who doesn’t like fish and rarely ever goes to McDonald’s, yet still gets a Filet-o-Fish craving a couple of times a year, I can confirm that this happens all over the world. But the Instagram gallery isn’t limited to fish, because tragedy happens with all kinds of MCDonald’s offerings. Here’s someone who ordered a Deluxe Breakfast and requested them to add cheese. You might expect them to put the cheese on the bread or the sausage, but this piece end up mostly on the pancakes.

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Source: neatorama

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