A Game About Deciding What Is (And Is Not) Soup

Have you ever struggled to tell whether warm fluid in a bowl is soup or some other liquid dish? Perhaps you were wondering whether bisque is a soup or not, or whether a really runny stew qualifies as a soup?

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Bisque is soup but classifying runny stew is totally up to you, and deciding whether something is soup or not will only ever come in handy when you play Something Something Soup Something, a free browser game by Italian philosopher and game designer Stefano Gualeni.

In Something Something Soup Something the players are tasked with figuring out whether a bowl of random stuff deserves to be called soup:

It takes place in a future where humans have mastered the science of teleportation. Instead of using it to eliminate scarcity or instantly transport Martin Shkreli to a distant black hole, they’ve taken to teleporting goods produced by underpaid aliens from distant planets. Goods like soup.
Problem is, aliens don’t have the best grip on how human digestive systems work, and the concept of “soup” isn’t really a thing in their society. You play as a certified human Soup Technician, and it’s up to you to figure out which dishes they send over do and do not constitute soup.

-Via Kotaku

Source: neatorama

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