A Game of Different Words

If you know English pretty well and love word games, then you’ll want to try the Divergent Association Task. Yes, it’s a research task, but it’s fun, too. Your job is to think of ten English nouns that are as different from each other as possible. Try to think of words that have no association at all. It’s harder than you might think, but I did pretty well for a first try.

Your score is 90.0, higher than 96.37% of the people who have completed this task

I will post my words and their scores in the comments, in case you want to avoid any influence before you try it yourself. -via Metafilter

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PS: In looking for an illustration for this post, I first searched for “fish on a bicycle” and found that was quite common. My next idea was “cow kayak,” and lo and behold, the perfect image came up.

Source: neatorama

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