A Glorious Gallery of Exceptional Easter Eggs

There are two main ways to approach Easter eggs. The first way is to look at it as a kid’s activity, where they have fun dipping eggs in dyes and later go look for those eggs after you’ve hidden them in the yard. Then there are these people. They see eggs as an art medium, an opportunity for creative expression. Whether they use natural dyes, negative transfers, the scratch method, brush and paint, or the traditional Ukrainian pysanky method, their eggs are a feast for the eyes.  

While many are works of art, some are just plain clever and funny. Redditor samartypants once attended an egg decorating event and intended to decorate eggs as Hugh Hefner and a Playboy Bunny. But then they dropped and cracked the egg, forcing a reconsideration of the subject matter. What does a cracked egg remind you of? And this was the result.

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And samartypants won the decorating competition. You can see 95 ranked examples of beautiful, clever, and amusing Easter egg designs in a roundup at Bored Panda. Take some as inspiration for your own egg decorating!

Source: neatorama

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