A Googly-Eyed Autonomous Robot

This year, Badger Technologies has deployed 500 autonomous robots in the US. The robot, named Marty, is a roving robot, which can identify potential safety hazards and do other labor-saving tasks.

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Marty — a slim, grey robot with a wheeled black base that measures only slightly taller than an average adult male — sports colorful LED strips, a name tag, and two disarmingly cute googly eyes. It’s equipped with proximity sensors to prevent it bumping into shelves and shopping carts and cameras that scan for anything that might cause someone to slip and fall — like a spilled beverage.

The cameras can also read price tags, recognize when stock is running low, as well as flag incorrectly tagged items.

Scott Beale of Laughing Squid just came across a Marty bot when he visited a Stop and Shop in Bayonne, New Jersey.

(Image Credit: Badger Technologies)

Source: neatorama

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