A graphic designer’s concept for the national identity of the Republic of Serbia

Vladan Pavlović is a graphic designer from Serbia, and he saw great problem with national identity of the Republic of Serbia, and decided to do something about it, by proposing a new identity concept.

The current state of Serbian government visual identity is quite bad, with too many elements and details, misguided and inappropriate symbols and images that are unconstitutional. Serbia has a long heraldic tradition originating from the Byzantine Empire, using symbols of christianity, monarchy and empire.

In our new age, these medieval heraldry with its symbolism does not represent a modern and tolerant multicultural society, because Serbia is a secular and democratic republic under the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia.

Innovation is key in the development of Serbia, and national identities should be always taken seriously, in accordance with the times in which we live. The traditions of the Serbian people is impossible to lose with this changes, but it can only be improved.

The main symbol of the new identity is the rosette with eight petals, which runs through the various aspects of Serbian traditions and art history. With its ancient symbolism it represents the sun, eternal cycle of life and death, star, and nature with its floral ornamentation, by which Serbia is well known.

Currently, with our visual identity we are presenting ourselves to the world as an Orthodox Christian nation, led by autocratic leaders, because our traditional heraldry symbolizes it. It is necessary to establish a new communication, based on the ideas of peace, democracy and tolerance, which the symbol of the rosette represents.

Read the entire project on Behance.


Source: designfaves.com

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