A Hatchback-Based Wheelchair Deployment System for Cars

Yesterday we looked at BraunAbility’s roof-mounted wheelchair deployment system for cars. Today we’ve spotted a wildly different approach, this one by New-Zealand-based mobility solutions company Abiliquip. Their Abiloader design keeps all of the mechanicals in-house, so to speak:

Video credit: Igor G

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A benefit of this approach, according to Abiliquip, is that their system does not alter the external appearance (and gas mileage) of your car. And despite the number of moving parts, the company claims their invention–which fully deploys in 25 seconds–is reliable. As for space considerations in a parking lot, the Abiloader can operate “in any parking space where you can open the driver’s door wide.”

Abiliquip exports the Abiloader around the world. Like most other New Zealand companies they were temporarily hamstrung by the pandemic, but now they appear to be up and running again. You can learn more here.

Source: core77

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